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David Ogilvy wrote, ” Tolerate genius.”

Conan Doyle says, “Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself.”

Tim Moore claims “The creative person is more sensitive to just about everything.”

Executive pay in the last thirty years has gone from 30 times more than the average employee earns to 300 times as much today. I bet a bunch of them are just wondering why it took thirty years.

Wow now the Raiders and 49ers are shooting each other after the game or is that just how they play football in the Wine Country.

Speaking of Football it looks like another long dry season for both the Dolphins and the U of M here in South Florida.

One of the greatest hours of my life was spent flying up front on my way to Nashville with Dwight and Buck. During the flight they got their Guitars down from the overhead and Buck taught Dwight his first #1 hit “The Streets Of Bakersfield”

A little over a year ago I was having lunch with a social worker who was checking me out because my daughter Cami was going to live with me for a while. Mr. Johns I’ve been told that you are an alcoholic were her first words to me. How the hell do you respond to that other than deny it. She went on to say … I know you’re not but I had to bring it up anyway, alcoholics have DUI’s you don’t, so you’re not.

Roland C. Warren wants to know why we aren’t mad at the Mistresses because as Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer and The Arnold all go down in flames “The Home Wreckers” as they used to be called now have all become celebrities.

The first time I think I even thought about woman’s rights was when my daughter Candis was born.

I overheard two women talking yesterday at Duffy’s. One said to the other, He’s the kinda guy you would love to marry, He owns his own home, has a nice car and is well dressed. I wonder what the equivalent conversation for men would be.

Who is it rich people live in fear of again, I know it used to be the Feds.

I just watched that video once more time of the “Stand By Me” done all over the World. I never get tired of watching and hearing it because when you take a great song and mix it together with a great concept you get pure Genius.

For some reason now when people talk to me they will sometimes stop in the middle of a story and say … Hey and this isn’t for publication!

I just read a headline that stated. NO NEW SOCIAL NETWORK WAS LAUNCHED TODAY!

The guys who are the best at “chatting up women” are the worst.

Unfortunately the world you live in is only normal to your world.

According to PPP only 52% of Americans approve of God’s performance.

Why is it that the more successful you become the more you stop doing what it was that made you successful.

There has to be at least one person who was just trying to survive who ever became somebody.

I have met very few talented people who understand the fact that other people are very talented too.

Darwin claimed it was not the strong who survived … It was The ADAPTABLE.

How kind would PPM be to Howard Stern today.

I was listening to some football experts on TV discussing that now a days they don’t give the rookies enough time to learn the pro game before they play them. I doubt with the amount of money teams have to pay rookies now a days any of them are looking to run a football school.

When Bob Christy and I wanted to launch a Country Station in Boston we were told Boston was the only place in America where Country wouldn’t work. Jim Hilliard said lets do it anyway so The Country Club, WKLB was born. I notice looking at the most recent PPMs in Boston, WKLB has now moved up to #2 beating even the mighty BZ. Damn!

Lee Abrams and I were having an e mail discussion about what radio stations today would you play for your air staff to fire them up. Which stations do you suggest ???

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  1. With regards to the alcoholic question the socia worker asked you, at least she did not
    ask the oldest known no-win question: “…And when did you stop beating your wife ?” These type of questions must have originated with an attorney. While I love and respect the basic premise of the law…the mind-numbing killer of enterprise and creativity today seems to be the layers and layers and layers of convoluted legal bureaucracy that our lawmakers enact without thinking of the unintended consequences that stifle and needlessly complicate lives. This past Saturday evening
    a week ago witnessed a true failure of common sense. Every structure, permanent or temporary, in the state of Indiana requires a permit and an inspection…except for those on state property, which means that the temporary stage at the Indiana State Fair grandstands had no review or inspection. The result: An isolated straight-line wind gust of of over 60 miles-per-hour ahead of a summer thunderstorm takes the stage bearing over 50,000 pounds of lighting and sound equipment down into the first few rows of seats and into the Sugarland “Sugar Pit”, killing six and injuring 38, many seriously and permanently. Obviously, of the brilliant thinkers that make up our legislators and administrators in our state government, most of whom are attorneys,
    worry first about re-election and interfering in lives and commerce instead of doing common sense public safety and welfare issues. While I respect the legal profession and have lawyers as friends, the legal profession needs to have a thorough and serious self-evaluation and thoughtfully, slowly take action to undo the damage they have wrought. Serious probing questions by a social worker show careful attention to detail, but all to often, the underlying motivations in similar situations are to hamper and slow actions. Were all attorneys like the late and great Michael Bader.

    • Jed thank you for your insights my man. Even though you and I were not close when we worked together I always admired your work ethic. Its too bad you got caught up in the Gary Todd fan club and the anti Gary club fan club. All I remember about Gary is he had a 27 share and I’m a big fan of that. Most of our government leaders today are lawyers and they protect themselves first before they protect the people who elect them. I always respected Mike Bader but he always took the easy way out and told me no to all the stuff I was inventing. Jim at the time was flying around the country trying to sell the Pacers. I flipped out finally and went into see Mr. Fairanks and told him I wasn’t going to play the Bader game anymore. I explained to him any idiot can say no but if you want bigger ratings than find me somebody who can say yes and stormed out. The next thing I know my new FCC attorney was John King whom I am still friends with today because he figured out how to let me do everything I wanted to do.

      • John King responded that he figured me out pretty quickly. He said he knew there was no part of no I understood. Thank you for that John it sure made my life a lot easier. Now here’s what I need you to do … There are a few more folks I need you to explain that to.
        (-: geo

  2. I first saw that STAND BY ME around the world video on Bill Moyers Journal. Thanks for reminding me to view it again. I’ve already played it 5 times & shared it on facebook. Genius!

  3. “There has to be at least one person who was just trying to survive who ever became somebody.”

    Dammit George, I was BORN somebody.

    • Good for you Woody but when I met you you were on fire it was a great experience for me I wish I would have realized you were already somebody. I would have sent you in to talk to Stovin. (-:

      • I was just looking for work when I found THAT job, but ‘talking’ to Bill was never my responsibility. After all these years, I’m still not qualified for such a position. Good that somebody is.

        • For me Woody those times reminded me a lot of Hockey. The guy who couldn’t skate very well ended up in goal. Thats why I was in ‘talking’ to Bill.

  4. “Lee Abrams and I were having an e mail discussion about what radio stations today would you play for your air staff to fire them up. Which stations do you suggest ???”

    …and give away the A game? Nope, those stay neatly tucked away until the war chest is opened. Radio and you two boys are on your own here.

    • Ahh Moto than one can only surmise that you know of one or two that exist today. I can only say that once again you are a way ahead of me because I hear none I would play for you.

  5. I can only think of two: for a/c folks..non commercial, highly produced BBC Radio 2. Steve Wright and Simon Mayo the drive guys are the best. Steve is like an UK version of Ron and Simon is a cross between Gardner and Magic.

    Overall flow all news WTOP…Hubbard is taking them to the next level. Where else would you find a dedicated twitter staff. It’s your first all digital station.

  6. I always thought talking to Mike Bader was like talking to Fairbanks twin brother if Richard M. had one, not too exciting. Not sure Bader ever understood why we did promotions that sometimes put us on the edge, but he did know how to do his billing statements.

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