They’re Not Wearing Victoria’s Secret

As sophisticated as my new little 18 year old is becoming it’s very fun to get a photo like this texted to me saying … Daddy you should get me this. Needless to say she slept in them last night!

When I was growing up I always imagined that when the girls had sleep overs they all wore that sexy Victoria’s Secret type stuff. It turns out though the garb they really wore more resembled what Cami is wearing in the picture.

Now that I know how Victoria’s Secret works I’m looking for a fun shopping companion.

The way it works in show business is you should start out mimicking your idol and probably because you won’t do it very well, it becomes your own style.

Most successful people became successful by doing just slightly more than others.

Who was it that decided that after a war everything went back to the original owners. Was that decided right after the Indian wars and how come Castro never got the E mail.

The hometown football team generally wins the tight games.

I just read that Jackie joined the mile high club along on Air Force 1 the night before JFK’s assignation.

It’s what the folks think you’re saying is all that really matters.

If you keep having to solve the same problems over and over again you haven’t come up with the solution yet.

Seeing a picture of a beautiful Woman nude is wonderful but seeing a picture of a bunch them together is just odd.

As quickly as Women forgive themselves for their sharp tongues I hope they don’t think we have done likewise.

Years ago when I first moved here from Canada and being curious I looked up how many people in America owned slaves. It turned out to be 3 to 4%.

Why are the reputations of used car salesmen and politicians so similarly bad. Surely they don’t deserve them.

You can reinvent yourself and become a better person mainly through repetitious action.

Walter Cronkite spoke on TV at the rate of about 120 words a minute unlike the average American who speaks 165 – 200 words per minute. Walter knew it would make him stand out and be understood at the same time.

Even though I’m a Centrist I nevertheless do lean a little to the right but not far enough not to think that Oil Companies, Banks, Politicians and Pharmaceutical folks shouldn’t all be in jail.

I don’t see a lotta young Men driving fancy cars but I do see lots of good lookin’ young Women driving them.

As we try to head away from the consumption of fossil fuels how long do you think it will be until the Electricity Barons will become bandits.

C’mon we all pretty well know what others should do, it’s what we should do that becomes difficult.

I hoping at my 100th birthday celebration that my daughters push the beautiful nurse who claims she loves me out of the way and they both roll me in together.

The folks who got fired in the early days of consolidation were the lucky ones. They got to sell their stock and became rich.

Radio has always been under attack from things like TV, MTV, Satellite and various other high tech modes of entertainment like we have today but it always survived because it always found the new way. The problem now is I don’t think anybody is looking for the “new thing”.

Nowadays there are only two types of people left in Radio. Those afraid they are gonna be fired and those that want to be.

Sales systems will never replace great ratings as a sales tool.

I think the perfect Rating System for Radio would be the one that only measures the folks who buy stuff.

If you’re not a poet is it against the law to use poetic license.

I’ll say it again … You Can Never Overplay Someones Favorite Song!

How come when you see those “Men Working” signs you never see Men working.

Some entertainers get so drunk on applause that they don’t even notice when the party’s over.

Roma and Rivers are great examples of why “stats” don’t mean a thing. 

The West wins the Grey Cup. Yay!




6 thoughts on “They’re Not Wearing Victoria’s Secret

  1. “Years ago when I first moved here from Canada and being curious I looked up how many people in America owned slaves. It turned out to be 3 to 4%.” Yeah, but that estimate was for 1972. Back in the mid- nineteenth century, the percentage was higher.

    • Bruce it just shows that any information we may get from whatever source probably is slanted one way or another oe maybe better said … History is always written by the victor.

  2. Radio forgot how to be “LIVE”. Only Radio can “Immediately Connect” with ONE listener, in REAL TIME…Anywhere. Radio can’t do that today, because it would take money AND talent! …And be “live interactive” across multiple media platforms.

    The reason women forgive other women so easily, is because they immediately begin plotting the other woman’s swift and painful demise. They want men to suffer slowly.

    Today, there are no more “slaves”…just “employees”! Ask Walmart!

  3. The electric companies in Arizona just rolled the legislature on the amount they have to pay customers with solar for putting energy back in the grid. So they are already doing it.
    Speaking of electricity;
    Over the last month the new Volt has averaged a hair over 186mpg, it dropped to a little yesterday when Cakes drove it uphill for 13 miles coming back from Malibu.

  4. Radio did not forget how to be “live.” The consolidators over-paid for the stations they bought, creating so much debt that they cannot afford to be live. The difference between big market and small market stations these days is the price of their automation systems.

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