Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women. (They Say It’s Ur Birthday) Chapter VI 2/25/20 UC

Here it comes, here comes my 16th birthday, the one I’ve been dreaming about for so long! That’s driver’s license day baby, and I’ll soon be getting my ticket to ride!

I’ve been a car freak since the day my Dad put me on his knee and let me steer. While we rode around, we used to talk about how fun it would be to drive across Canada in a Car Rally.
Sadly, we never did, but it’s still high on my bucket list, and maybe I’ll get to do it with my son or grandson? Unfortunately, though, just like my Dad, I’m also running out of time.

When the big day finally arrived, I headed to the DMV with my Mom and Dad and was a nervous wreck.
I planned to take the written test first and then, during the driving part, memorize the route so I could come back later and practice.

I aced the written part and had the route down cold, but when we parked, the inspector handed me a piece of paper and told me to give it to the cashier.
When I looked at it quizzically, he said, “When you give her that form, she’ll give you your driver’s license.

Are you f**king sh*ting me? I couldn’t help but break into a couple of choruses of “Free Bird” even though it hadn’t been written yet.
The stars were all aligned, it’s my birthday, I had my brand new driver’s license, and it was Friday night. All I needed now was my Mother’s car, and after begging for it for over an hour, she reluctantly gave in.

You should have seen us; It looked like I was driving the clown car at the circus. I don’t know how we loaded so many of my buddies on my Mom’s small car, but we did, and we had a ball.
We spent most of the night just driving around and laughing as we honked at all the girls. My favorite part of the night, though, was pulling into the A&W and ordering burgers and fries just like the big kids do.

Not only was it a night that I’ll never forget, but it was also a very late one. When I finally got home around 2:00 in the morning, both of my parents were waiting up for me, and I was double grounded.
Surprisingly though, spending two weekends at home turned out to be another life-changer. I became the first of my friends to see the King, and it changed my life.

I remember how bummed I was as I sat there watching some big band show on TV with my folks.
All of a sudden, though, Jimmy Dorsey says, “Let’s welcome back to our stage the young man who caused so much controversy last week,” which perked my ears up. However, when my Mom said, “Sandy, surely they’re not going to have that disgusting young man on again,” the TV had my undivided attention.

Then when this guy named Elvis Presley hit the stage, I was spellbound. He had a contemptuous sneer on his face; his eyes were dark and brooding, his hair was long shaggy with sideburns down to here.
Wow, I couldn’t believe my eyes, and then when he broke into Little Richard’s tune Tutti Frutti, I was mesmerized.


Tutti frutti all rutti
Tutti frutti all rutti
Tutti frutti all rutti
Tutti frutti all rutti
Wop bop a lu bop
A lop bam boom!

As Elvis shouted out the lyrics and waved his guitar around like it was a rifle, he was also bumping and grinding like a Vegas stripper.
What I like best, though, was how all the girls screaming and crying. That’s when I realized that I just had to become a “Guitar Man.”


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  1. No comment concerning Elvis is worthy as just the mention of his name..And you being a we lad were rewarded for straggling home late.

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