There Is Nothing Fine Waiting For You In The Fine Print.


Do you think they are having any meetings in Japan at the nuclear site right now about how to beat last years numbers.

Do we have to threaten to sue Arbitron to get them to measure Early Morning Radio correctly. That tactic sure seems to have worked well for Urban and Hispanic stations.

Mike McVay tells me the folks at the House Of Blues in Vegas are going to give us a very special private room to hang out in Monday Night April 11. I figure if we get into the wine far enough we just may end up reinventing radio. Lord knows it needs it.

I was visiting an LA radio station in the late 70s and the SM picked me up at the airport in his Fire Red Ferrari. I remember thinking at the time … I think this market may be just a little different.

Cris Conner reminded me about a promotion we ran in Indy years ago on WNAP where we said we are going commercial free for a little while so if you catch us playing one be the first caller and we’ll give you a 100 Bucks. A few minutes later we ran a sweeper and the phones blew out with the folks demanding their money. When we did the same thing in Philly we were hip to the liner thing so we pulled those during the commercial free sweep but when we played a jingle, bam there goes the phones again, OK pull them too. The next morning we once again go commercial free without liners or jingles but then when the News comes on we blew up the phones again with people demanding their 100 dollars. Turns out that anything the folks don’t want or like just all sounds like commercials to them.

When you finally get to the fine print there is nothing good waiting for you there.

According to Lee Abrams we live in a radio era of very hollow mission statements.

My Singer Song Writer Iron man Daughter Candis tells me that a well organized student will get better grades than a non organized smarter student. Do you think my Grandson Nathaniel will have a choice.

Jay Williams says he finds my anti Mr. Businessman attitude interesting. I told him I wasn’t anti Mr. Businessman at all, I just feel compelled to point out that he isn’t as clever as he wants us to think he is. For sure none of us would ever pay him what he pays himself.

Have you ever received a phone call from someone who actually wanted to give you something.

I think the only way holistic type healing works is if you believe it does.

I remember in Canada in the 60s Prime Minister Trudeau advising students that they should take a year off from their studies and hitchhike across Canada to learn more about our great nation and it’s people. Can you imagine saying that today. What the hell went wrong.

Learning to dream big is the quest, mainly so you can prepare for your dreams should they come true. How to control your dreams becomes the next task so your dreams don’t control you like they did me.

The thing about systems is they help eliminate the downside but unfortunately they also help eliminate the up side.

My Daughter Cami has informed me that she detests Lady Ga Ga so I’m definitely crossing her off my Christmas card list. I mean do I have a choice.

Speaking of Cami I was going through some old stuff today and came across a Birthday Card she had made for me when she was a little girl. It talked about how what a great Daddy I was and how sweet I was because she bossed me around a lot and I didn’t seem to mind.

Jim Hilliard called the other day and said that he opened a can of worms with his wife Barbara when he told her he needed to take car of me financially for some projects I had been working on for him. Barb then proceeded to lecture him about me for an hour and a half. Jim said he has come to the conclusion that he is sleeping with my agent.

My old partner Bill Yde told me years ago that he was never marrying a beautiful woman again because they just get you into bar fights. I saw him last year at my Brother’s Christmas party in San Diego for the first time in about 20 years and when he introduced me to his wife I immediately commented … Bill I can see you have changed your mind about not marrying a beautiful woman, he laughed and we caught up on old times. The other day Bill informed me that he accidentally banged into the door while getting into his car and broke his front tooth out. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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