There Is No Such Thing As A Bad One??

One day while living in Indianapolis I got a frantic call from my Wife Lana who was in the emergency room at the hospital with my Son Curtis who was around 4 at the time. It seems he had his penis bitten by the little girl he had been playing with, but after a little patch work he was good to go.
Later that same evening the doorbell rang and when I opened the front door I found a stranger standing there holding a huge Teddy Bear. He introduced himself as a the Father of the little girl who Curtis had been playing with earlier in the day. I invited him in and as he hands me the stuffed bear he tells me how embarrassed he is having to meet me this way but would I give the Bear to my Son along with his sincere apologies. I of course accepted his gift and he went on to say … This is so weird, my Daughter gives your Son a BJ and I’m buying him gifts!

You’ll never realize how much your parents loved you until you become a parent yourself.

A few years ago I heard a Country tune called “I Saw It On The Radio” I sure haven’t seen much lately.

Most great shows on the Radio have the element of surprise in them.

Howard Stern reminds me of Johnny Carson for one reason, they were both great interviewers.

Growing up in Transcona I would listen to WLS at night. I don’t remember any of the bits or what they said, I just remember how the Jocks said the call letters like somehow they tasted good! 

The folks on top are not reasonable people.

Rich Stevens said that luckily not everyone has a smart phone otherwise who would honk when the light turned green.

Ron Jacobs said in Radio we all start with the same deck of cards its in which order you play them that makes all the difference.

Most Doctors didn’t graduate anywhere near the top of their class.

A lot of folks have asked me how I knew for sure that was really the Hunny Bunny in the Nurse outfit. Easy, I bought the shoes!

If it’s important enough you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse.

I had just turned 12 the day I heard R&B merge with Country to become Rock&Roll. That moment changed my life forever.

The traffic reports I like on the Radio are the ones that realize I'm no where near where they are talking about but they make them palatable. I guess I’m just not smart enough to figure out why the induction ceremony into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame isn’t held in Cleveland.

The toughest job any PD has is to not let anybody see him sweat an hour before the ratings come out.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they are not watching you.

Why do I think that all those little white pieces of paper they keep shoving at you called receipts have nothing to do with you.

My favorite thing Ronald Reagan ever did was allow the middle class to get rich.

Dreaming about the future will serve you much better than remembering the past.

Most guys are excited about a threesome until another guy shows up.

The 3 lies always start with … The check is in the mail but the next two are ever changing I guess depending on the times, the area you live or maybe what industry you work in. 
Radio of course has many more than three and here are my top 10 in no particular order gathered from over the years.
1. Coverage maps … The one sales has, the one the owner has, and the one the FCC has. 
2. If the rates were lower we could sell a ton of this.
3. Hey Man I am much better when I just wing it on the air I'm fresher that way. 
4. Don't worry about that right now, everything will work perfectly in the new building. 
5. The rumor in the street is we're for sale. 
6. We're the only station in town not running this bad spot.
7. If we don't do this promotion we don't get the money. 
8. If our competition even makes a move we're dragging out the war chest. 
9. I need an answer right now or we lose the money. 
10. I know I was supposed to be back at work today but they canceled my flight. 
11. Yours.

8 thoughts on “There Is No Such Thing As A Bad One??

  1. The closest we got to bringing out ‘the war chest’ at Fairbanks were the shock and awe pissing contests we used to have… I liked the old “we’ve begun to turn the corner” speech when being turned down for a raise. That being said, a lot of the ‘secretaries’ we employed did seem to have large war chests.

  2. Good stuff as usual. I was not aware that Curtis was that old, he looks younger in the photos. Have a great Christmas and a healthy and happy new year.
    Bruce and Laurie

  3. I know it was more a rhetorical comment George, but Jann “Mr. Rolling Stone” Wenner (who every year, is the one to either blame or praise since he’s the guy who makes the final induction selection for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) lives in New York and most likely couldn’t be bothered travelling to Cleveland in January each year for a ceremony, so he holds it in New York.

    Apparently though, he’s willing to fly to LA next month since the induction ceremony will be held there.

  4. Interesting how AM jocks said the call letters loud and proud. When I did the top of the hour ID’s for WLS in Chicago in the early 70’s Mike McCormick who was the PD told me “Say ’em like you are saying “Double You Hell Yes”…
    Earlier at CKLW, Paul Drew posted a sign in the control room that said “See Kay Elle Double You”. (I guess the Elle was for the benefit of French Canadians 🙂

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