The Two Lies! (new geo Blog for Feb 12/18)


I just read a great Blog by Tim Moore who is not only a brilliant writer and a radio guy, he’s also a good friend. In his Blog Tim stated that fatigue is not only our mortal enemy, it lies to us also. His words which I only know too well, brought back memories of when my daughter Candis and I were training for the LA Marathon. (Candis is pictured over my right shoulder while we running a 10 K race through Balboa Park in San Diego) This was going to be our first marathon and even though we were going to run it together we had to train for most of it apart because I lived in San Diego and Candis went to UCLA. I started my running addiction shortly after moving to San Diego to start my own radio company. Being in my 40’s,I also decided to get in shape so I started running a couple of miles every day.Now if ever consider running as I did, San Diego is the perfect place to do it. It’s always a little chilly in the morning and as you begin to heat up you feel like you could run forever.
As I said, I only ran a few miles a week but Candis who was running track in High School talked me into doing a 10k. I’ll never forget looking back as we went up a steep hill and discovered that there were hundreds of people behind us. I remember thinking, Wow, if a guy trained a little, I wonder how fast he could get and with that kind of thinking I was soon hooked.
Because Candis lived and went to school in LA, she did most of her training around the UCLA campus. I on the other hand got to use the San Diego Athletic Club as my training headquarters. I loved SDAC for a few of reasons; it was right near Balboa park and all its running trails, it had a steam room and I got to hang out the world-class athletes who were training for the Olympics. One day after a hard run when I was relaxing in the steam room Thom Hunt, who was in there also, surprised me by saying,  “George I hear that you’re training for your first Marathon.” When I responded that indeed I was, Thom, who is an elite runner asked if he could give me a little advice? All I could think was, “Are you kidding, does the Pope shit in the woods?” He said, “George there are two lies in a marathon.” At the 10-mile mark, the first lie called euphoria will show up and tell you to pick up the pace because you have shot at winning this thing. About 20 miles into the race the other lie called fatigue will show up and try to tell you that if you don’t stop right now, it will tip you over. My advice is to ignore both lies.”

Sure enough, when Candis and I were finally running the marathon, right at the 10-mile marker as Thom had earlier predicted and I had completely forgotten, euphoria hit me. I foolishly talked Candis into picking up the pace because I felt so good that I thought we had a shot at gaining on the race leaders. Unfortunately, at the 20-mile marker, the 2nd lie showed up when a huge gorilla jumped on my back and did his best to  prevent me from taking another step. Candis and I had previously set a goal of finishing the marathon in under 4 hours but around the 22-mile mark she panicked and said, “Dad if we don’t pick it up we’re gonna miss our goal.” I don’t know how I did it but even with that big gorilla on my back, but we finished in 3 hours and 50 minutes proving that Thom was right about both lies. However, after the race, I was so sore and exhausted that I couldn’t even sit down, so I just fell over.


Well, as far as I can ascertain the only person to make a buck off of Global Warming so far is its creator, Al Gore. In fact, if I’m not mistaken he’s already managed to make several million of them.

I wonder what the Canadian people who live for hockey think of the greedy owners of the NHL who won’t allow their players to play for their country in the Olympics.
Speaking of big Al, he’s doing a much better job of scaring people about climate change than his wife is at getting those dirty lyrics off the radio.
Watching Netflix’s second season of the Crown, I would love to know what the Queen thinks of it?
What happens in California if the rich and the wealthy both leave to escape taxes?

I believe that most content comes from the dark side, in fact, every line in my Blog only shows up in my head when I’m irritated or provoked.

I wonder if anybody ever had the balls to confront King Edward before he died to tell him what a loser he was. Just because he was pretty and used big words didn’t change the fact that he married a slut and sucked up to another real loser by the name of Hitler.

So why would anybody think that America’s rich should take care of poorer Mexicans when Mexico’s rich won’t?
Do people other than musicians accidentally OD while on painkillers or do they just OD?
I think the word “painkillers” says it all.
When you’re for something, it also means that you’re against something else.
I think news reporters should have to disclose whether they’re Democrat or Republican.
What if everything was the same except Trump was black. It shouldn’t change anything, but it would change everything. Reverse racism is still racism.
Every race is prejudice as are all religions.
Winners spend most of their time trying to close the gap between what they’ve done and what they are capable of doing.
The right person saying the wrong thing works about as well as the wrong person saying the right thing.
Why do the Democrats want the Republicans to act like them? What sense would that make?
It’s only after becoming successful that you have an opportunity to try and figure out what it was that made you successful. 
How a man treats a man, who can do him no harm nor good is usually a pretty good indicator of just what kind of a man he is.
Everybody believes in free speech until someone says something that they don’t like.
You would have to double your income for your life to change.
Speaking of money, how is it that when politicians leave office, they exit as members of the one percent club which they weren’t when they first got elected?
Fear is a natural reaction; courage always has to be conjured up.
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8 thoughts on “The Two Lies! (new geo Blog for Feb 12/18)

  1. Here’s a topic I’d LOVE to here you talk about, George:
    10 Years ago, stations paid thousands for show-prep services for their jox. Some jox supplemented that by paying for their own prep as well. Back then the little “stories” or bits were unique and interesting and not well known by listeners. Today, the average civilian reads all those cute, interesting and shocking stories for themselves, while drinking their morning coffee, ON THE WEB. Facebook and Twitter offer all the show prep any morning show needs, but the problem is, people are reading it for themselves. I can’t count the number of times I hear a morning show promote a story or topic that has been on the web for days…acting like they’ve got a scoop. It’s not. And TV morning shows are worse. What are your thoughts on show prep for 2018?

    • I hear ya Jim and as you and I have discussed many times the definition of creativity is to create something brand new or do something old in a new way. If you and I were still working together we’d do it like Johnny did it. Johnny would say, “Hey did you see the story in the New York Times?” Now you would say, “Hey did you see the story on the internet?” Now it doesn’t matter how old the story is or if someone has already read it because here is where we do the creative part. You would then say, “Well, what I think about that is!” The folks love to hear the talent’s take on stuff they already are familiar with. Kinda like Joe Cocker covering all those old songs but doing them his way. geo

      • As always, George….wise.
        That’s the missing part of what I hear every morning: Talent thinks “the finding” of the story and the the reading of it is an accomplishment. (And by the way, those news/web stories aren’t written to be read verbatim on the Radio.) So you hear a talent read the story…make some comments on how they feel about it…keep talking until someone laughs, and then hit the button for spots. The key, as you’re saying,
        is to use the story to set yourself up for something funny, warm or meaningful. But that takes work and talent.

        • Key word is work Jim, the talent part is another thing. As I’ve said many times, “You have to be born gifted but you can learn creativity.” However, if a gifted person ever learns creativity, a lot of us should just hang it up. Not to worry though, gifted people don’t like to work very hard.

  2. Hey George here is a surefire way to lose listeners, ignore their emails. Below is an email I sent a DJ on the local Country station close to Niagara Falls. I listen to them while I do my daily workout.
    “I was doing my bike & Treadmill on Sunday and heard your gold medal talk.
    Unfortunately you picked the wrong website and received the wrong answer on gold.

    1. This the info I think you used
    ““Historically, gold was alloyed with other, harder metals to make it harder. So if biting the coin left teeth marks, the merchant would know it was a fake.”
    Totally wrong as gold is not hard.

    This is correct
    “Here’s the deal: Because gold is softer and more malleable than other metals, one way to determine whether or not something is real gold is by biting into it — if it’s authentic, your teeth will leave an indentation. “

    They are 180 degrees different but number 2 is correct.”

    I know people are addicted to their email so the DJ must have seen it, why did I look it up , because I knew gold was soft so his “bit” I thought was wrong so I checked it out. People believe what they hear and see via the media, so in turn I expect media to be correct and not propagate untruths. I guess that is a pretty stupid idea in today’s world.
    I will let you know if I get a response.

    • Good luck on that response Doug, in this politically correct world, people only communicate with those that agree with them which leaves the planet in a running in place mode.

      • I know what you are saying George, today I have sent his two bosses an email regarding his jock talking politics . As far as I have always believed were the two rules of radio. 1. Don’t diss the music you are playing and 2. Don’t talk politics, the DJ today broke rule #2 and was anti Republican, they are using their platform that will turn off half the audience. And yet we wonder why radio is losing audience and hence revenue.

        • When I was a PD Doug, I used to advise the jocks to stay away from politics because there was no cheese in that tunnel as far as ratings were concerned. As far as the music went I told them that their listeners thought they picked the music they played so dissing it made them sound like an idiot.

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