The Truth. (new for may25/2015)


Shortly after leaving Indianapolis for California I began running so I could get in a little exercise, but as I am want to do I soon became obsessed with it and even hired Thom Hunt an Elite runner to coach me. Almost ten years later I returned to Indy for the mini-marathon which finished up on the world famous Indy 500 track which was the reason that I wanted to do the race but unfortunately it was hot and humid when we left Monument Circle.
My pace ended up being much too fast for the conditions mostly because I was so excited about running on the track that I was too anxious and by the time I got there, I was beat. As I ran through the entrance and up onto the track it loomed a lot larger than I ever remember it but I knew it only took an Indy race car about 40 seconds to get around the 2 1/2 mile oval so I just put my head down and pushed on. After about what seemed like a 1/2 an hour or so later I looked up only to discovered that the first turn didn’t seem to have gotten any closer so my love for the track began to fade at that moment. God speed Gentlemen.

I think I may need to listen a little closer to the lyrics of the tune “Red Red Wine” and consider maybe cutting back a little on my wine consumption. I took a nap the other day and when I awoke I panicked because not only didn’t I remember what I did with my car I couldn’t even remember where I had been last night. Then suddenly it hit me … This was last night!


The most fun you’ll ever have is when you start pursuing and learning the truth.

Just to put it all into perspective … Dave’s last show was watched by 13.76 million, 14.6 million watched Jay’s final appearance and Johnny went out with a whopping 50 million.

The only thing the current radio leaders haven’t figured out how to do is get out of a contract cheap, but maybe it’s self serving because they don’t want anybody figuring out how to get out of theirs.

I haven’t heard the word “genius” used to describe anybody in radio for a long long time.

The two things you need to be a great entertainer is Passion & Imagination. They’ll also make you a better lover.

Walt Disney used a management style of bottom up where as radio uses top down. I’m pretty sure Walt’s way produced a hell of a lot more.

The only song I’ve ever heard about Mr. Business Man was a funny little ditty poking fun at him by Ray Stevens.

My friend Bob Christy pointed out to me that in all the Science Fiction movies the evil people in the future are always some corporation not the government.

There’s really only two tempos of music, it’s up or it’s not.

If you want a career in showbiz and you’re not very talented you better get famous.

Most people at a radio station think their part is the biggest part. That’s why things move so slowly because they are waiting for  you to come to your senses.

The best thing about having experienced being #1 is that hopefully you’ll recognize when it starts happening again and stop f**king with it.

Sometime the only way to figure out how to win is by losing.

Jim Hilliard once told me that even a bad plan if well executed has a pretty good shot at succeeding. 

No matter how wonderful you think your radio station sounds a sales person can soon straighten you out.

The very best thing about advertising is it kills bad products.

The only good shows I’ve ever heard on the radio were the ones that produced a great promo.

The only thing a listener remembers about a radio station is its inconsistencies so I would advise that they be good so your listeners have good memories. 

Sales people are what we call “fair weather listeners” they knew all along that the station was hot once the new numbers come out.

A crisp one hundred dollar bill wrapped around a commercial does not in any way change the sound of that commercial.

After having dinner with Cami and her friends my daughter later told me … Daddy you’re weird but that’s OK because that’s what my friends love about you.

Only family can give you unconditional love, listeners at best only have very conditional love for you. 

I read a great sign while driving by a church the other day “honk if you love Jesus, text if you wanna meet him”.

A lot of text messages just look mean even though they may have been intended as words of love.

When was the last time a woman ever was seduced.

Hearing from a woman that she desires me is much more thrilling than the actual love making. Just saying! 

It’s not getting through the tough times that defines who you are, it’s how you got through them.

Getting on the scale and sucking your stomach in is the very definition of one being self delusional.

A question for Jim Hilliard Jr. Little Jim which do you like better, the Stones in the 60’s or the Stones in their 70’s.

Great finish for the Indy 500, Jaun Montoya wins his 2nd.

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7 thoughts on “The Truth. (new for may25/2015)

  1. Loved David Letterman ever since he came by the WIBC/WNAP building in Indianapolis to scarf up some breakfast being grilled out in the parking lot. All of a sudden, there he was, standing in line!
    But even though I appreciated his talent, I believe he would have received the same accolades if he had retired 15 years earlier. That’s about when I stopped setting my VCR to record his show. For some reason, around 2000, he and his jokes began to sound old and a little embarrassing. But, during his prime, Letterman was a leader in the same way Johnny Carson and even Larry Lujack was. In the 60’s and 70’s, you could hear disc jockeys all over the midwest trying to sound like Larry Lujack. During the 80’s and 90’s, Letterman’s sarcastic sense of humor rubbed off on a lot of those same people. But you couldn’t find anyone trying to sound like Jay Leno! So, as odd as it may sound, it’s not always ratings (as you noted above) that makes someone worthy of respect. My favorite quote about Letterman came from Michael Keaton in a recent RollingStone magazine article: “I always thought it was kind of cool that he was never, except for a few times, number one. Maybe he wasn’t quite as popular. But everyone knew, qualitatively, that he was the best.”

  2. George: Sorry, Old Man. Your memory in slipping. When you reached the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you were only half-way to your goal. IMS is the half-way point in the Mini Marathon. You would have died had you gone the rest of the way back downtown to the finish line.

    • They have changed it several times Norm but the year I ran it the race finished on the track. In fact the picture is of me crossing the finish line which was the yard of bricks.

  3. My friend Bob Christy pointed out to me that in all the Science Fiction movies the evil people in the future are always some corporation not the government.

    Sadly, the government IS a corporation and a real definition of modern-day evil. With Obama, it has become an out and out criminal enterprise.

    Trust me you have to read the rest of this :
    Click here to read the entire story :

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