The Stevie Wonder Gang.

737485_10151616547997542_1436617316_o1It seems some folks like Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Kanye West, R. Kelly, Rod Stewart, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, The Stones along with many others are joining Stevie Wonder’s boycott of Florida. They are all threatening to never play in Florida again until we abolish our “Stand Your Ground” law. One can only assume they were a way too busy rehearsing so they must have missed the part where the “Stand Your Ground” law had absolutely nothing to do with the Zimmerman trial.

If the Stevie Wonder Gang is really serious about this boycott and want to punish their fans even more, I think they should also pull all their music off of the radio stations here and the ones in the 24 other States who have the same law as we do. Hey that’ll show us they mean business and maybe keep us from putting any laws on the books in the future they didn’t pre-approve.

Wow what a shock, Kidd Kraddick just like Bill Bailey earlier, passed away while hosting a charity golf tournament in New Orleans for his Kidd’s kids.

Continuing to make mistakes is still a hell of a lot better than doing nothing at all.

The research is in … Under 30, bald, under 50, landing strip, under 60, neatly trimmed, over 60, full bush!

At any given moment 30 million people worldwide are watching some form of porn. The most viewed body part is a Woman’s face.

Just because it’s popular doesn’t make it art.

You need to do your dreams while it’s still possible to do so.

Speaking of dreams it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than logic in order for you to accomplish them. 

Most of the people who demand to be treated like stars, aren’t even talented let alone a star!

The most raciest people in America are unmarried Black Women who see a White Woman with a Black Man.

Last year I kept hearing about a new series on HBO called Newsroom but managed to resist watching it I guess for the same reason a bus driver probably resists going for a long drive on his days off. It’s been raining a lot in Florida lately so I decided I might as well stay inside and watch a couple of episodes. Instead I ended up watching all of last season. I love the cast and all the sub plots but got a little weary of the preaching. I don’t understand why Hollywood writers think we are anywhere near as far left as they all seem to be. Hell even Boston Legal gave us another side but for some reason they think the only news fit to print is just political news. I think they think they achieved some sort of balance by making the main character a registered Republican even though he doesn’t believe in the Republican party of today. This same so called Republican defends Obama and gives him a free pass on everything with nary an unkind word even though just like Bush he is afraid of the same Banks, Oil, and Pharmaceutical companies as Bush was. The last time I looked, Reagan and Clinton were the only Presidents who came as close to being perfect as any President can get. They both always stayed right near the middle where I believe most of America is and also never seemed afraid of anybody which may have been the reason so very few countries ever messed with us while they were in power.

Brent Farris of KZST claims that the easiest pass word for Women to remember is her anniversary date which of course also prevents her Husband from hacking her.

The more powerful you are the funnier you appear to be to the people who surround you.
Have you noticed that Men are still Men but Women have become persons.
Laws don’t change until somebody dies!

Seeking the truth has never been what the law’s about, proving the truth is what it’s really all about.

Most of the biggest promotions ever done on Radio were done with no promotion department.

Is it true that over 75% of illegitimate children are Black and the reason it’s not commonly known is because it’s politically incorrect to bring it.

Geri Jarvis claims there are more sincere hugs at airports then there are in Wedding halls.

The problem with voice mail is you don’t get to jump in and say … Got it!

Seeing as Radio is supposed to be a reflection of life I feels it’s being left behind somewhat by all the drastic changes in our society over the last couple of years.

The only way to prevent large market Radio from dominating your market is by adding local content.

Even though USA TODAY is the Radio Bible it is not a factor at all with the folks who live in your town.

There are 2 styles of communication … Tell me what you think or tell me what you know. I prefer the latter ’cause it’s usually a much shorter tale.

Ahh so the lucky sperm club has a brand new member as Prince George joins them. I told Kate I didn’t think it was wise to name the kid George as a few folks may get suspicious like they already are about Harry, but she insisted so I’ll just lay low.






8 thoughts on “The Stevie Wonder Gang.

  1. I like the idea of pulling the songs from the air, clear channel is just dumb enough to do it though.
    Heard that Lew Dickeys pulling Rush and Hannity from Culumus talk stations. So they can run 6 hours of their own right leaning stuff.
    And WJLA and the Albritton TV Group sold to Sinclair..who is hands down the worst TV operator in the USA. They made less than a millon for a major market tv station and it’s local cable news operation..go figure

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