THE SECRET FORMULA. (new july 27/15)


I’m presently in the middle of watching a great series on HBO called “The Wire” which is about drug busts in Baltimore and ran from 2002 – 2008.
In this particular memorable scene black Commander of the Police Department is walking a white Council member through a not so nice black community where he stops and points to a run down building. He says that back in the day a lotta white folks used to also live in this neighborhood and that used to be a “white only”funeral home but as more and more blacks moved into the community and the whites started moving out I asked the owner if he was considering burying black people now. He told me that he was as long as he could bury them all at the same time and with that the Commander roared out with laughter and said … I just loved that guy. The horrified Councilman asked why considering how racist he was and the Commander said it was because he knew exactly where the man stood at all times so they got to talk about it.

Watching “The Wire” is actually quite difficult because most of the script is Ghetto Talk and is very hard to understand. I had to laugh at one point though because even the hip black detectives who were monitoring all the dealers phones had to hire an outside black lady to interpret what they were saying.

If we actually took advantage of all our gifts we would be unstoppable.
Startling realizations…
Kids today consider every tune recorded before 2010 an oldie.
Teenagers growing up in the early 2000’s listening to the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears are now in their 20’s.
Folks who grew up in the 90’s listening to Nirvana and the Foo Fighters are now in their 30’s.
The young people who were listening to Barry White and Gloria Gaynor while growing up in the 80’s are now in their 40’s.
The kids who grew up in the 70’s listening to Elton John, James Taylor and Creedence on the radio are now in their 50’s.
The teenagers who grew up listening to The Beatles, Stones and Motown in the 60’s are they themselves in their 60’s.
The folks who discovered Rock&Roll in the 50’s and first heard Elvis and Chuck Berry on the radio are now in their 70’s
The people who loved the Great American Songbook with Frank, Tony, and Ella in the 40’s are now well into their 80’s.
It’s a complete waste of time looking for shortcuts to any place worth going to.
Why is it that when you finally have a beautiful woman by your side is the only time other women seem to want you.
I have studied the phenomenon called women for a long long time and I’m proud to say that I know more about them than most men. When I think back about all the things I have learned about them is when I realize I’ve still got a long way to go because I know almost nothing at all about them. 
I think it may have finally stopped snowing in my hometown of Transcona where the only way to got through those cold winter nights was with a two four, a two six, and two tarts.
If you need to be a Super Star here is the secret formula … T + S = A + (p + i + t + e e) x P + I = $
Art is only created when Talent and Science are in perfect harmony.
When you put the perfect concept together with great understandable philosophy you’re about half done and have arrived at the hard part. The implementation.
When you’re the radio station most folks go to when they see a funnel cloud in the distance you’ll always do fairly well.
When you launch a new format and the “radio people” get it right away, it’s generally not that good.
The first time I ever heard about any trade the radio station may have had was when I got a memo or e mail advising me not to use it anymore.
Why do all new GMs need a new logo and a client party to fix the tarnished image of the radio station.
I think there should be a celebration when the radio station is sold out rather than the chaos intensity it seems to create.
My response to an angry sales rep when I’m told that we were the only station in town that rejected their client’s spot has always been … I know, isn’t that great. 
What ever happened to the “Satellite Is Gonna Kill Radio” thing the NAB spent millions fighting.
The business of radio used to be so simple, just bring in more money than you spent. I have no idea how it works now because they don’t spend anything.
Ya gotta wonder like I do if the people on the radio use that same approach when talking into the speaker at the McDonalds drive thru.
I think a comedian may be nothing more than just a person who remembers jokes.
The only advice anyone will ever heed is the advice they asked for.
What would your buddies say if they could hear the way you talk to your lady in private.
Isn’t it strange how much we rebelled when we were kids but turned out a lot like our folks anyhow.
I believe Columbus started the whole illegal alien mess we’re in today.
We are actually born selfish so we have to learn how to share which is not an easy task as any rich man will tell you.
The four topics men love the most and have all day to talk about them are…
1. Sex
2. Sports
3. Career
4. Sex
The people who do most of the bitching represent about 73% of the population but unfortunately most of them neither have the attitude nor aptitude to fix anything nor are they capable of recruiting anyone who does because they were born followers.

What was it we were so happy about in all the pictures we’re in.

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7 thoughts on “THE SECRET FORMULA. (new july 27/15)

  1. RE: Satellite radio: I no longer subscribe to Sirius/XM for three reasons, George.
    1. The talent usually talks way to much for the content they impart, with most of it pointless and NOT entertaining. I get very angry because they have nothing to say…;
    2. Within a specific channel, like “60s on 6” or “70s on 7”, the repetition is unbelievable, especially when…
    3. The amount of songs they play that were marginal (not hits) including “B” sides or obscure tracks that weren’t even played on deep-track A.O.R. stations makes the listening experience jarring.
    I only listen when Sirius/XM “gives” me free 60-channel service for a holiday weekend (like this weekend), but then, I have to turn away because of frustration. By the way, is the Satellite Music Network or a remnant of TranStar still around ?

  2. Speaking of trades, going through some old stuff in my desk this week, I came across an American Express Card given to me by you that had the name “William B. Tanner Company.” Wonder what would happen if I charged an airplane full of avgas? I remember feeling guilty back in the day that every time I did that in San Antonio, ten Preparation H commercials would probably run soon on KOGO, San Diego 🙂

  3. George,
    I think I have an advantage on the first part, because you told it to me 25 years ago and it was a sign on my wall during all the years we were billing 30 million a year.
    The EXTENDED formula is tricky…could this be correct, Professor?
    T + S = A + (p + i + t + e e) x P + I = $

    Talent + Science= Art
    personality+instinct+timing+extreme effort
    Promotion + Implementation = Big Money

    • Here is the extended version Jim…
      Talent + Science = Art + (passion + imagination x tenacity + exaggerated emotion) x Promotion + Influence = Success

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