The Scariest Day Of My Life. (new Blog for May 16/16)

10372597_10152811777974307_135746648470708338_n-1When my daughter Candis (pictured with me) was a about 11 and I was home taking a nap, the phone started ringing and as nobody was picking up I finally answered it myself. It tuned out be our family GP who was calling to tell us that Candis’ test results were back and he was sorry to report that she either had Leukemia or Mononucleosis. What! I didn’t even know that she had gone to the doctor so all I could do now was cry.
We immediately went to see a specialist whom upon our entering his office turned to me and said, Mr. Johns I don’t need any tests to know that your daughter does not have Leukemia. Unfortunately he went on to say, I have seen too many walk through that door who do. He then asked Candis if she’d had a cold recently, when she told him she had he explained that when young females have a cold their white cell count usually goes up which is probably what confused your Doctor. Needless to say we never went back to our GP again because that’s when I realized that most Doctors did not graduate at the top of their class.


United the people have much more power than those in power.​

Even when you’re losing you’re winning ’cause you’re learnin’.

The ​dirtiest hands produce the cleanest money.​

Whose checking to see if those very liberal singers and actors are paying their taxes and not hiding money somewhere like most rich folk do.

I wonder who told Taylor Swift that if she enlarged her breasts and put some junk in the trunk she would be bigger.​

The ladies love guitar gods but hate their music.

Music research should only be used to determine what tunes you should listen to otherwise we’d be playing “White Christmas” once an hour.

Hey radio, there’s not a sales person alive that can sell a bad product, ask Detroit.

​​Why do the women who sleep with their bosses think they’re the assistant boss.​

You see lot of young women driving fancy cars but the only young men you usually see driving them work at Valet.​

Women would be a hell of a lot easier to understand if they spoke a different language.​

An artist once told me that young women lose the innocence in their eyes at 14.

I think that the only women who don’t lie to me may be my daughters, but then again I may just be prejudice.

​​How many of your friends have to die before you begin to live.​​The only thing that scares Mr. Business man is jail time.

The worse days of your life probably only occurred during your nightmares.​

​When you make someone else happy it’s the happiest you’ll ever be.

Just ’cause I adore you doesn’t mean I trust you.

I still think that your sex is determined by your plumbing.

I’m open to new thinking as long as you don’t need my money to fund it.

We need optimists and pessimists, one to invent the airplane the other the parachute.

Sometimes it’s best to do what the little voice inside your head tells you to do if for no other reason than to silence it.

How many bad things have been done for the greater good.

General Custer I believe was the last General to ever lead his troops into battle.

I know how its worked out  for the Generals, but what’s it done for the troops.

It’s while running away from your troubles that you’re most likely to stumble.

Talent make the hits but it’s the hits that make stars.It’s pretty sad when people who fuck up and recover all the time are more revered than those who never fuck up.

If you don’t have money, nobody takes you very seriously.

I think every province should have at least one NHL team and there should be at least one NFL team in every state.

You can never be a has-been if you’ve never been.

Even though Trump has made it this far without the help of the GOP, why do I think they still expect him to suck up to them.

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8 thoughts on “The Scariest Day Of My Life. (new Blog for May 16/16)

  1. George – I believe the only modern day exception may have been George Patton and the Third Army in France going into Germany in 1944-1945. He routinely was driven to fortifications on the front lines, more so than most generals, to he extent that Omar Bradley several times asked him to not get so close. While it is true that he did not engage in hand-to-hand combat, he had to see what was going on in the winter months of ’44-’45, especially when the R.A.F. and U.S. aircraft could not fly.

  2. George…. I visited a Dallas GP one time who gave me the longest ten minutes of my life. Was running a fever, feeling genuinely lousy when I went in.. After examining me, he said he was going to do a blood test, and left the exam room with these words… “You either have Swine Flu or a brain tumor. I’ll be back to tell you which one in a few minutes.”

  3. Re your story about the mis-diagnosis. Courtesy the late, great George Carlin — “Somewhere on this planet there’s the worst doctor in the world. And he has patients.”

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