photoMy Grandson Nathaniel who lives in LA is showing signs of quite possibly becoming even more brilliant than the intellectually gifted Johns girls. Not only is he very smart, but at 8 he is also already better than I was at 12 when I played baseball on the all star dream team.

What people think of you will last a lot longer than you will.

I read that 50% of Women understand Men dating Women thirty years younger than themselves where as 100% of Men completely understand it.

Speaking of understanding. John Lennon’s quote “The Beatles are just a band Yoko’s my life” is better understood by Men like me who used to have both.

Even though I understand and long for what John had, I can’t help but wonder when he last had the prescription for his glasses checked.

I continue to believe I’m still only the “Right Woman” away from being happy.

Wow!  Dave Fulton’s Naptown Rock Radio Wars got nominated for an ” Emmy.” Do we need a tux Dave?

In the good times your friends know who you are. In the bad times you know who your friends are.

I hate the word “No” and detest the phrase … I don’t know anything about programming but…
Successful people are not normal people, they like entertainers come mostly from the dark side.

How much money do you suppose those very rich athletes put back into the communities they all came from.

Except for my Daughters Candis and Cami plus my Niece Christina, I find Women in general aren’t as innocent as they appear to be.

Only by failing a couple or 3 times did I manage to figure out what I should have done the first time.

Most Women understand the need for alimony and child support until it has to be sent to your ex.
Who you know is a way overrated. Who knows you is all that counts.

Jack McCoy was the only guy I ever met that could sell something then go back to the office and invent it.

Tim Reever claims that selling without ratings builds character.

The first time I met Ron Chapman he told me he wanted to be so big in Dallas he would have difficulty walking down the street. I immediately bought a new car because I knew we were already halfway there.

The only music you can play on AM has to be very special.

Most things done for safety reasons have absolutely nothing to do with safety.

Motivational parties do very little but ratings parties are life changing.

I only tease the people I love!

9 times out of 10 a creative person can beat a gifted person but you don’t stand a chance against a creative gifted person.

The only on air break that counts is the one you are doing right now.

When the president mentions all the hard working Americans he’s not talking about government employees is he.

I wonder who “They” are as in … They claim…

Is it the singer or is it the song?

People listen to the Radio they don’t look at it but if you don’t get them to look at it every once in a while you’ll just fade away.

Does anybody know what the hell those people are saying over the speaker in the drive through lane at McDonalds.

It is very possible to reinvent yourself.

You can get over love, I know ’cause I’ve done it 5 times.

I’ve always been a student of Radio but it has not taught me much lately.

If you only do your Radio show for people who don’t know who you are or what the hell you’re talking about you’ll soon be a star.

Walt Disney was smart enough to get someone better than him to continue drawing Mickey Mouse!
I’ve always believed that good product produces more revenue than good sales.

Angels and Demons both talk to gifted people but unfortunately they use the same voice.

Mr. Fairbanks once told me what America needed most of all were stronger rats.

It usually takes an emotional experience before someone changes. 









14 thoughts on “THE “RIGHT WOMAN”

  1. Oh George!! You write so eloquently. Whoever said WOMEN were INNOCENT? Obviously, men do. I never heard a women claim to be. Men hear what they want to hear. And they believe what they’re told. Just like most PEOPLE do. I’m not working at Coppola any longer. Come see me at Chalkboard in Healdsburg 😉 XOXO

  2. I have heard older men and a lot of women complain about the reverse alimony & child support – to which I reply: “Well we wanted equality”…and that’s part & parcel of it.

  3. Gov’t folks work 10 hr days and weekends and middle of the keeps you safe btw. (former pd turned gov’t worker, hey you got most weekends and all holidays off)
    Naptown Radio wars the book on Amazon is priceless..were any of us ever that young?

  4. DMV is state and yeah everywhere they are inept and that’s being kind.
    Post Office know you know why it’s going postal. They have one of the strongest Unions in the fed sector.

  5. George, sometimes your genius hits us square in the face and sometimes it is necessary to step back a few paces to let it emerge, as if observing a mosaic from a distance. Either way works with this particular blog entry.

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