The Research Begins.

geoimg-326155240-00011I’ve  been doing research about Women for many years now and some of what I discover I put on the Radio and the rest I keep for myself. For this session I brought Tom Hoyt along as my special assistant and we were doing our “One On Ones” at a Halloween party in Malibu. Unfortunately it wasn’t going so well as Joasia, the Woman I was interviewing wasn’t cooperating at all. She wanted to talk on the radio not waste time talking to me about it. Tom’s participant only wanted a bag of groceries.

To be smart one must study, to be wise one must first live.

You are who you are not who you think you are.

I think therefore I am, but I am not who I think I am.

If you want to get noticed get in the blame line, way too many people in the credit line.

You need not worry about what it is you want to do, it’s what you don’t want to do that you need to figure out.

I think the best way to evaluate whether or not you should be with someone is to make two lists side by side. On one side mark down all their good points on the other all their bad points. If positives out weigh the negatives you have got yourself a winner. If the person you are evaluating is beautiful and sexy though you may want to make some allowances.

Over the years the Muses have been nice enough to pass on some pretty good stuff to me. I would generally find them hanging out at a dark smokey bar that served good Canadian Whisky and before the night was done I usually had a couple of pretty good ideas.

It doesn’t matter how big your ratings are if the client can’t hear your Radio Station.

If the air talent would consider adding punctuation to their presentation they would sound a hundred times better.

It doesn’t matter if you are in love or not or even in a happy marriage, it does not change what a 20 year old looks like.

When you are in a bad relationship the only advice you get is you should leave. Hell if you could do that you would have been gone long ago.

Women share everything but their money.

Fame always unveils who you really have been all along.

The only way to make any money as an employee is to make Management afraid you are going to leave.

In top down type Management they tend to fire from the bottom up.

Have you ever noticed when you need a solution or and idea about something you tend to gaze upwards as you ponder it.

Who is it that Women would die for.

If Women would give as much time to their bodies as they do their hair, they would need armed escorts.

If they deregulated sports like they have everything else would we watch it.

Every great Radio Station started with a cause but making the owner rich wasn’t it.

I remember how good looking those women on the hit lines sounded, in person not so true.

What kind of a person would even wear a PPM device.

Cami has told me her whole life that the only people she dislikes more than boring people are people who annoy her. I wonder if there was some kind of message in there for me.

Have you ever noticed how many laws and protection devices are in place to protect Mr. Business Man from us. What’s wrong with that picture and who really needs the protection!

Young and old will listen to a young person but only the old will listen to an old person.

Anybody needing help from the Government will never be anything.

Why do people that have absolutely nothing of interest to say take so long to say it.

The big question the world has forgotten is … What if there were no weapons of mass destruction.

You can play any song you want on the Radio as long as your explanation of why you are playing it is interesting.

The easiest way to get me to come around to your point of view is to communicate it to me through a song, a movie, a novel, a poem, a painting, a picture or a dance. Sometimes though a kiss is even better.



12 thoughts on “The Research Begins.

  1. Oh, so true! When I was in the Army (60’s) in Europe, six cans of frozen OJ from the PX got ya a home cooked dinner and so much more from the locals. Whatcha think about a whole bag of groceries? She needed the groceries but one could always hope…

  2. >Every great Radio Station started with a cause but making the owner rich wasn’t it.<

    George, if every President/CEO of every consolidated radio company, regardless of size, could just learn this one bit of wisdom from you this week, our industry would instantly be more valuable, to stockholders, and employees.

    Are you going to be in Vegas next week?

  3. George,

    I did graduate work and specialized in market research and promotion, and I learned that you have to sample an awful lot of people to have any decent level of confidence in your results. Enjoy 🙂 !!


    • Exactly my plan Mary but occasionally I get smitten by one of the participants which slows me down somewhat. Now when we knew each other who was researching whom?

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