The Prosecution Blew It !



When it’s time for Cami’s Summer vacation my favorite place to go is San Diego to visit with my Brother and his family. She would love to live in California if she could just bring her friends. I try to take her there at least once a year because I feel its important that she do some Johns family bonding. Cami refers to Auntie Savvy as her 2nd Mom and has hung out with her beautiful Cousin Christina for most of her life so it’s always a fun reunion. This visit was extra special for us as Candis came down from LA with my Grandson Nathaniel to spend a few days with us. When you have the whole fam-damily around you it doesn’t get much better than that.

Reg and I as usual spent some time discussing our parents. This time the discussion centered around the unreasonable curfew we had when we were young. We had to be in before or exactly at Midnight. Dad just assumed that at one minute past midnight the only thing left to do was rob gas stations.

Speaking of curfews I don’t remember when mine got lifted but Reg claimed it was when I began paying room and board. I wonder how I managed to resist immediately going on a robbing the gas stations rampage when I was set free.

The surprising verdict in the Casey Anthony trial has got me thinking that we may have moved too quickly on the banning of Vigilantes.

My beautiful lawyer Betsy Cameron claims when she heard the prosecution’s closing argument, she knew right then they had blown it.

Paul Barsky says they should do a pay- per- view with Casey hooked up to a lie detector. If she passes all the questions she gets a Million Dollars if she doesn’t the Million goes to abused kids.

While working with WNIC in Detroit, I remember hearing a commercial on Jim Harper’s morning show that claimed the lowest prices ever on a new Ford started today. I asked the Sales Manager if he could drive me down there real quick so I could get me one. He asked if I was planning on driving it all the way back to San Diego. Hell no, what for! At the price they will be selling those cars for I’m sure I will be able to afford to have it shipped. In fact I’m seriously thinking of maybe getting two. He looked at me like I was crazy and asked what I was talking about. I reminded him that Henry Ford invented the automobile right here in this very town and sold them for about $300 a pop. The new ones must be going for less than that according to the spot you’re running. Hey we better get a move on it and get down there before they are sold out. If I were you I would go ahead and get a couple of ’em for the kids.

What Ron Chapman, Jeff & Jer and a few others have in common is they really love the city they live in and wouldn’t dream of ever leaving it. Put that together with how long they’ve lived there and you can be assured they probably know the back roads to everywhere. It almost sounds like they are speaking to you in code. If you too love the city they are very hard to resist.

Another thing the good ones do is lead you towards doing the cool and hip thing even if they have to invent it. For example one very early morning I was listening to Ron in Dallas when he said … Will you Look at that giant fireball coming up out of the perfectly clear horizon. Here’s what we need to do grab a cup of coffee and join me outside. If you’re driving to work pull into a 7-11, they’re everywhere and just like I did earlier get yourself one of their giant size fresh coffees and get back out to the car as quickly as you can. Then take a big ol’ gulp of that steaming coffee and lets do this breathtaking sunrise thing together. Man O’ Man !  Will you look at that. Is this exactly why we live in Texas or what. Magnificent! Lets play a little ” Morning Has Broken” as we watch this together. Ron had me so worked up I jumped into my rental car to look for a 7-11 and get me some coffee. I just wanted to feel like a Texan and watch that sunrise with them. Ron had made drinking 7-11 coffee while watching a sunrise a very cool and hip thing to do. Of course the coffee cups at 7-11 all had Ron’s picture on them. What were you thinking.

When WJNO in West Palm Beach was in it’s prime it was a Fairbanks Station. We had people like Lee Fowler, Randi Rhodes and Jack Cole on board who kicked the Rush Limbaugh station’s ass. They did it by doing a limited amount of politics. What they wisely did instead was extreme opinionated coverage of the William Kennedy rape trial followed up by the OJ Simpson murder trial. Rush didn’t have a chance.

My good friend Bobby Cole is at it again with his June Wrap Up Rap.

What do you think of his work ? Leave a Comment below.

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    • Great sounding team Lou. You should have heard Randi back then, she was a rookie talker and had opinions on everything. Outstanding. geo

  1. Have you ever wondered who posts a lot of these things that you just run into? The on-line world never used to be like this, fairly recently although it has turned around. What is your opinion?

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