The number 5 is now #1. (new blog for week of March 09/15)


The last couple of days at James Crystal has reminded me about how it alwaqys goes when new ownership is about to take over at a radio station. The first thing they do of course is try to assure everyone that there will be absolutely no changes coming down, but deep down you know what’s really gonna happen. Unfortunately by the time you become what’s commonly known as the new owner’s victim you’ll wish you could have this day back. The other thing you would also need is the balls my buddy Bob Christy had back in Boston the day the new owners were scheduled to come in and take WKLB over. As they all got off the elevator on the 13th floor of the Prudential Tower, there was Bobby with all his stuff packed but before he got on the elevator he looked them up and down for a moment or two before saying … Fuck you guys!

Wow after 10 years of almost no communication all of a sudden my son Curt friended me on Facebook. Very nice. (Pictured together in better times) 

Winners are losers who just gave it another shot.

The biggest difference in radio today is that most of the bad sounding stations are gone but unfortunately so are great ones.

Jim Hilliard only remembers two days of my long tenure at Fairbanks Broadcasting, the day I cut the spot load on WIBC to 19 units and the day I left. He is still pissed about both events.

The number 5 is the most important number in radio. You have 5 seconds to get their attention with the 5 subjects they’re most interested using their 5 primal emotions you need to trigger in order to hold their attention. Once you’ve got all that done you wrap it all up with a 5 second killer close. Simple right!

How come radio gets so excited about the Grammys whereas the folks get excited about the Oscars.

I remember when broadcasters from all around the world used to come to the NAB to pick up a few ideas but now they come to sell us theirs.

It’s well known that the things that get most people attention are first, their family and friends, the people on their block, the activities in their neighborhood, what’s going on in their state, America, then finally the rest of the world. What I can’t understand is why the media does it in reverse order.

In order to gain something you’ll in all likelihood will have to give up something.

If it’s your fault when you lose then it’s also your fault when you win.

What lawyer ever admitted he was making any money.

Have the Muslims ever changed anything that offends the rest of us.

Seeing as the top 25 on the FBI’s most wanted list are all Muslims how could you not profile. 

Sometimes the better you are at with providing your family with a good life the worse you are likely at being a good father.

When I was at the top of my game my wife Lana told me her job was to always remind me that I was just George Johns from Transcona.

If you’re not wiser today than you were yesterday then you’re just dumber.

I think I’m Will Ferrelled out.

Am I the only one who notices that all the government agencies who claim they are underfunded and understaffed have more people and more benefits than most other businesses.

Thomas Jefferson said that once the government becomes big enough to give you everything you want it will also be strong enough to take from you everything it wants.

All the bad things that have ever happened to me are slowly slipping away where as the good things especially the breathless moments are becoming more vivid.

Democracy has to be a little more than two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner.

It used to be that if you didn’t read the newspaper you were uninformed then you became misinformed, now if you read it you’re just old.

How come you never see Asians in the Welfare line.

Even though Pharell of “The Voice” pissed me off last year when he played the race card so strong that even his co stars in the chairs stared at him is slowly winning me back with his charm.

Never settle for anything you don’t really love which includes significant others and your career.

A few years ago the biggest broadcast companies in Canada were headed up by Allan Waters, the Slaights, and Ted Rogers. So having lunch one day with Paul Ski who used to be a big CHUM guy but now is the President of Rogers Radio I figured he would have some insight into the inner workings of both the CHUM group and Rogers and would be able to answer my question. I know several people who got very rich working for the Slaights and Rogers but I knew none who had worked for Waters so I wondered if perhaps he had a few names. He said he only had two, Jimmy and Ron Waters.

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