“The Moment” (new geo Blog for the week of Oct. 09/17)

I am a big believer that there will come a time in everyone’s life when they will be given the opportunity to change their destiny. The picture above captured the moment when it happened to me.
I’d just started working at CKY in Winnipeg as a part-time board-op on CKY-FM back when FM wasn’t cool. It was early December, and I was excited about attending the upcoming station Christmas party which was being held at the luxurious  Royal Alexander hotel. It definitely was a suit and tie affair which even featured a large orchestra for our dancing pleasure.
Management wanted the staff to mingle, so you had to draw for your table. I was lucky enough to sit at a table with the program director Jimmy Darin, (Hilliard) his wife Barbara, and legendary sports announcer Jack Wells along his wife, Flika.  
During that time we had about 6 or 7 board ops working at CKY-FM which featured mostly beautiful music, but we all longed to work at the AM. Hey, they played The Beach Boys man not Mancini. Sitting there with the two most powerful guys at the station, I realized that my “moment” had arrived. Time to get noticed. I told myself. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I decided to go with humor even though I was sitting with two paid professionals. Although if you I look at the picture above I was successful. Oh, how do I know that it was me that made everyone laugh you ask?  That’s easy, my fiance Lana was the only one not laughing (she’d heard all my stuff many times before).The next thing I knew I was invited to attend my first jock meeting where I almost blew it. After Jim explained to us some new twists in the format he asked if there were any questions and I immediately put up my hand. Surprised, Jim asked what I wanted? I told him that I didn’t think what he was proposing would work and when he asked why I thought that I said, “Me and my friends don’t like that kinda stuff” which caused all the jocks in the room to laugh out loud. He replied, “Johns if you ever want to come to another meeting, you better learn to keep your mouth shut.”


So what part about a black player in the NFL sacking a white QB and raising his arm in a black power salute as he stands over him do you not you find racist? 

Continuing with the same politically incorrect theme, if a bad white man is often referred to as a “red neck” what would a bad black or Hispanic man be called be called?

The only thing telling a woman that you love her will get you is a job jar, or a “honey do” list.

Why do women think their purse has the right to a stool at a crowded sports bar?

To achieve what you’ve never achieved requires your doing some things that you’ve never done.
You can use challenges as stepping stones or stumbling blocks; it’s your choice.
You can be a cowboy on Wall Street; you just can’t look like one. 
The reason we keep making the same mistakes over and over is because it takes real talent to come up with new ones.
It only takes one person to start and end an argument.

Before research, there were three types of radio, good, great, and terrible. Now only one exists.

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it tougher and tougher to forgive.

If Mr. Businessman doesn’t need to know how to write a song to protect himself, why does a songwriter have to know about business to do the same?

If you want a woman to stop talking just bring up sex.

America doesn’t seem to be buying the knee for the anthem thing.

What the NFL players don’t get is that it’s never been about them, it’s always been about the game. Some of the players are lucky to make the hall of fame, but most just come and go and are soon forgotten.
The other day when OJ was released, I read a stat that shows just how divided we really are. 70% of whites still think OJ killed his wife as opposed to 40% of blacks.
Commitment is the only thing that can give a spoken promise validity.
Good people don’t worry about their rights.
The only person who has a shot at stopping a deranged man from shooting innocent people is a woman.
Why do the employees of the planes and trains companies lie about why and how long the delays are going to be?
Sharing the good times with folks sure leads to your making a lot more friends than your sharing the bad does.
Visting my cousin Ben in Edmonton last week, I asked him how much a pack of smokes costs in Alberta? He said $14.00. When I said, “Geez, then what the hell does a carton cost?” He replied, “I don’t know, I just make the payments.”
I’m just now beginning to realize that my body can no longer go where my mind wants to go.

What a sad time we live in huh? Las Vegas and then Tom Petty.

Miracles are for praying about not counting on.

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