“The Man In The Mirror” (new geo Blog for Feb 05/18)

Being a Centrist, I’ve always had questions for both political parties and their card-carrying followers. One of the issues I’m most concerned about began right after George Bush senior followed Ronald Reagan into office and stated, “I’m going to run a kinder and gentler administration.” He then, of course, rushed right out and started a war with Iraq.
Unfortunately, not only has our war in Iraq raged on and on and on, it’s lasted through several presidencies with yet no end in sight. I’ve always believed that we have to support our troops, but we don’t have to support the idiots who sent and continue to send them. That being said, I don’t understand why more folks aren’t more upset with how Obama handled his part of the war? Didn’t he run for the presidency based on his getting us out of the middle east? Didn’t we give him two terms to do so? Hell, you would think that eight years would be more than enough, World War II lasted less than four. However, not only are we still there, amazingly enough, there are even more of us still there. I wonder who Obama sees when he looks at the “Man In The Mirror?”


Speaking of Presidents, our newest, recently passed a new tax bill, and if I’m reading this correctly, “If you make less than 250 thou a year or are rich, you’re fine. If not you’re f**ked.”

I wonder why Mr. Trump just because of his new tax bill thinks Mr. Businessman is gonna start spending money. Most rich guys I know like to hoard it. Hell, even the drug cartel guys would rather bury their money and let it rot before giving it away to the needy.
If fear is not a deterrent, why is there so little crime in the north end of Boston? 
My daughters can always count on me, but others can only count on me as much as I can count on them.

Being the first pick in the NFL draft may be the last thing you want because it will probably ruin your football career.

Even when pressured, Brady’s not nearly as stupid as Jay Cutler was all season. Although I hear it was Cutler’s wife who made him take the QB’s job for the Dolphins because she needed the ten-mill it paid.

Speaking of Brady, can you imagine what that sportscaster in Boston was thinking when like an idiot he called Tom’s five-year-old daughter a pissant on WEEI?

I was shocked to discover when I moved to America from Canada that I automatically became a bad person because I was white.

Every man involved with a woman who claims to love football needs to remember that her lips aren’t naturally red

Speaking of football, what a Super bowl huh? I hope they didn’t celebrate in Philly by burning the town down.
Buried in every difficulty is an excellent opportunity.
I was starting to feel like I’ve been going to a new “Star Wars” movie has for most of my life. Then I realized that I’m much older than that because I’ve been going to the opening of a new James Bond flick, a decade longer.
I can’t resist beautiful women but the ones I like to hang out with, are the ones I love to talk to.
Nobody can give you power; you have to take it.
Experts are only able to handle the world that no longer exists.
Just because someone doesn’t think as you do doesn’t make them wrong, but one of you sure is.
A person usually becomes what he thinks about.
I must be getting paranoid because I’m beginning to feel like people who are unlike me have more rights than people who are like me.
I wonder if those CIA clowns who convinced George Jr. that Sadam had weapons of mass destruction are still around doing bad for the greater good?
How can tell when the New Yorkers arrive in South Florida for the winter? You hear horns honking.
Ya gotta believe that some NFL coaches must look out at the field now and then and say to themselves, “I can’t believe what I’m paying these mother f**kers!”
Every time you wonder why somebody doesn’t fix something that’s the time you need to realize that you’re somebody.

If there really is a heaven, the recently departed Cardinal Law sure as hell won’t see it.

Why do I think that we are moving ever closer to the day pedophiles sue for their rights?

One of the Best Weapons that you possess is your ability to choose.

I guess that scam they’ve been running in California, New York, and Massachusetts is over huh? You know, the one where they say, “Hey, don’t worry about our exorbitant state taxes, you can deduct them.”

I’ve been a part of the media since 1963 and never once was I told by an owner or management that we had to do things a certain way because the station(s) supported a particular party. In fact, they needed and wanted ratings so much so that they preferred we stay away from politics less we turned off the people with an opposing view. I guess nobody at the Grammys got that memo.

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