The Lovin’ Season!

Once and for all I’m going to explain the mystery of why so many talented musicians come from Winnipeg. Winter shows up there just before Halloween and doesn’t disappear till around Easter. During the 1st snow fall you begin to load up the Rec Room up with enough beer and whisky to get you through the oncoming brutal winter. The lovin’ season begins sometime during the 2nd snowfall, if you didn’t have a girl friend you took up playing guitar and were a Rock Star by Spring.

Here’s the secret formula you’ll need to enjoy a successful career in show business.
T + S = A + (p + i + t + ee) x P + I = $

The only advice anybody will ever listen to is the advice they asked you to give them.

Candis my eldest once told me that she was a little confused while growing up about whether or not I was sexist. Did you come to a conclusion I asked … Yeah you are but just not with me.

The only thing that would keep your buddies from falling down laughing at you if they heard the way you talk to your Lady in private is they do it too.

Bobby Rich was telling me he thought I should allow my Daughter to get a tattoo but there was no way he was allowing his to have one. Isn’t it funny how well adjusted we think we are compared to our parents but as soon as some family drama shows up we become our parents instantly.

Keith James sent me comment about a line in a recent Blog about the needing two “Tarts” and a lotta booze to get through a cold winters Transcona night. He wondered if we ever thought about the fact that the Tarts had Daddies too. Hell no! We only thought about what we thought about but as I look back I’m really not sure who was zooming whom.

I think my kids would appreciate if I would start to act my age. I ain’t gonna do it!

Columbus was the Dude who started this whole illegal alien mess we’re in today.

There are 3 kinds of folks you’ll never forget. The folks who helped you through tough times, the ones who left you during the bad times and the people who put you into difficult times.

We are not born good in fact the complete opposite is a lot closer to the truth. Goodness must be learned and practiced often.

Great talent comes from the dark side.

There are 4 topics Men always have time for. (1) Sex.( 2) Sports. (3) Career. (4) Sex.

Art is created when Science and Talent are in perfect balance.

Sometime ago I read a quote from Keith Elshaw who claimed Talent loved to work for George Johns but most of the people George worked for were afraid of him. Surely that’s not true.

When you mix the perfect concept together with philosophy you’re only about half done ’cause now comes the hard part. Implementation!

When you launch a brand new format and Radio people “Get It” it’s generally not that good.

The old adage of give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, teach him to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime is still true. But if you explain the concept of fishing to him he can soon open a chain of Seafood Restaurants.

The first time a guy like me ever hears about station trade is when I get an e mail advising me not to use it anymore.

What ever happened to “Satellite Is Going To Kill Radio” thing.

I think a comedian is just a person who remembers all the jokes.

Ed Shadek once told me that every GM he ever hired needed a new logo and a client party to fix the station’s bad image. Ed always let them play with the logo a little but took part of the cost of the party out of his bonus.

Don’t you think that when your sold out there should be some kind of celebration rather than anger.

Many times I have been told by an angry sales rep that we are the only station in town who rejected their client’s commercial. I always responded with … I Know, Isn’t That Great!

At most of the Radio Stations I have visited eventually the GM and SM ask me if I believed in community involvement. I believe in it strongly is always my answer but I didn’t believe in remotes. That usually ends the community involvement discussion.

A lot more people like to sit around and discuss why something happened than fix what happened. They are called followers and they represent 73% of the population.

Why are we always so happy in pictures.

Radio used to be so simple … Bring more money in than is going out. What the hell happened!

If you’re the Radio Station the folks would go to when a huge column of smoke appears in the horizon you always do well.

When you listen to some Dee Jays do you ever wonder if they use that same approach when ordering a burger at a drive-thru restaurant.

Warren Cosford wrote … I did my annual check up of whats going on Online with the cult status of one of my favorite Forgotten Oldies from 60’s Winnipeg……Who Dat by The Jury, I wasn’t disappointed. 

10 thoughts on “The Lovin’ Season!

  1. George, re your observation wondering if some jocks use the same approach ordering a burger at the drive-thru that they do on the air brought back some memories. I knew, and still know a few that talk so fast on the air they put Evelyn Wood to shame. Love your blog. Mike

  2. People you worked for…afraid of you? Before even reaching that question, one must separate Those Who Knew What to Make of You from the others.

  3. Was listening to Cousin Brucie on the bird driving back from dropping off the monster suv at the Jax airport..he was begging for calls.. this guy on FM at cbs in NYC had em stacked up..same was true when he quess hosted at ROR with Martelle.. Major league talent..but looks to me like the audience just ain’t out there

    • Lou, Just like everything else in America the bird has too many choices. I wonder at any given moment how many people are listening to a particular channel. I would suspect not many.

  4. On the day you gave me my first job in radio, George, you also told me to “..Remember this is just a stepping-stone to your next gig..”! What??!! I hadn’t even cracked a mic for the first time and you already had me working for somebody else! Afraid? Not a chance! Energized…and somewhat perplexed? Absolutely! No bloody wonder I sounded like a defector from the Vienna Boys Choir on my first night. That was 42 years ago. Still love to turn on the mic every morning. Thanks George.

    • Stirling the weird thing is so many people lately have told me what they remember I said to them many years ago. I thank you for remembering because even back then as I do today in my Blog and elsewhere I say out loud things that pop into my head and seem right for the moment. Sometimes I wish I had thought it through some more before saying it but then what fun would that be.

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