The Leader Of The Band! (new for week of July 13/15)


Unfortunately I never knew my Father’s parents as they passed away when my Father was four. My Grandfather, Edward Johns lived in Roland Manitoba where he led his own band and when he was invited to tour Europe but he had problem. His piano player Ann Sutherland was only seventeen and you couldn’t take a young girl on the road so my Grandpa married her. I don’t know how the tour went but I do know that while they were producing music they were also busy producing 6 kids of which my Father Sandy Johns (pictured below the leader of the band) was the youngest.
Speaking of my Father, a very strange thing happened to me a few years ago while I was flying across the country and was just staring out the window at all the fluffy white clouds not thinking about anything. All of a sudden from out of nowhere I hear my Dad’s voice.Startled I looked around half expecting to see him sitting in the seat next to me which of course was still unoccupied. Even though he had been gone for years his voice was clear as a bell as he told me how much he loved me and that I was not to worry about him because he was in a much better place now but I on the other hand needed to take much better care of myself and with that he was gone. Whew! What I remember the most about that incident was that for the very first time I was finally at peace with him. Thanks for the visit Dad I really needed it, I love you and will see you soon.
The new generation of Johns’ are academically kinda competitive so occasionally my Daughters, Niece, and Grandson will compare exam results which are always in the 90s with each other but the only thing unfortunately my Son, Brother, and I have to compare with each other is how many times we heard the words “we coulda been contendahs” had we only applied ourselves.

I think that Candis and Cami may have done real well in school because they were embarrassed when I came to their schools to suggest what teaching methods I thought would be best for them.


So I guess Ryan Seacrest’s co-host who left Idol after the first season because as he said the show didn’t have legs and would soon be cancelled anyway turned out to be right. 🙂
I remember wanting to have records out so we could get rich and stop touring. Now the only reason to have a record out is to use as a promotion to help make you famous because the only way to get rich nowadays is to tour but if you’re not famous forget about it.
The only thing that brings around change is change itself.
Following the drugs only leads you to addicts and drug dealers following the drug money probably leads you to Mr Business Man and Politicians.
Nothing is funny if you have to explain it.
Freedom is waiting for you on the other side of you no longer needing to impress anyone.
If Crystal Geyser can find water in California how come the State can’t.
People who really want to do something usually do it where as people who don’t, figure out an excuse why they didn’t.
Wisdom like talent unfortunately comes from the dark side.
Sometime your fear of losing someone actually causes you to lose them.
When somebody leave you that doesn’t mean you’re a bad person it just means their part in your play is over.
The only cure know to mankind for a beautiful woman is another beautiful woman.
No man no matter how focussed he is can resist looking at a pretty woman.
Sex is one of the most beautiful natural wholesome things that money can buy.
To get something you’ve never had before you’re gonna have to do something you’ve never done before. 
There is no such thing as a 50-50 marriage, the best you can do is 60-40 but everyday you have to decide who gets what.
Whatever is easy for you to do is what you are talented at.
Being taken for granted has the opposite effect to motivation.
The only problem with motivation is that it’s an awful lot like Chinese food cuz in about an hour you’re gonna need a whole lot more. Inspiration on the other hand is much longer lasting.
The weakest word in the dictionary is the “I” word, it never even worked for Jesus.
If you think you’re having a bad day think about the day in 1976 when Ronald Wayne sold his stock in Apple for $800. That stock today is worth well over 58 million.
There is no such thing as a wise young man nor a sugar daddy who is young.
The two days you can’t do much about are yesterday and tomorrow.
In 1924 Ida Cox wrote and recorded “Wild Women Don’t Get The Blues” I wonder if that’s true today.
You are never too old to dream a new dream.
It is said that the wives who are most likely to cheat are the ones whose husbands do everything they want because sometimes a woman just needs a real man.
Being gifted does not mean your brain is adequately equipped to handle it.
Every thing’s gone kinda quiet about Subway Jared I wonder what that means.
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2 thoughts on “The Leader Of The Band! (new for week of July 13/15)

  1. Speaking of “leaders”, George, have you ever seen this profile of John Records Landecker? (link follows:)
    The fact that he could conduct an interview while also doing his show blows my mind! It’s from the late 70’s – about the same time Cat Simon was enticed into leaving our staff at KNUS to join KVIL and proceeded to rip off Landecker’s Boogie Check thing on a nightly basis.
    Air checks of an older John Landecker prove him to be much less bombastic – or is it that we just got used to hearing similar jocks over the past 50 years? In any case, during the 70’s when that wall-of-sound thing was still new, WLS seemed to make everybody sound like a god.

    • Kenny in a million years I can’t imagine you doing an interview while you were on the air, hell you just segued records at WRMF until the traffic girl who came in to change the log left. I found out much later that Buzz Barnett who followed you also wouldn’t let anybody in the studio because just before the break he taped his stuff then played it back, so I guess he was kind of automated. You guys were weird but I loved most of ya!

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