The Leader Of The Band. (new geo Blog for the week of April 23/18)

Even though only my maternal grandparents were alive when I was born, I do know a little about them all. For instance, I know that my grandmothers were Scottish (Hunter and Sutherland clans) my grandfathers were both English, and my name is Welsh. I also know that my Mom’s parents met in Scotland when my grandfather Ben, an engineer, was on his way back to England when he spotted my grandmother Charlotte picking flowers in the middle of a field. Being a lot more romantic than I ever remember him, he stopped the train and went over to her to chat her up and the rest, as they say, is history.
On my paternal side, my Grandfather Edward (pictured above) was a bandleader from Roland Manitoba had a big problem. When his band was booked for a European tour his piano player being only seventeen and underage, couldn’t go with them so my grandfather married her. What a guy, huh, and even though they were busy making music and traveling, they must have found time to get busy because they also managed to have six kids of which my Dad, Sandy Johns was the youngest.

Unfortunately, I never knew them because they both passed away when my Dad was only four, so my Dad was placed in an orphanage until his older married sister, finally came to his rescue. Even though I didn’t know my grandpa Ed, he has to be the one responsible for my lifelong interest in music which gave me a fairly successful career because as Dan Folberg sang, it is his blood that runs through my instrument. Here’s to the real leader of the Johns family band, my grandfather, Edward P. Johns … Wish I could have known ya!


When I first moved to the US from Canada in the early 70’s, everyone seemed so proud of being an American that it was almost sickening. What the hell happened America?
Most star performers are gifted and have no idea how they do what they do let alone teach it, so they make lousy managers.
Not all Hispanics are bangers, not all blacks are thugs, not all Indians are drunks, not all Muslims are terrorists, not all Italians are mafia, not all Canadians are polite, not all cops are killers, not all rich people are wealthy, not all Mexicans are poor, not all politicians are crooks, not all men harass, not all women are innocent, not all children are adorable and not all whites are racists.
Did you ever wonder as I did why Wile E. Coyote spent enormous amounts of money with the Acme company for tricks and gimmicks which he used unsuccessfully to catch the Roadrunner? Why didn’t he just have the Colonel cook him up some chicken?
If America was to align itself with Russia, how long would Isis survive?
The day Cami ordered Grey Goose, and Cranberry juice was the first time that I noticed that my little girl wasn’t so little anymore.
Have you ever noticed that no matter what political party is in power, we are part of the group who nothing ever changes for?
A good leader simply supports what it is a good staff wants to do which puts enormous pressure on the staff to come up with something worth supporting.
If I wasn’t paid to do so, I rather doubt that I would listen to much radio anymore.
Why would you ever enroll in auto pay with anyone let alone your cable company?
I bitch a lot, but I’m not a whiner.
Why is it that the fewer facts the folks have, the stronger their opinions.
Carrying a briefcase today just screams old.
Growing up in Winnipeg, I promised God that if he would let me live in a place this time of year where I could put the top down every day. He did, and I do.
If you want to be remembered as a nice person, you have to start by being kind.
Thinking must be difficult which would explain why so few do it.
Nobody tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
What purpose do you suppose going bald serves?
Everybody is political about something which includes Snopes.
God or someone calling themselves God gave us all of our gifts but whether or not we use them is up to us.
One of the greatest gifts you can ever have is having the ability to see what others can’t.
It’s much easier to change than it is to grow.
Speaking of God, have you ever noticed that when you need a solution to a problem, you tend to look up?
The people who whine the most are usually the folks who are most responsible for what they are bitching about.
You are whomever the guy who signs your paycheck claims you are.
Those who know the most achieve the most.
When your hot the only press you get is the kind designed to bring you down.
You lose once accused.
Nobody is anywhere near as good as they claim to be.

Absolutely everything is deductible until the IRS says it ain’t.

Winnipeg Jets move on to round two of the Stanely Cup final. Go Jets!

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  1. Hi
    My name is David Nathaniel Hoyte.
    Born in the Bahamas.
    I am a solo Musician and a Leader of my Live Performance.
    I am seeking to be a touring MUSICIAN.
    I love performing for a large audience.
    my goals are to become a studio sound Engineer.
    I am also a Percussionist and a Drummer.

  2. George, I’m doing a lot of driving these days and would NEVER be without SIrius/XM. So many choices for music, news and talk.

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