Ladies Don’t Lie Do they!

My sister Sandra owned me and thus began my on again off again love affair with the Ladies.

Sharon H. claimed the reason there were no good pictures around of her and I was because they would have been considered evidence.

Jamie G. said that if she didn’t talk to me like she was about to go down on me I was pissed at her about her attitude.

Joasia H. told me her and her girlfriends always talk about sex until the Men show up.

Robin B. told me that money is an aphrodisiac for a lot of Women.

Linda D. told me she knew she wasn’t in love moments before walking down the aisle.

Cami J S. told me she was getting a restraining order against me to keep me from being any where near her Prom.

Barbara H. told me there is more to life than sex.

Laura N. told me that the Ladies love the Guitar Gods but not their music.

Linda S. told me only the people participating in a relationship get to vote on if it’s a good one or not.

My Mom told me not to spend too much time alone because I have Hermit tendencies.

Lana J. told me her job was to remind me where I came from.

Kari S. told me I was going to be a Father again.

Candis J M told me on the phone from her Honeymoon suite that I was going to be a Grandfather.

Betsy C. told me she was not black and white she was all grey like me. Not!

Debbie C. says she would love to come up to see my view and see if I had any etchings.

Julie H. told me we should write a book together about what a Woman needs to do to keep her man from cheating. I’ve got 50 ways!

Jan H. Claims I wouldn’t last two minutes in the sack with her.

Debbie M. begged me to not tell Reid not long after begging Reid not to tell me.

Lorenda R. told me good Christian girls like her don’t do the naughty type of activities guys like me desired. Uh Huh!

Jennifer R. sent me an article entitled ” The 5 things I learned about love from dating older Men” I think you may have sent it to the wrong person Jenn.

Christina J. showed me that when you mix some Italian with Korean and add in some English and Scotch you end up with something beautiful.

Francine R. sang to me, “Wild Women Don’t Get The Blues” and she meant it!

Jo Myers told me when she was checking out new Churches the Choir Master at one said the Choir was going to sing “Long Train Running” Jo said she chuckled because it was the same title as a Doobie Brothers tune. Surprisingly it was the Doobie Brothers song.

Georgina P. said if Roger ever left her I was next in line. I told her a bunch of Women claimed that to me and I sure hope their Men don’t leave on the same day I don’t think I could manage that. She said you just slipped to 7th just in front of Mark who has no chance.

Ann McMartin told me most Women only remember 5 love affairs with absolutely no memory of any one night stands.

When I asked Delilah what she did with all the homes she used to own in Seattle she said she gave them to her staff when she got her big deal with Premier.

Rollye B. told me to have my two drinks then come on over.

Margaret Mayer claims she is listening.

Cindy A. loves counting my money.

Lorraine M Says even nice girls like to do naughty things sometimes.

Cyber Girl says she only likes to do naughty things.

Cyber Lady says “ditto”

Bad Kitty is silent.

Lois T. says it’s good to remember the highlights of your life.

Lesley P. says when I’m done having girlfriends she’s gonna come see me.

Ann C. says the good stuff is in the vault.

Jill B. says she still misses her Mom. Me too Jill.

Marnie H. told me her beautiful Hispanic girlfriends were saying in Spanish that I was an older guy who acts  young.



3 thoughts on “Ladies Don’t Lie Do they!

  1. >Linda S. told me only the people participating in a relationship get to vote on if it’s a good one or not.<

    She is a very wise woman…

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