The Hatchet Men Get Cut !

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I hear the drums beating loudly for a full blown WNAP/WIBC reunion in Indy.

Centuries ago the news of a far away battle might take years to get back to the homelands. With Pheidippides running of the 26 miles from Marathon to Athens bringing the news of Greece’s victory over the Persians, news reporting moved into the modern era. Today the news is instantaneous as Osama’s execution came to us in the form of a tweet from Pakistan just as the first gunfire broke out at his compound.

Bob Pittman is possibly the most powerful person at Clear Channel today mainly because I don’t think he is chasing the top job so his vote counts double.

I think the new Radio Revenue in the future is in Sales Promotions. Tracy Johnson I hear is already all over it.

Speaking of Sales Promotions I have a few of them myself, but I ain’t talkin’.

Wow I hear the Hatchet Men got cut at CC. How sweet is that!

I understand one of the last acts of George Toulas before he got sacked was to fire a ton of production guys across the land. Being an old production dude myself it had not gone unnoticed by me. For his sake I hope he doesn’t run into any of of my production brothers while waiting in the welfare line “cuz it could get nasty”

Human beings have about 3000 thoughts a day. Most of mine unfortunately can not be repeated out loud.

I think like can eventually turn into love, but I don’t think love can turn into like if it’s not there already.

When she is with me my daughter Cami controls the radio in the car. Her station selection is very interesting to me as she usually likes to listen to Contemporary Christian, Rhythmic CHR, Hot AC and Alternative. Now she has added a Country Station to the mix which I was very happy about but I am sad to say that it sounds like a radio station thrown together by accountants and research people. Yuk!

I’m not sure my folks ever thought about whether I was happy or not. I on the other hand think a lot about whether my children are happy or not. So I must have missed that lesson.

There are two types of intelligence, Intellectual and Smart, but the latter I would suggest produces a lot more money.

I often think back to all the lessons I learned about radio from Jim Hilliard when I worked at Fairbanks Broadcasting I realize that it is useless information now. Jim was teaching us how to become successful doing radio. Today they just do radio which is an entirely different thing.

Nobody is happy in a marriage where everybody isn’t happy.

My Daughter Candis once said to me, Dad stop trying to make us happy, make yourself happy then we will all be happier. Turns out that task is much more difficult than one would expect. Much easier to make someone else happy I have since found out.

I recently told Linda Duffy that it looked like Cami was bringing a guy friend along with us on our annual trek to visit her California family. She went “Woo-Hoo” and I said calm yourself Linda he’s not of that persuasion. Oh she said he’s gay, that’s cool. I really like him I said, and she replied, of course you do he’s not constantly trying to attack your Daughter.

Speaking of my Daughters I was shocked recently to discover that they along with my niece Christina seem to be the only innocent females left in America.

Have you ever noticed the woman who married you is a lot different than the one you asked. And they even wonder why it doesn’t seem to be working out as well as expected.

John Gehron said on a panel we served on together at the NAB this year that the biggest thing he ever did at WLS was give away 41 cars in 41 days. He said the only way to do that kind of promotion is if it didn’t cost anything. It didn’t! Radio doesn’t know how to do that anymore because there is no room in the system for it.

Jerry Bobo once told me he wanted to hire me as a personal consultant and would pay me anything I wanted if I could come up with copy for Mel’s second call of the day. He had the first one covered easily.

My Father discovered early on that I had no intention of working for a living which resulted in intense arguments and him finding me various jobs. When my radio career started developing I think he realized … I had, beat the system!

Jarl Mohn ( Lee Masters) stated I was his most trusted source for Brandon Flood News and I could go ahead and put it on a Billboard and he would handle the NPR liners.

There seems to be a little confusion in Canada about who won the war. My History book says General Wolfe kicked Montcalm’s ass not the other way around as it appears to be if you ever visit my homeland.

Speaking about things Canadian, my proudest moment was when the Canadian Government kicked Charles de Gaulle out of Canada. Even the US wouldn’t have had stones that large.

We need new rich guys the old ones are tired and burned out just like old athletes. They don’t seem to be starting any new businesses and carry on running theirs even though it’s a new world, with old ways. The big new difference is they are firing people rather than hiring them. My question is how do we fire them.

Women are the people who create womanizers.

I have lured multi-talented Rich Stevens (his words not mine) to Ft. Lauderdale to do a talk show on WFTL. Even though Rich has worked a lot of big markets and even programmed a few I am looking forward to having some discussions with him about a bunch of stuff he doesn’t even know he doesn’t know.

When I was in Radio in Winnipeg I was a nobody just like, J Robert Wood, Chuck McCoy, Gary Russell, Warren Cosford and John Wells to name but a few.

The other day Florida passed a law making it illegal to have sex with an animal. Does this mean with all the human rights bills that have been passed over the years the folks in Tallahassee have finally realized we were drifting closer and closer to the animal kingdom instead of away from it as we were intended to do. Are they now trying to put a stop to it before it’s too late. Or are we already there.

11 thoughts on “The Hatchet Men Get Cut !

  1. So if my math is correct, there must be nobody left at CC?

    You are correct that the woman who married me is not even the same person whom I asked to marry. I’m pretty sure they didn’t even know each other. 😉

    Don’t leave Gary Wood off your Winnipeg Nobodies List!
    Wasn’t Joey Gregorash the only guy there who wuz faymus?

    “Vive la Quebec LIBRE!” Gets you thrown out every time.

    • Gary Wood was in Ottawa at CFRA as I remember, and in his spare time played for the Ottawa Roughriders which would take him off the “Nobody” list(-:

  2. By now, everyone has seen the story on the CIA discovering a large stash of pornography at Osama Bin Ladens hide-out in Pakistan…
    …Heck, when you only have 28 wives, you’ve got to keep the fantasy alive somehow!

    Oh…and on that new Florida Animal Sex Law…What if it’s a Doberman older than 3?
    …was adopted from a shelter and already knows what’s up?
    …and answers to the name MUFFIN?


    Some names he missed were Chuck Riley who became the voice of CBS TV, D.J. Daryl B (Burlingham)……(was there a Jock anywhere in Canada who didn’t dream of sounding like Daryl?) Ronald J. Morey the “voice” of General Motors, Tylenol and the “Template” for Canadians hoping to break into U.S. Voiceover, Pat Withrow who created the Pizza Pizza Jingle in Toronto, Witness to Yesterday for TV and later a Political Speechwriter and Strategist, Bill McDonald, who was (is) such a talented writer that he eventually became a partner with his hero, Chuck Blore, in Hollywood, announcer Tom Bryant who left Winnipeg for 25 years as the production manager of WSM Nashville and Gordon Pinsent who came to 1960s Winnipeg from Newfoundland because he could find year round work as an actor with CBC, Rainbow Stage and The Manitoba Theatre Centre.

    Put all of that together with Winnipeg Musicians of The Era including Neil Young, Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman, Freddie Turner and Lenny Breau…..

    ……..and it’s nothing less than AMAZING! All of these people were together and launching their Careers in Winnipeg from 1964 and 1969.

    But wait….those are just the people I know of who left Winnipeg to gain fame elsewhere. I know, also, of HUGE Talents I worked with, or heard of, who for one reason or another decided to stay in Winnipeg. They include Cliff Gardner (the finest OVERALL announcer I ever worked with), producer Harry Taylor , writer/actress Rene Jamieson, Bob Washington the “voice” of K-Tel Commercials and engineer Michael Gillespie………

    But wait again……In The ’70s I brought Winnipeggers Rick Hallson, Bob McMillan and John Tucker to CHUM Toronto to make me look good…..and they didn’t let me down. All went on to make a Big Footprint in Canadian Media.

    What WAS IT about 1960s Winnipeg?

    • Warren it was F**king cold man thats What IT WAS. We had nothing to do so we practiced our Art while waiting for Easter to show up and melt the snow. I guess we must have gotten our 10 thousand hours in which allowed us to play in the big time.

    • I knew you would get it Jo. I have hung out with a few womanizers in my day and in each and every case they never hit on women the women hit on them.

  4. If the drums keep beating I’ll head to Indy for the WIBC / WNAP reunion. . .would be fun to catch up with that group!

  5. i think Jim Hilliard was teaching us how to be successful in life – not just radio.
    Looking forward to the WIBC/WNAP reunion!

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