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During the ’90s, I worked in Boston at WVBF/WCLB, in the Prudential Tower which was in the Back Bay.
I lived a couple of blocks away on the corner of Gloucester and Newbury, which was just down the street from Daisy Buchanan’s.

Now what made Daisy’s special was all the college girls from the neighboring Universities who hung out there.
These lovely ladies couldn’t help but attract a few of Boston’s Super Stars like Larry Bird from the Celtics, Cam Neely and Derek Sanderson from the Bruins, Mo Vaughn from the Red Sox, and Drew Bledsoe, the Quarter Back of the New England Patriots. (See Drew below)
Being a pocket passer, Drew never traveled anywhere without his linemen and backup QB, Scott Zolak in tow.
Whenever these guys were at Daisy’s, it was a fun night for my buddy Bob Christy and me as we downed a few while sharing a ton of laughs with them.

After having a nice dinner upstairs at Ciao Bella’s, Bob and I decided to pop down to Daisy’s for a nightcap before heading home.
When we got down there, the place was jumpin’ and filled to the brim with all kinds of “pretty things.” Luckily though, we found a couple of empty stools down at the end of the bar where some Patriots were holding court.

However, probably because we’d consumed more than a few glasses of wine at Cia Bella’s, it wasn’t long until Bobby was painfully saying, “Damn, I gotta take a wiz, but how the hell am I gonna get through this crowd?”
At that moment, the Patriot’s right tackle, Todd Ruschi, who weighed in at least 300 pounds, effortlessly lifted his tiny wife off his lap and said, “Follow me, Robert; I do this for a living.”
As I think back about all those fun days in Boston, I can’t help but wonder what Drew Bledsoe thought the day Tom Brady showed up at his first practice? (Drew and Tom shown above)
Like us, I’m sure that he had no idea that he’d be rewriting the NFL history book.

So far, Mr. Brady has played in 10 Superbowls, won 7, and was the MVP in 5 of them.
Tom’s also been selected to the pro bowl team 14 times and the Buccaneers (2-1-0) are the odds on favorite to win the Superbowl again this year.

Not bad for an old guy who had to start over with a new team last year because the Patriot’s brass thought that he was over.
And as if that wasn’t enough, he also had to kick the asses of future Hall Of Famers Drew Brees, Aaron Rogers, and Patrick Mahomes so he could add another ring to his already vast collection.

Here’s to the GOAT who goes back to New England on my birthday next Sunday to take on his old team, the New England Patriots. Go, Bucks!


So if Tom Brady as he predicts,plays into his 50s, how confident are the Patriots about what Jersey he’ll be wearing when he’s inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Speaking of football, other than being politically correct, what purpose do you suppose the pretty women on all the football pre-game shows serve?

Also speaking of football again, I’m happy to see that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are leading the western division in the CFL. Go Big Blue!

Well, I guess the Christmas season has begun, I just saw my first ad for discounted Christmas trees.

Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder may have been blind, but nobody had more vision than they did.

Why would young people vote for a bunch of old people?

Very few see what you see.

When someone says, “Hey, no pressure,” it usually means that there’s a lot of pressure about to come down.
It’s kinda like somebody saying, “No problem, Man,” you know that there’s gonna be more than a few problems showing up.

Did you know that when asked to describe themselves, white people are the only ones who don’t begin their description with what race they are?

I find it strange that our government hasn’t noticed that we pay more for prescription drugs than any other nation.

Before being allowed to make a political statement on social media, a person should have to declare whether they’re a Republican or a Democrat.

Speaking of slimy politicians, I wish they’d stop bugging us for money. Why don’t they use the money the lobbyists gave them instead of buying mansions.

Having two daughters, I’m all for women’s rights until the ladies have more rights than I do.

I need somebody to explain why most black folks speak the same as those in any country but America?

The most significant difference between a Kia and a Ferrari is the price.

It’s easy to blame everyone but yourself.

So do I have this right, Biden thinks it’s ok that Mexicans swarm our border but not Haitians? Sounds a little racist to me

I never knowingly imposed my will on my children as my parents did. However, in hindsight, that may not have been a good thing.


Douglas Herman: George, re our FCC attorney John King: He kicked ass for us because he was a RADIO GUY long before becoming a lawyer. I worked in Radio with John even before he went to law school. He and I met each other at the University of Nebraska School of Journalism. We worked together at Lincoln, Nebraska’s KLIN AM/FM, a leading adult-oriented entertainment and news station. I was the piss-poor PD and even more piss-poor morning man; John was a news guy in Lincoln’s biggest and best radio news department. We were both getting paid (not very well) to learn the Radio craft. We both learned it pretty well, and John found a different route to taming the Radio beast. I hope we both left positive marks on the business. (New Mother Nature)
Geo: Both of you sure helped me kick a little radio ass, Doug; I’m pretty positive about that!

John King: Doug Herman, you are too humble. You and news director Dick Benedict breathed new life into a staid and tired program service. There was, as they say, excitement in the air. The stations’ owners wondered that they gave the mic over to young guys like you and me. Yeah, we were cheap, but I think they were attracted to the fresh vim and vigor we brought in the door. (New Mother Nature)

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