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One day more then a few years ago when I was in my office in La Jolla, I got a call from Bobby Cole inviting me to lunch in Rancho Santa Fe where he was taking lessons at a tennis ranch.
Bobby was the VP of programming for Fairmont Communications which was a client of mine, and the reason he wanted to meet for lunch the next day was to get my opinion. (me and Bobby pictured above)

Joining us for lunch, Bobby explained, would be the former long-time host of “The Dating Game,” Jim Lange (pictured above) who Bobby was considering for the morning show at K101 in San Francisco.
Upon my arrival at the ranch I was directed to a conference room where Bobby and several other students were finishing up a morning class with the tennis pro. When Jim showed up a few minutes later we stood in the hall chit-chatting, but when we noticed that the instructor was staring at us, we moved away from the doorway so that we wouldn’t disturb his class.

Suddenly the pro stopped talking and came after us and I thought, oh-oh we’re in for it now.
Instead, he stuck out his hand and said to Jim, “You’re Mr. Lange, aren’t you? I just had to come out here and thank you because I grew up in Mexico City where I learned to speak English by watching you on the Dating Game. Because of you” he went on to say, “I now live in America doing what I only dreamed of doing those many years ago.” 


Most mistakes are not life-threatening or career-ending.

One of the many things that I dislike is, today bad people are more famous than good people.

Winning a couple of battles doesn’t mean you’ve won the war.

From a distance, most good and bad ideas look much alike.

Everybody owes somebody a thank you.

Unfortunately it’s the words spoken before I’m sorry that can never be taken back.

Do you think that the folks who got rich or richer off the virus should be penalized in any way?

Only losers judge winners by how they won.

People with money should always be wary of those who don’t.

Hey Joe, if the world doesn’t care about America, why would you care about the world?

Speaking of Joe, I predict that he’ll only work on projects that he can’t be held responsible for, like the Corona Virus and Climate control. I prefer that he work on things that he can fix, homeless people, bringing our troops home, and an uncomplicated health care program.

I have in common with wealthy people because I don’t like rich people either.

One of the few things that the right and left agree upon is; Trump talks too much.

The only problem with succeeding quickly is, now what?

The more you communicate, the fewer misunderstandings.

When your instincts need a little help, try hard work.

If you can handle being alone, you can handle almost anything.

Has anybody checked to see if anything’s changed since Hollywood started making minorities the heroes in their movies?

The fact that only 53% of America voted but 83% joined Amazon Prime should give you a little insight into where America’s at.

You can’t change what you see in your rearview mirror, but you can always change what you see out of your windshield.

Destiny is tough to run from.

Corporations’ worst enemy is time.

It’s never too late.

One of the reasons that Ray Charles was referred to as being genius was because he was aware that great music came from all walks of life, not just from black folk.

Why do we continually forgive people who continue to make bad choices and ignore those who don’t?

How do you become the next big thing?

Never be afraid to fall in love.

You don’t learn very much after become the best at something. 


Doug Chappell: George, Funny thing between Canada and the USA many Canadians think it is wrong for Trump to want to have the Southern border secure from Latinos crossing illegally into the USA, BUT they are also pissed that Trudeau is allowing/encouraging illegal immigrants flowing across the border at Champlain NY into Quebec “OTTAWA – Canadian officials in Nigeria are working with the U.S. on developing tools to flag Nigerians applying for U.S. visas who may be at “high risk” of crossing illegally into Canada across the U.S. border.
So far this year, the majority of illegal migrants arriving in Canada are Nigerians who have recently been issued U.S. travel visas.”
Canada has become a Nation of double standards. (Classy)

Earl Mann: Excellent article, George. It is appalling to see the media’s continual attempts to castrate and crucify this man! Trump has actually done an amazing job, especially considering the slings and arrows the Left has thrown at him. The economy is booming! More people have more money in their 401K’s than they ever have before! The stock market is higher than it has ever been, thanks to Trump’s deregulation and cutting corporate taxes! “Yuge” amounts of money are now flowing back into the U.S from overseas, creating jobs and improving infrastructure! Illegal immigrants are no longer flooding into the U.S because they know Trump means business! And, finally, instead of ‘leading from behind’ as Obama did, Trump is telling the world two things: “America first” and “Don’t fuck with us”! Btw, getting China to begin to pressure North Korea seriously is the result of Trump’s leadership, no less. Gone are the “Kumbaya” days of a feckless and impotent globalist – Obama! (Unthinkable Trump)

Bob Christy: On December 30th, 1994, I was driving to a meeting with our station’s attorneys in Wellesley, MA. I was on the Mass Pike and had dialed around the radio checking things out, KISS, EEI, WBZ regular programming on the air. I turned on WBUR, Boston University’s NPR station, and they are doing wall to wall coverage of a shooting at an abortion clinic in Brookline. I listened for a few minutes and turned back to WBZ, nothing. I called Len Malo at our station and told him what was going on; he checked it out and broke in on the air with a bulletin. I went back to WBZ, still nothing…I knew at that moment the clock was ticking on the number one radio news outlet in Boston. It took WBZ a half hour to catch up. The funny thing, or maybe not so funny, is at the time, WBZ was in the same building as WBZ TV, which was all over the story. WBUR is the top radio news station in Boston today. They are on top of breaking news and do brilliant deep-dive coverage of stories as well. The long-form stories they did on the Whitey Bulger trial were excellent Today in LA. If KPCC in Pasadena had a better signal, they’d be on top of radio news in LA in short order. All these NPR news operations have in common is a total commitment to news, and they get great demographics by doing it. Fred Heckman once told me, “if there is a column of smoke in the sky and you can’t tell them why it’s there, you’re finished.” it’s still true today and always will be. (I Write The Wrongs)

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