Geo’s Media Blog (The Citi Saga) New for 8/03/20

One day out of the blue I decided to have my condo appraised. When I learned that it was worth more than double what I owed, I went for a refi.
My short term goal was to see if I could get a better rate and enough cash back to pay off my credit cards which would give me a much lower interest rate on a car loan.
Hey, maybe if my credit score goes up enough I’ll be able to slide into a brand new black BMW convertible with saddle leather that I’m lusting after. Yeah, I’m thinkin’, with a little help from my friend Buzz Braman (shown below) and a higher Fico Score, I could be smelling that leather real soon. (Yep, that is Buzz’s family’s name on the automotive buildings you see all over Florida)

Things were rockin’, but by the time Brock at Penny Mac got my mortgage approved and Kalyn at the escrow company sent me the checks, I owed less than I was sending.
However, they said not to worry, the credit card companies would all refund me the overage.
My job was to put the account number and my name on the front of the checks, send them off, then sit back and watch my credit score rise while cashing all those refund checks. Man, I can smell the leather from here.
However, just to be on the safe side, I sent the checks out by priority mail which meant that I could track when they were delivered.
The checks all went out on Monday, June 08, and by Wednesday, June 10, they were all delivered.
Within a couple of days, all but one of the credit card companies not only thanked me for my recent payment but also claimed that a refund check was on its way.
The only company that seemed to take no notice of my payment, was the only one I cared about, Citi Bank because I owned them more than ten grand Citi.
The reason I owed Citi bank that much money was because their Amex card was the one I used the most for business. Also, this was probably the card that was keeping my credit rating where it was so I needed all this fixed as quickly as possible.
Every morning the first thing I’d do is check the balance on my Citi Bank account, and every morning it would say there was no change.
Being very concerned about all this, I decided to try Citi’s chat system. It seemed to work ok and whomever I was texting back and forth with assured me that they’d be looking into it and that I shouldn’t worry.
As the days went by and the due date of my monthly payment looming, I made a minimum payment just to stay on the safe side.
The next time I get on chat I’m told that I now need to call a special number and speak to a team member who can better help me.
Of course, I get the Citi Robo system, and as I sit there listening to the robot take me through the whole menu, I feel my rage beginning to build.
When a human finally gets on the line and once again I explain my dilemma, he claims that he sees no record of a payment being made other than the one that I recently made.
Then when I tell him that I have proof that it was delivered, he told to send or fax a copy of the check to the payment investigation center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Fortunately, Kalyn who’d sent me the checks also included her office phone number, and when I talked to her, she not only told me that Citi Bank had deposited the check on the same day it was delivered, she’d be happy to email me a copy of it.
A few hours later I printed out and faxed a copy of the check to the Citi payment investigation center in Sioux Falls South Dakota.
Then to make sure they get it, I doubled down by also sending them a hard copy by priority mail.
Now we’re moving into July and the only thing happening is, I’m accruing interest so I reach out to Brock at Penny Mac and Kalyn at the escrow company to see if they could kick it upstairs to the suits who could put some pressure put on Citi.
However, when they claimed that there’s nothing more they could do, my rage boiled over and I ended up sending them a scathing email which I cc’d to all my friends who had juice.
Almost immediately I heard from my mentor, Jim Hilliard, (pictured with me above) who says, “You’ve got to calm down Johns and you’ve also got stop talking to those clowns who answer the phones, you need to talk to a supervisor.”
Next, I heard from was my nephew Jamie Boychuk who’s a big honcho at CSX railway who says, “Hey, I know Michael Corbat who’s the CEO of Citi Bank, let’s get him involved.”
Feeling a little better but still pissed, I head off to bed thinkin’, Mr. nice guy is over, we’re bringing that prick, George Johns, on board.
The next morning with a new attitude, I get back on the phone but of course, I still had to dance with Citi’s Robo system first, and it don’t know from attitude.
When I finally got to a human, he had a very heavy Indian accent and claimed that his name was Bruce.
However, when Bruce told me that I probably needed to start the process all over again, I lost it and say to him rather loudly, “Hey pal, not only do I not understand most of what you’re saying, what I do understand I don’t like so I wanna talk to your f**king supervisor.

While waiting for a supervisor I’m forced to listen to a loop of lame music over and over and over again.
When the supervisor finally showed up, she instantly calmed me by saying “Mr. Johns, as I look at all this, it’s obvious to me that you sent the money and it’s also obvious that we’ve somehow lost it. My job is to find it.”

The first thing I did the next morning was to check my Citi Bank account. It now said that not only did I owe zero dollars, but I had a two hundred dollar credit.
The Citi Saga that had gone on for more than a month and a half, was over.


Hey, I’m a big believer in, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” I think the government should give Mr. Business man all the tax breaks he wants, but keep him from hurting the Planet. No matter how many rules you come up with, he’ll still figure out how to make a buck; it’s what they do. Oh, and the world will be a better place. 
Speaking of necessity, because they limited how much fuel an Indy car could use during the 500 is one of the main reasons we better gas mileage today. They were hoping to slow them down but Instead, they got faster. 

The trouble with being a Centrist is twice as many things piss me off.

I thought that the New Yorkers all went home, but I could’ve sworn I heard a car horn the other day.

I read a tweet from Monica Lewinsky today that said, “I heard an intern joke yesterday but it sucked.” The guys all laughed but the women gave her a pile of shit.”
In 1775 Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Some 245 years later, America’s lust for freedom is now leading us to death.

Remember when we used to worry about nuclear war? it turns out that the atom bomb was only big stuff, it’s the little stuff that’s killing us.


3 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (The Citi Saga) New for 8/03/20

  1. My classic moment with a customer “service” guy from India: I asked him his name, he replied: “Roy.” When I asked him to spell it, he very hesitantly said “R….O……..I ??”

  2. Geo
    On a trip to Canada several years ago I was surprised to see that Citibank charged me a conversion fee every time I bought something. On previous overseas trips this had not happened. I called the bank and inquired. They said “we now charge a conversion fee on foreign currencies”. I said “you didn’t used to do that and I don’t recall ever being notified of the policy change”. He said sorry but that’s our policy. I said I’ve had this card since 1980 and paid the balance in full every month. Either remove the charges from my account or cancel it. They removed the charges. :o) Before my next overseas trip a few years later to Wales and Italy I got a new credit card from Capitol One. They don’t charge currency fees. And they give 1% cash back.

  3. Wow George. You had the best customer service experience a Bank could possibly offer! Only a month? You big shots always get special treatment!

    After my parents passed away about 10 years ago, I fought with DirecTV for 6 solid months before those creeps finally backed off on their $200 “Early Termination Fee”.

    By the way those aren’t New Yorker honking horns. Those are Miami drivers trying to get the heck out of there!

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