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As I’ve written before, while growing up in Winnipeg, I had a band called the Jury. We were not only lucky enough to release a few records, but we also had the privilege of playing with some other Winnipeggers like Randy Bachman (The Guess Who & BTO) Burton Cummings (The Guess Who) Fred Turner (Bachman Turner Overdrive) and Neil Young. Speaking of Neil, a lot of us at the time thought that Neil should give up the singing thing and just stick to playing guitar. Recently while being inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame, Neil dealt with that issue by saying, “I’ve always considered myself a songwriter more than a singer. However, I do know all the notes, and the notes know me, after all, I’ve been around them for a long time and even got close to them a couple of times.”
Anyway, after dreaming about becoming a Rock&Roll star for most of my life, I gave it up to try my hand at radio. It turned out to be the right move because I’m much better at it than I ever was playing guitar. Years after moving to San Diego to start my own company, I found myself winging my way back to Winnipeg for a big band reunion at the Winnipeg Convention Center where I was looking forward to seeing the guys again.
I had a great time hanging out with my old bandmates, Roland Blaquiere, Terry Kenny, Bruce Walker, Kenny Rae, Ken Hordichuk and all the guys from the other Winnipeg bands who were there also reuniting. What a night, Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings, Fred Turner, and Neil Young sounded great, and I could hardly wait to watch The Jury do some of our old hits. As I was standing by the side of the stage waiting for my guys to go on, all of a sudden I was surprised by Randy and Burton who strapped a Strat on me and yelled as shoved me on stage, “It’s not The Jury if George Johns ain’t playing.” Can you imagine how terrified I was, I hadn’t seen nor touched my guitar for twenty years, and here I was on stage in front of a sold-out crowd. Oh, and did I forget to mention that it was also shown on TV? However, I managed to compose myself enough to tell the roadie who plugged me in that if he valued his life, he better make sure that my amp was turned all the way off. The weirdest thing happened though when the Dee-Jay said those chilling words, “Let’s give it up for Winnipeg’s Jury” and Terry began to play the intro to our first record, Until You Do, “Guitar George knew all the chords.” (see photo above)
Flying back to San Diego the next day I realized what Sir Paul meant when he said, I’m more excited about having been a Beatle now than I ever was being one. When I got home, I immediately hung up all my records on the wall.(shown below) Hey, who else do you think lives in my community has any to hang? (To see some TV coverage of the reunion, click on the link at the bottom of this page)


Tact is a method used to make a point when you don’t want to get beat up for making it.
We tend to undervalue the facts about what we don’t agree with and overvalue the ones we do.
What may be perceived by a young man as a beautiful woman may just be Mother Nature’s way of telling him that if he produced a child with her, the child would likely turn out healthy. 
How come people seem reluctant to call out black folks for some of their bad behavior?
With all that’s going on, I think it’s time for men to stop acting like gentlemen and start serving up the names of the women who have offered their bodies for personal gain.
I wonder why the media is obsessed with asking a bunch of rich people who spent most of their early life in basements learning to play guitar, what their political beliefs are?
I don’t think Tom Brady doesn’t care what the score is in the first half. He’s merely running through the playbook to see what works and what doesn’t. When he comes out for the second half, he knows.
I love celebrations because there are very few sad people at them. In fact, I loved them so much that as a young lad I remember celebrating the opening of a new pack of cigarettes.
As long as women have more rights than men, there can be no equality.
Bob Gaudio (4 seasons) told me that when he was young, the mob ripped off most of the songs he wrote but he didn’t care. He was only 15 and already had three cars even though he didn’t have a drivers license. However, now he cares.
Income tax was created to pay for World War I and continued through World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. etc. What I can’t figure out is why Canadians still have to pay it, they bailed out of that war thing after World War II. Hey, maybe it’s to pay for that free health care huh?
I wonder what radio would sound like if every radio station that came in last had to give up their license.
Did you notice that when you got married that your life began to resemble how your wife always lived?
Nothing lasts long without some controversy.
Were you aware that most Hollywood stars can sing?
I truly believe that you can reinvent yourself. Hey, even Shotgun Tom finally became the character he played on the radio.
Something emotional has to happen before a person changes their ways or attitude.
If you’re lucky enough to be gifted, you need to add some science to your act, or you’ll go out penniless as Mozart did.
Every great entity has the element of surprise within it.
If Mr. Businessman isn’t creating jobs, what the hell do we need him for?
Sales departments always seem to be in meetings. When do they sell?
The folks will maybe let a bad commercial or a sexist comment go by, but never a bad tune.
Whatever happened to Satellite Radio and 3D TV?

We are always on our best behavior when in front of our daughters. Maybe that’s how we should consider doing radio?

Wow, the Fish beat the Pats. Now I understand that Belichick has flown in some Canadian players from the CFL to help out.

Speaking of the Pats, what a game between them and Pittsburgh huh?

Speaking of football I think the Dolphins should run an IQ check on Cutler to see what they’re dealing with.
To find out why Neil Young considered Winnipeg to be the capital of Rock n’ Roll, click on the link below.
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12 thoughts on “The Capital Of Rock&Roll. (new geo Blog for the week of Dec 18/17)

  1. In the never ending race to the bottom in my old business, any bets on how long it will take Entercom to tank WBZ? Cumulus, the current record holder, was able to destroy KGO in 18 months.

  2. Re: I love celebrations because there are very few sad people at them. In fact, I loved them so much that as a young lad I remember celebrating the opening of a new pack of cigarettes.

    …and sales threw in a remote for the vendor.

  3. I forgot to mention that I AM the only reader of your blog to actually see The Jury perform at the Fairgrounds Pavilion. You did know all the chords, all three of them. In case you missed me, I was the skinny kid dancing with LuAnn LaRiviere. She was the one with the skin tight green pants on and the lustrous black hair…a french girl Geo. FRENCH GIRL.

  4. “I wonder what radio would sound like if every radio station that came in last had to give up their license.” — We know for certain that the concept works really, really well in other than the radio environment. The legendary General Electric CEO Jack Welch had a policy. If you’re running anything major for GE and you finish in the bottom 10% (i.e. “came in last”), you’re fired. That certainly got everyone’s attention and GE did HUGE business.

    • Fear has always been a great motivator, Doug. You and I back in the day did radio for owners who were afraid of not being #1. Their panic created great radio. It’s time to scare them again.

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