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Years ago when I left Indianapolis to start my own business in San Diego, I bought an old home on Coronado Island that was originally built in 1914. This just happened to be the same year my father was born which really meant that it needed some major remodeling. (pictured on top) I loved living in Coronado, it was kina like going back to the 40’s. You walked everywhere and in fact my kids walked to school every day so you really had no need for a car.
The island also boasted it’s fair share of the rich and famous and the one I got to hang out with was the legendary Jack McCoy. Unfortunately, though, there came that fateful day when Jack talked me into doing the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. We were sitting on a park bench in front of his house talking a little radio when he says to me, “George, now that you live a half a block from the ocean, you have to get a boat, man!” Now think about this, growing up in Winnipeg, I don’t think I was ever even in a rowboat let alone an ocean-going vessel, so I had no business even thinking about, let alone buying a boat.
Think about it I did though, and after spending a couple of glorious weekends on Glorietta Bay snorkeling and running with the Dolphins on Jack’s boat, I was hooked. So when Gordon Zlot from Santa Rosa of who had been kicking my tires for a couple of months, hired me to help him with KZST, I said to Jack, let’s do it. From that day on I referred to Gordon as my boat client, but unlike my boat which is long gone, Gordon is still around and I now refer to him as my longtime friend who also is still a client. Jack had told that he was wired at the Coronado Yacht Club and should I become brave enough to don a captains hat, he was almost positive he could get me a boat slip. Then the next thing I knew, I was the proud owner of a tricked out 26ft Sea Ray which I named the Candi-Curt after my kids (pictured above)
True to his word, when my boat showed up, I had a boat slip for it because my name had also shown up at the top of the list. As I stood there gazing upon my new boat, I remember thinking, “Hell, you could live on that thing.” On my very first weekend as a boat owner, Jack took me out into the bay and started teaching me how to operate my new vessel. It was a beautiful day, just a gentle breeze blowing, mid 70’s and not a cloud in the sky as we left the dock. Once out into Glorietta Bay, Jack turned my boat over to me and as I took it under the Coronado bridge, I remember singing to myself, “I’m Your Captain” and thinking that life was good.
Yeah, life was good alright, but in my case, it was about to be over. Coming straight at us was a giant Aircraft Carrier which looked like a whole city. Jack shouted, “Hard to starboard” as he pointed to the right, and I cranked it to the right as hard as I could. Jack then pushed the throttle all the way forward and my new boat fairly lept out of the water. However, even as fast as we were going, it still seemed like it took forever to get out of the carrier’s way.

The next time Jack took me out, once again we crossed under the Coronado Bridge, but instead of taking on an Aircraft Carrier, this time he pointed at a red sign across the bay and told me to head towards it. Jack said that this was the place where you buy fuel for boats and while we were there we might as well top it off.  As we got closer to our destination, Jack told me to line up behind a boat that was in there taking on fuel but for safety reasons, we’d idle back out here until he was finished. At that moment the boat in front of us blew up, and I don’t think I ever went out on my boat again.


Things are never as we imagine them to be, sometimes they’re worse.
We teach our sons, we learn from our daughters.
If you don’t laugh at yourself, someone will do it for you.

Telling me what’s wrong pays a dollar an hour, fixing it pays a thousand dollars an hour.

What I have come to understand about global warming is that for the first time in history our planet doesn’t cool down overnight as much. Now the earth doesn’t have enough time to heal itself before sunrise.
If men are obsessed with breasts, why do we only spend five minutes with them before moving on?
Understanding the truth is easy, finding out what it is, now that’s hard.

The winners who wrote it down created our history books.

I respect most police officers, but until they out the bad ones, I guess they too will have to suffer the consequences.

Germany seems to have dealt with their involvement in the Holocaust far better than America has handled slavery.
The big difference between the greedy people in Canada and those in America is that the Canadians do it with a little more class.
Do the Chinese eat Chinese food every day? I know the rest of us sure can’t.

The only people who bow down to the wealthy are the Democrats and the Republicans. We don’t because we have no need to, we don’t need them; they don’t share with us.

Doesn’t it seem strange that one of the very few things the Republicans and Democrats agree upon is our sending troops to the desert even though most of us don’t understand or agree with?

The only thing Jim Hilliard remembers about my tenure in Indianapolis was my cutting the spot load on WIBC to 19 units an hour from 21.
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