Geo’s Media Blog. (The birth of K103 Part I )

While writing about Mr. Fairbanks, who owned Fairbanks Broadcasting back in the day, I couldn’t help but think about when I became involved in ownership.
Our company, Fairwest, which was owned by brother Reg, Bill Yde, and me, was having a great run, so we figured that it was time to turn that success into some brick and mortar.

Our first deal was for KKCW (K-103), a brand new facility located in Portland, Oregon.
In no time, it went from being a good radio station to becoming a great radio station, especially when the legendary Craig Walker (photo above) joined us for mornings. (I’ll tell his story next)

When Craig retired a few years ago, some classy friends of mine, Bruce, John, & Janine (photo on top), continued the K103 tradition and may have even turned it up a notch.
Now some thirty years later, not only are they also retired, but K103 is still #1.

When I was involved with K-103, I had no idea that all of my radio dreams had come true early. I should have hung it up.
Instead, I continued flying all over the country, consulting all the “Class” stations. Hey, what more could one want than owning the #1 radio station in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

While we growing K-103 I spent a lot of time in Portland which wasn’t tough to do seeing as I just lived down the road in San Diego.
Even though I thought I knew how ownership worked, I wasn’t quite sure how an owner was supposed to act, so I just continued acting like I was the station’s consultant.

However, on one of my station visits, I soon learned that how I thought ownership worked and how it really worked, wasn’t even close.
During one of my visits, the designated driver was our Sales Manager who was assigned the task of picking me up at the airport.

As we left the airport and headed to K103 which was located on the other side of town in Beaverton, he told me there was quite a buzz going on in Portland about our radio station.
Then when we crossed the bridge leading into the downtown area, I noticed that the whole riverfront was being restored.

They were building a bunch of retail shops, restaurants, and even a beautiful boutique hotel right there on the river bank.
When I asked the SM if he knew when the hotel was due to open, he replied, “It’s already open, and in fact, we even have some trade there.”
Shocked, I couldn’t help but ask, “Then why am I not staying there instead of a motel in Beaverton?” His answer, which equally shocked me was, “Oh, that’s just for clients.”

A few days later, when I was talking to my mentor, Jim Hilliard, I asked him what I was doing wrong? Jim, I explained, “In this deal, I’m our old owner, Mr. Fairbanks, but as I recall, Mr. F always stayed at the Ritz or the 4 Seasons.
Jim responded with, “George, your problem is you don’t have me. If I left it up to the staff to book Mr. Fairbanks a room, he’d be lucky if he got to stay at a Motel 6.”


If anybody’s begging for a real estate crash, it’s California.

You know you’re gonna have a bad year when even the people who never planned on paying you, also aren’t buying.

At his worst, in one year, Tiger can make more money than he’ll ever need.

Isn’t it crazy how many theories there are about what the Beatles should have done but none on how you become them?

Its always been about how to create a “Game Of Thrones,” its never been about how to sell it.

Worrying never fixed nothin’.

The truth always shows up when you’re willing to walk.

Salespeople are very good at selling that which they consume.

You can run from your responsibilities, but you can’t hide from the consequences.

When the big go small, it’s time to go big.

Making good decisions comes from the experience of making bad decisions first.

What if Mother Nature intended for global warming to show up so that she can get on with whatever’s next?

If morning folks had the ability to interrupt themselves, I believe a lot of them would.

Do you remember when the airways used to belong to the people?

I’ve never seen or heard a success story where the radio station was led by sales.

I love humor, but I hate jokes.

Sometimes the lady wears the dress; sometimes the dress wears the lady.

I’m not sure that Justin’s daddy was a great Prime Minister, but he sure was cool.

I bet my grandparents wished that just bitching about the conditions they do in America would change things.

They would never have left Great Britain.

If mother nature intended us all to end up brown, why didn’t she start us out that way?





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