Taking Care Of Business!

May is definitely going to be reunion month for me and it started with watching Bachman & Turner blow the room away at the Hard Rock Casino in Ft. Lauderdale. What a great show as they blasted their way through all their huge hits.
At my mini reunion backstage with Randy and Fred we fondly recalled all the great bands we played with back in Winnipeg when we were oh so very young. Hell I can even remembered as I told Fred the first time I ever saw him play which was at an outdoor restaurant called Champs when we were both just in our teens. Randy and I laughed about how cold it always seemed to be in those little towns in Manitoba when we played together for a short time as The Phantoms. He surprised me from the stage with some of this when he did a shout out during the show which was very cool!
The show was very exciting and I couldn’t believe how strong Fred’s voice still is, scary! Randy’s chops are the best they have ever been and when he asked me if I noticed all the Lenny Breau licks he threw into his “Looking Out For # 1” I laughed and asked him if the Pope was Catholic(-: We both agreed what a big thrill it was and how good we felt when he was with The Guess Who and I was with The Jury and we both had records on the charts at the same time back when we were only kids. Randy claimed he still has all those charts and the memories that go with them. I do too Randy! He claimed The Guess Who’s best line up ever consisted of him, Chad Allan, Burton Cummings, Garry Peterson, and Jim Kale. Having Chad and Burton both singing lead Randy said made it possible for them to perform each and every song on the chart.

Speaking of the Bachman & Turner concert Ric Hindes CFO of James Crystal Radio was with me and is a big fan of theirs. He told me as we headed home how surprised he was by how down to earth and unpretentious they seemed to be. I told him it was natural because they were just being Canadian which is another word for polite. I think over the years I may have lost a few of my Canadian traits including that one but people still laugh when I say “about”.

This weekend a whole bunch of the old WRMF crew from South Florida are getting together aboard Paul Cavenaugh’s yacht for another little reunion and a cruise down the inter coastal. I’m sure there will be plenty of Adult beverages aboard that will lead towards many revealing stories about who was doing whom back in the day. Fun!

My final reunion stop later this month will be in Winnipeg to hang with all the folks from CKY where I started my Radio career. I can hardly wait to swap old war stories with the likes of Mark Parr, Dennis Corrie, Jimmy Darin, Gary Russell etc. plus get to hug on Em McDermid once again. Burton Cummings is going do a little entertaining to pay tribute to a bunch of the 60’s jocks he idolized while growing up. It will be great to hook up with Burton again along with a few of The Jury who are also attending. I can hardly wait!

I was reading Warren Cosford’s Blog yesterday which was in the middle of a debate about who the Can Con regulations really helped besides the recording studios. I weighed in with the fact that hits are magic and no Government I know makes magic. Having seen Bachman Turner the other night do World Wide hits like “You Ain’t Seen Nothing yet” “Let It Ride” and maybe one of the biggest songs of all time “Taking Care Of Business” reminded me they sure didn’t need any Government help.

Joyce Kaufman told me that more than 47% of Americans don’t pay Federal Income Tax. I would think coming up with a plan to get the rest of them to pony up would be a better solution than continuing to come back time after time to the rest of us who do pay.

Barsky told me on Big Talk 8-50 that he has already made up his mind and is going to vote for Obama this fall. He claims he needs Joe Biden in office so he can get four more great years of show prep.

I wasted most of my money on Wine Women & Song but I’m pretty sure I’m happier than most of those who didn’t.

Wow! It’s already been a year since Osami Bin Laden was taken out. Would somebody please slow down this Merry Go Round, I wanna get off.

Dirty talk is just a more explicit version of a little naughty talk.

Wow Junior Seau dead at 43. Only he knows why he decided to exit the planet now instead of waiting for all the glory that lay ahead. I’m guessing depression once more raised it’s ugly head. Sad!

I believe that Blacks and Whites are drifting further and further apart instead of coming together as we had hoped. Because of PC though nobody is talking about the fact that not only don’t we look the same, we don’t live the same, we don’t act the same, we don’t talk the same, we don’t dress the same and we don’t even like the same kind of music or listen to the same Radio Stations so how the hell is all that supposed to come together. The fact we are different should be celebrated as well as respected that’s what we should be working on instead of doing silly TV commercials showing us all hanging out together. Never going to happen!

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  1. Junior Seau dead at 43. Wow indeed.

    Traumatic Encephalopathy Research which is being conducted by Dr Ann McKee at Bedford Veterans Administration Medical Center in Bedford Massachusetts is showing that Dementia the deterioration of intellectual faculties, such as memory, concentration, and judgment, and early onset Alzheimer’s Disease A disease marked by the loss of cognitive ability, generally over a period of 10 to 15 years, and associated with the development of abnormal tissues and protein deposits in the cerebral cortex. Dr McKee’s research has documented that these conditions can be brought on by multiple blows to the head i.e. Football injuries. These condition are sometimes accompanied by emotional disturbance and personality changes.

    My guess is Junior was suffering in private while everyone thought he was just missing the game. Anyone whoever played ball or had a family member play on any level should pay attention to any symptoms or changes in personality. Research is showing the damage can start as early as HS level.

  2. You must have been “over the top” the other night-what a fabulous time you must have had …. just hope after that & your inter-coastal yacht trip that Winnipeg won’t be an anti-climax.
    Seems to me most of the V.P’s have been excellent fodder for the comics. Probably that’s why we don’t have a Vice Prime Minister. Even in Canada it may be hard to find 2 intelligent Men or Women to lead the Country.
    I am inclined to think with the Gov’t forcing the playing of Cdn Talent that it did force the Stations to search & listen to a lot of young talent that perhaps would not have got a look-in. Of course making it on to the RAdio & having a hit is another story. Discerning P.D.’s like Jimmy Hilliard would keep the non-deserving out.

  3. Update: I understand that Junior’s family has donated his body to Dr McKee. We’ll know if what I suspect happened to Junior is the case in a couple of months.

  4. George, you should re-think this:
    “I wasted most of my money on Wine Women & Song…”

    Former Irish soccer great and legendary party animal George Best had it right:
    “I spent 90 percent of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted!”

  5. Hi George,
    I hope you enjoy the cruise down the inter coastal…..
    have a Margarita for me…..:)

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