I was mentioning in last weeks Blog that my Daughter Cami had recently starred in her own sweet 16 party where she went from a cute little duckling in the morning to a beautiful Swan that very same evening. She was also wearing feathers as you can see so they may have had something to do with the transformation. All I know is she looked beautiful and all I’m hoping is she didn’t become “Swan Like” a little too early in life.

Speaking of Cami I’ve already informed her that when she begins to date I will be demanding from whomever that they better treat her with total respect. I would also highly recommend that they bring her home at a decent hour even though I’ll probably still be up cleaning my gun. Oh and Cami a word to the wise, it’ll make it a lot easier on the guy if you deserve his respect.

Big Talk 8-50 recently made some programming changes which included moving some of the talk shows around. The changes of course were promoted very heavily for a couple of weeks. On day two of her new time slot I heard Joyce Kaufman say that she was getting tons and tons of e mails and texts asking where the hell she was the day before. Joyce laughingly said “Aren’t you people paying attention” Her comment reminded me of what I learned a long time ago, (I still have all the scars to prove it) a lot of people hear the radio but very few are really listening. But it does give us something to work towards though doesn’t it.

Talking about Radio and Radio folks I had lunch with Rich Stevens and Art Vuolo. I have always loved radio but compared to Art’s mine just turned out to be puppy love!

When I was in the 8th grade my baseball coach pointed out to centerfield with his bat where a bunch of pretty young things were hanging out and said, “You guys stay away from that stuff, they’ll ruin your baseball career” We didn’t know what the hell he was talking about but by the end of the season “we got it” and to this day I’m still not very good at baseball.

Now that Peyton Manning is a Bronco I see Elway handled the part where he promised Tebow that he was the starting QB going into camp this year by trading him to the Jets! So now it’s Tebow and the Jets and I’m thinkin’ they’re going to be more than a little dangerous in the red zone this year. All you Tebow haters better hope your team ain’t playing them.

Speaking of Sports I bet Peyton wins more football games than the Colts do this season.

As short as the stories are in USA Today they are all still much too long to read on the Radio.

Cyber Girl claimed that some people actually experience the wind at their back as they go through life. The rest of us feel like we’re walking into a Hurricane.

I recently saw a movie called Glory Road which was about The University Of Texas El Paso the first integrated Basketball team to compete in and win the NCAA Championship. They beat the University of Kentucky coached by the legendary Adolph Rupp back in the early 60s but the thing I don’t understand is how did Don Haskins the UTEP Coach manage to hand out College Scholarships to the kids he recruited from the streets of New York who never finished High School.

Having standards that are too high can only lead to one place. Legendary Status!

Ron Chapman reminded me that the last time gas prices were soaring I wrote that it was only to keep the riff raff away from the pumps. Hey, I think it’s working.

A friend of mine is going through a divorce pretty smoothly. I warned him that it could turn ugly at any moment depending on what his soon to be ex’s girlfriends were advising her and he needed to quickly get it in front of a Judge quickly before the lawyers steal them both blind.

Speaking of divorce I remember my old friend from Transcona Jim Quail telling me the reason we were divorced was because we could afford unlike a lot of our old buddies who are still back home trapped in prison.

I was telling Randy Michaels about a talk concept which was mostly based on the front page of the local newspaper. He advised some caution because he claimed most Newspapers aim their front page at the people who read it and we may not want their readers listening to our radio station.

The thing I like about advertising the most is it kills bad products. Mitt may want to rethink his current strategy.

The need for quality of sound seems to be disappearing. While I was young my speakers were huge and it took 3 guys just to lift one of my Macs. My daughter Cami on the other hand is quite happy listening to her favorite music on just her iphone.

At what age do you suppose I tell my Grandson Nathaniel that life is good and gets better the longer he can resist saying “I love you” to anybody other than family members.

Because of Facebook one of the most humbling things a man can do is to reconnect with some long lost lovers. You soon discover you weren’t as big a deal in their life as they were in yours. They definitely don’t have as many special memories of your time together as you do that’s for sure.

Young Women it seems spend a lot of time dreaming about the kind of life they want to live while on the other hand young men are already living theirs.

Doug Erickson has recently written some very kind words about me which is actually causing a few problems … My clients want to know when I’m going to show up with all that genius stuff Doug claims I have.

A couple of years ago I bought my Daughter the Hoody she wanted from Victoria’s Secret for Christmas. Now every month they send me their new catalog and it’s just like receiving Penthouse or Playboy in the mail and in fact I don’t dare even peek at it in mixed company.

Where is it written that Men are expected you to pick up the tab for women even when you’re not romantically involved with them. A lot of them claim they don’t have any money even though they appear to be doing a lot better than you are and of course are always sporting some good looking new High Heel Sneakers.

After many years of research I have figured out the bad girls only cost you hundreds but the good girls end up costing you never ending thousands and thousands. I did the math!

Hey if your going to be in Indy on April 19th to help Peyton Manning pack for Denver your in luck because Ch 20 is going to show the new shorter version of Dave Fulton’s Documentary/Movie “Naptown Rock Radio Wars”at 9pm. Congratulations to all my fellow Broadcast Warriors who have gone from Buzzard Boys to Movie Stars! http://youtu.be/BKZbReDv-DQ

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  1. ref; The need for quality of sound seems to be disappearing. While I was young my speakers were huge and it took 3 guys just to lift one of my Macs. My daughter Cami on the other hand is quite happy listening to her favorite music on just her iphone.

    Poor little urchins – No one from the late 80s on will ever know high quality sound. Nothing device-wise has yet to beat the pureness and depths of the vinyl dynamic ranges we were privy to. Instead, today we get a thinness and compressed into crap version of what the studio actually records. Right now, as a matter of fact, I have two GoJos on my head (one for each ear to simulate stereo)! And to maintain my sanity over it all, I stay away from all mirrors.


  2. George: All of the research I have seen in the past fifteen years concerning newspaper readership and radio listening is that those people who READ the front page of a newspaper and then digest it cover to cover, are hard-core listeners of 1.) National Public Radio member radio stations, 2.) C.B.S./Bonneville/Hubbard (including the former Group W all-news stations, too, which are now C.B.S.) and 3.) if the readers are male, sports-talk radio stations, especially those with local hosts. The problem for Randy Michaels is that hard-core news readers / listeners do not likely want “hit-and-run” news. Public radio stations long-form content tend to run counter to your “If you do not like something, everything is TOO LONG !” philosophy.
    Yes, there are times when the programs are beyond dreadful, but more often than not, the content is usually compelling. One of the things that confound commercial radio and TV news directors and programmers, N.P.R. News and American Public Media’s (Minnesota Public Radio’s syndication arm) news operations look down their collective noses at electronic media journalists, preferring those reporters and commentators whom are “published” in newsprint or on the web (like Newsweek’s Eleanor “Rodham” Clift) to add outside analysis to their news reporting. The only exceptions have been Walter Cronkite, Robert Trout, Roger Mudd, Judy Muller, Judy Woodruff and Ted Koppel. Someone qualified like Tom Cochrun is ignored because his work was and has been “commercial”.

    • I believe Jed if your are interested in the topic nothing is too long but then again the first time I heard Hey Jude it was a way too long.

  3. That’s Joyce now on at 10AM? I just thought it was Rich Stevens with a bad cold! I do think that Barsky show’s pretty good. Is Morning Drive it’s next stop?

    It’s never too early to warn your grandson about WHEN to use the word “love”. For example, I “love” hanging around boats. When used with family members, it must be the truth. With a girl or guy you really “LIKE” it must be the truth. However, if it’s the only word that will get you laid tonight… aw, go ahead! Because everything has a gray area.

    Remember the old saying… “If you Fly It, Drive It, Float it, or F*@k It…It’s cheaper to LEASE it”.

    • Those lessons Paul will have to be taught in private because his Mother (My Daughter) will kill me if she hears me trying to keep this ageless concept alive.

  4. Poignant? Try: “You soon discover you weren’t as big a deal in their life as they were in yours. ” Yeah, George can do poignant.

  5. Hey George Cami is a beautiful young lady. Harvard? Radio? I wish the best for you both, you must be proud. My two “little” girls are 24 and 27. I will send along pics.

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