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A few weeks ago while traveling up the west coast shopping for colleges with my grandson Nathaniel, I started thinking about my own school experiences.

Unlike his “Buppa,” my grandson Nathaniel is an excellent student.
I was a junior, as he is now, I didn’t pay too much attention to what was going on in class. I was way in back wearing shades, writing tunes, and dreaming about becoming a Rock Star.

Most of my teachers were hip to my disinterest and discontent so they were always suggesting that educational pursuits may not be my cup of tea.
In fact, some of them were recommending that I should consider becoming an apprentice at the nearby CNR shops and I should do it sooner rather than later.

When you put their attitude together with my tendency to reject authority, what you had was a very disgruntled young man.
I only cared about one teacher, George Derenchuk (RIP); he was the only one who knew how to handle me, which eventually led to my getting my first and only ‘A.’

Ok, enough about all that; let’s fast forward to 1981, where it’s time to return to Transcona for our big TCI reunion. (See photo on top)
By this time, I had already released 4 records with e Jury, married my high school sweetheart (Lana Boychuk), and was in the midst of leaving Fairbanks Broadcasting, where I was the vice president of programming to start my own company in San Diego.

Even though I was busy putting my new company together, I was excited about taking some time off to attend the reunion even though none of my old teachers were expected to attend.
Hey, as they say, the best revenge is your success. Colour me bummed!

Nonetheless, it was well worth the trip. I had a great time hanging out with all my T’cona buds, especially my old teammates from the famous Transcona Nationals, including my lifelong friends, Jim Quail and Bill Wakeman. (RIP) (See photo above)
We even managed to surprise coach “Coby”(RIP) with a quick visit to his home, which was the first time I ever saw him at a loss for words.

Back when Lana (RIP) and I were only dating, she used to hang out with some very pretty girls, which I now have a theory about.
My theory is this, “Every woman gets their Swan time,” they either get it when they’re young girls or later on when they mature into women.
When Lana and I walked into the gala event of the reunion that night, It was “Swan Time Baby.” She blew the room away!
(Lana is pictured above with me and in the center of the photo on top. I’m the guy in the back with the beard.) 


I think running is the very best exercise of them all because there’s no coasting. You’re either running, or ya ain’t!

Speaking of running, I bet the spin Doctors in Washington are going crazy!

You can’t stop the future; it’s on its way.

Either we were incompetent teachers, or they were very slow learners. Either way, we wasted a lot of time and money in Afghanistan.

Speaking of Afghanistan, here’s a Life-Liner of mine that Facebook wouldn’t publish. “The only people who lost money in Afghanistan were the American taxpayers; everybody else got rich.” 

Speaking of Afghanistan, I could never understand why we were there in the first place; now I can’t understand why we’re not?

Speaking again of Afghanistan, I’m really enjoying watching the slow Joe fans scurrying about saying things like, “Hey Afghanistan was gonna fall anyway.” If that’s true, why didn’t Obama pull us out 10 years ago as he promised?

Radio was much better when the owners were afraid of the DOJ.

It’s the backups who keep the starters sharp, not the coaches.

The first time you became aware that something was possible was when you learned something of value.

I think the Democrats can kiss the mid-terms goodbye.

The one thing money can’t buy is time.

Speaking of money, I was more than pleased when the Canadian Government informed me that they would deposit $500 in my account. However, when it got here, it was only $399 US.

Only 23% of the population were born to lead and I don’t think that very many of them are in Washington.

Wow! Ray Charles is being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. How cool is that?

There are only two things that are never really big enough, the back deck and your flat screen.

Do politicians really believe that we all sit around thinking about elections as much as they do?

The bad news is, my daughter Cami works so hard that she doesn’t have time to meet the love of her life. However, the good news is, she also doesn’t have time to marry some jerk.

The free stuff always ends up being the most expensive stuff of all.

Now both the Everly Brothers are gone. 🙁 RIP Don.


Gina: Geo, you, sir, are my hero! I am in awe of you and your fab writing, sir. But, you never mention ME. (Cool 2 B A kid)
Geo, I’d mention you all the time if I knew who you were, Gina?

​Joel Thompson: ​You sure can pick ’em, George!!!! (Let’s Hear It For Girls)
Geo: I’m not sure who was zooming whom, Joel.
Billy Bob Harris: George, love your Mojo……….(Let’s Hear It From The Girls)
Geo: Just trying to keep up with you, Billy Bob.

Geo: You don’t have to yell, Carol. I can hear ya from here. 🙂

Next week, part Deux of “Let’s Hear It From The Girls” continues.

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2 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (Swan Song) New 8/23/21

  1. James E. Duvall: At first, George, I thought the group photo was of an old Fairbanks Broadcasting management conference, but then the only face I recognized was you!
    Geo: Damn, Jed, and I was all bearded up too.

  2. Doug Herman: George, a couple of things: (1) Sadly, there are a lot of RIPs in this article. A certain sign that we’re getting old, even as hard as we’re fighting it. (2) Radio was also much better when the owners were afraid of the FCC. That’s why we all had hired guns like your old friend and mine, FCC Attorney John King on our team. (Swan Song)
    Geo: Doug, John is the best. When he was assigned to me at Fairbanks, it set me free.

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