Stupid !

I help Jo Ann Pflug a little with her radio show she does in West Palm Beach. The other day she was kind enough to bring me something very special while we were lunching at Duffy’s. It was a picture of Her, Donald Sutherland and Elliot Gould taking a break from filming one of my all time favorite movies “Mash” in which Jo Ann played Lt. Dish and she still is.

Isn’t it about time we got some new rich people, the current ones are getting old in several different ways.

When I was 16 I no longer needed my parents for much of anything. My daughter and her friends cant even figure out how to get themselves to school let alone anything else. What the hell happened.

It’s a lot tougher staying #1 than becoming #1

Talking about #1 they had a big movie premier in Indianapolis last weekend for a film called “Naptown Rock Radio Wars” When those battles were going on between WNAP and WIFE in Indy we had the most beautiful women I had ever seen working at WIBC/WNAP. Beauties like Connie, Bobbette, Anne, Betsy, Sherry, Brookley, Elvoria and who could possibly ever forget those magnificent Duffy Twins. Back in those days when ever we would hire a new girl Jim Hilliard would sit down with each one to advise them to stay away from the Dee Jays because if a problem developed and someone had to leave it would be them. One day I decided I better go in an tell him that all the women long ago had figured out that none of Jox had any money so if they were fooling around with anybody it would more likely be the guys in sales. I just felt he needed to adjust his welcome to Fairbanks Broadcasting speech just a tad.

Tebow inks a new deal for Three Point Sixteen Million with the Broncos for next year. I’m assuming it must have came from the pay cuts made to the defensive players who all stood around in New England watching Tebow play with bruised ribs. Well at least they had the best seats in the house

Speaking earlier of Jim Hilliard the other day I told him out of frustration about a project we were working on together that it was very lucky for us that we occasionally were called “Radio Legends” otherwise a lot of what we were doing now would look pretty stupid.

The fact that 85% of sex is in your head makes a Cyber Affair worth taking a 2nd look at. Hey no threat of STDs, Pregnancy, Divorce, not to mention its also rather inexpensive and you don’t even have to dress up.

Most of the communication I have ever had with most females during most of my life seems mostly to be about their financial needs.

All that matters in Radio is what people who wear a PPM device and the Clients think. All others are disqualified from commenting and should only speak their opinions to someone who cares and I’m not sure who that would be.

The only reason to be on the programming side of Radio these days is probably because you cant stop.

Why don’t we know the real name of Captain Chicken who fled his sinking ship. We need to give him more than the usual allotted 15 minutes of fame and I think he selfishly earned a lifetime of it. What’s that you say, he claims it was not his fault that he left his ship he accidently tripped and fell into the life boat that was carrying the rest of his ship’s officers to safety well ahead of the ship’s passengers.

I think our language situation should be dealt with this way … You want my money you speak my language, I want your money I speak your language. Is that too simple.

Wow Delilah goes on the Fish in LA, what a perfect fit. I can hardly wait to see what these folks who listen to that kind of programming do with Delilah. These folks are powerful enough to choose the American Idol winners and make Tebow the starter for Denver Broncos a star. I wonder what they have in mind for Delilah.

Speaking once again of Tebow is it just me or do his haters come from the far left.

Speaking of the far left do you think there are more people in the far left or the far right?

One of the many things that amazes me about women is how do most know all the actors names in these award shows. Hell they even know what Movie and TV shows they played in for most of their careers.

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  1. The problem with the Tebow haters is that their image of him has been shaped by today’s news and sports media. For all of the infurating roadblocks Fred Heckman placed in the way of those of us lucky few who tried to “package” his news department’s newscasts at WIBC, Fred never editorialized with the facts on-air. His “Joe Friday” “just the facts, m’am” iron-clad running of the news department required fully objective reporting. No demonizing, no hero-making. If all news outlets were ruled by a Fred Heckman, the Tim Tebows of the world would likely be reported for what he does and who he is, win, lose and draw (although the formatics would be very dry).

  2. First…the issue of Captain Chicken Cacciatore.

    After an Oops like that? Hell…I’d be the FIRST ONE OFF! …and on my way to Moldavia! …especially before the lifeboat decks get too crowded with screaming irrational people!

    Loot the casino before you leave. Hide out for a few years…and you can still get a Captains job later with Exxon/Mobil!

    All Delilah needs to do is say the word Jesus twice an hour…and she’s IN!

    I don’t think anyone “hates” Tim Tebow. His football career and his story this year IS incredible. It’s the “extreme” “display” of faith that some people are uncomfortable with. ANY extremist position is a valid target for humor. He’s gotten his share. The coincidences, the loss on Christmas Eve…it was all material ripe for the pickin’, provided it was in good taste. It was only angy hateful people who took it too far. I have more important things to worry about…

    Now that I’m an NFL owner (One Share of the Packers)… I need to rethink my teams decision to sit out Aaron Rogers for the final game of the regular season! I should have been “thinking” like an “owner”. Here I am, paying this guy $2000 a minute, even while he’s sleeping…and I give him 3 WEEKS OFF WITH PAY???? Next year, he plays every down, every game! Including Pre-Season! If he doesn’t like the idea…I’ll trade him to the Buffalo Bills!

    I’m so upset about the playoff loss…that when I go to the Packers annual shareholders meeting in Green Bay in July, I do plan to vote “in favor” of raising the parking fees at Lambeau Field!

    • Yeah Paul but you would be dressed up like a girl as you left the sinking ship.(-: Man you have that “owners” attitude down already, next you will be wanting to cut expenses by making the team travel by bus like they used to when they were winning all those championships. Good for them right!

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