Stuff That I’ve I’ve Been Told. ( new geo Blog for week of June 5/17 )

Mr. Fairbanks cautioned me that my continuing to present after already receiving a yes from him could only lead to a “no.”

Jim Hilliard warned me to never get in a fight with a guy who buys ink by the barrel. Hey, I wonder how much ink my computer holds ’cause I’m ready to rock!

Frank Osborn claims that every GM gets two PD’s and every PD gets two books.

Mark Hubbard told me that to be successful;  you either have to be first, best, or different.

Terry Keilty scolded me in Ottawa saying that I was a fool for hiring Roger Klein who was too good for us so would soon leave. Terry was right; Roger did leave when he left with me for Toronto.

Bobby Cole said that it’s impossible to carry on a love affair with three different women at the same time. Just when you think you’ve got it done, all three will show up and you’ll be lunch.

My Uncle Jack claimed that all women are the same, they just look different.

Bob Christy says the way to market yourself is to simply sit at the bar until some beautiful woman drags you out to her car. It worked well for him.

Roger Snowden told me that nobody moved to Florida to work harder.

The Hunny Bunny said “her ass” when I asked what the hell all the cars were honking at as we walked down a busy street in Miami.

Garth Brooks said to me that he was wild in High School but not as wild as he wanted to be, he was too scared.

Dick Dresner claimed that you get new listeners just like you track the big horned sheep. You have to anticipate where they’re going and be there waiting for them.
Brent Farris said that radio is still viable until the day George Johns starts talking sales.
“Hollywood” Manning showed me that you could ruin the look of a two thousand dollar suit just by wearing matching shoes.
Martin Milner told me that the reason there could never be a “Route 66” reunion show, was ’cause too many of the little towns they shot in are still looking for his co-star George Maharis.
Rick Moranis said that the reason “Ghost Busters” was such a hit was because of the tension on the set. Most of the cast were writers so when the cameras were rolling you never knew what was gonna come at you which caused a lot of tension but also produced a lot of magic.
Cat Simon claimed that he finally figured out that no “bit” was ever too long if I laughed.
After informing Joe Amaturo that I went to the Manitoba Institute of Technology, he suggested I shorten it to M I T.
Award-winning Tom Cochran said that he was so excited about getting an interview for a possible news position at WIBC that he cut off his long hair. When News director Fred Heckman finally agreed to hire him, he also told him to get a haircut.
Reid Reker said that he loves to date wild women, but because of his religious upbringing he can’t stay married to them.
Ralph Connor taught me that folks don’t listen to Television they watch it.
Ann McMartin told me that women only remember five affairs and absolutely no one-night stands.
Delilah said that when she got her new deal with Premiere, she gave all of her homes to her staff.
Bill Gardner says that he doesn’t think that I ever lied to him,  but there was a possibility that I may have left out some of the truth.
Russ Morley taught me that if sex ever came up at dinner, there would be none for dessert.
Tom Skinner wondered if I’d ever heard of “client run.”
Ed Shadek told GM Jack Collins that if George Johns or any of his people didn’t like something, neither did the Shadeks.
Jarl Mohn claimed that when he started “E” that something I had once said to him became the foundation of his company. “If it’s happening in the halls, it will happen on the air.”
Al Mair told me that the reason he came all the way from Toronto to Saskatoon to buy me dinner was only because he knew I wouldn’t be there long.
Cris Conner said that kept his show prep on a clipboard in his truck. On his way into the station each day he would see enough weird stuff that by the time he got there his show was ready.
Jamie Gold said to me that I should forget about where I came from and get on with where I should be.
George Darenchuk promised that if I would give him my undivided attention for the first twenty minutes of his class not only would we spend the rest of the time talkin’ football but I’d get an “A.”

Jim Quail called to say after stumbling across a talk show host talking about me in the middle of the night, “Holy s#it, you really are somebody!”

Marnie Howard told me she was dating two and a half men and I, of course, had to ask who the half man was. She said it was a guy whom she invited back to her place after having a nice dinner out. He claimed that he couldn’t because he had an early morning.

Part Deaux next week.

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