Steve I Just Said Slow Down No Need To Quit!



My Father always used to tell me if you’re not sweating you’re not working hard enough. It was just one of the many disagreements we had because I think if you sweat while you work it might mean you’re not very good at what ever it is you are working at. Being gifted doesn’t guarantee much either because a lot gifted people just rely on their gift and don’t work at all. But not to worry because most of the good stuff comes from creative people and you can learn how to be that. Working hard is admirable but working smarter gets you more places. Once you learn creativity your only concern is the gifted people waking up and learning creativity too. On the rare occasion of this happening I would simply suggest getting out of the way and let them run, these folks when they’re on fire have the capability of producing some pretty magical things. Unfortunately a lot of them come from the dark side and tend to self destruct. When this happens it’s time for the rest us to get back to a little hard work and a whole lot of creativity again. I wonder if Loren Michaels ever took into consideration how much work some of the cast members of Saturday Night Live put into a skit before he decided whether or not to cut it.

Chuck Riley just before slipping out the back Jack and flying down the fire escape to the Criterion Athletic Club (beer parlor) said to me … I like you kid and you’re pretty good at production so I’m going to save you a couple of years.  Always remember this “You Cant Splice Strings” then he turned on his heel and was gone leaving me with as we say in the biz, A S**T Load Of Production.

I wish Steve Jobs would slow down his inventing of stuff and make what we already have work better.

Wow Steve I said slow down I didn’t say quit.

Speaking of Jobs, I was at Duffys sports bar and asked both 25 year old female bartenders if they knew who Steve Jobs was. They had no idea, I left there and picked up my 15 year old daughter and her friend and asked them if they knew who he was. Cami didn’t but her guy friend AJ did. After dropping them off I went to another sports bar and asked the 30+ bartender if she knew. She didn’t either, it must be a guy thing.

When I was a PD I had learned early on that Shakespeare was right when he said “The Plays The Thing” Later I realized most air talent didn’t study Shakespeare so they didn’t see it that way. They seem only concerned with how big their part is and whether it’s more important than the other peoples parts.

Most people dream about their wants and worry about their needs.

Have you noticed most giant movie stars have very distinctive voices as well as a special look.

Woman at a young age plan to fall in love. Men on the other hand just fall in love and that’s when the moment the woman’s plan starts to kick in.

The bad news is all Media has 5 seconds to get someone’s attention. The good news is there are 5 topics that always get their attention, and I ain’t talkin’.

Doug Erickson says our deepest personal relationships are very dependent upon our listening.

If they have to choose most people would give up all other gadgets for their smart phone.

The only way to get a ton of people to listen to your show is to talk to one of them at a time.

In 1968 I was a board op at CKY in Winnipeg. Four years later I was the station manager of CFTR in Toronto. I now look back and think … Wow that sure happened fast but it didn’t seem fast then. Now just driving to the office in Ft. Lauderdale I celebrate two birthdays.

A lot of women probably including my daughters think I’m sexist but I disagree! I love most women and really adore accomplished ones. I love teasing the ones I love. The women I don’t tease are the ones who have spent their lives grooming themselves to become Mrs. Success. Then they become experts on everything and use their husband’s powerful position to lecture and scold the rest of us about how we and the rest of the world should run. These type of women usually treat other women whose husbands don’t If their husbands treated staff and service people as rudely as she does he would be out of business or a job in weeks. If this is a sexist attitude then so be it and I wear it proudly.

Just because we forgive someone doesn’t mean we will necessarily forget what they have done.

I know the answer is always to throw money at it but what was the question?

The Alan Burns recent study on radio and women came down to … Give ’em Music, Make them Laugh and Tell them the Weather. Do that and you’ve got about 95% of it done.

6 thoughts on “Steve I Just Said Slow Down No Need To Quit!

  1. Thinking about Shakespeare’s quote “The play’s the thing”, reminds me that recently I was listening to Herb Oscar Anderson record his weekly show in our Ocean FM studio where he does a weekly Saturday afternoon show. Herb is 82 and still has that amazing voice, and the great ability to “spin a yarn”. I always noticed that when he introduces a song, he does it in a very theatrical way with lots of “bravado”. I said, “Herb, you always make it sound so exciting”. He said:”Jim, I was taught that when the record begins, it’s like the curtain is going up and the show begins”.
    Shakespeare and Herb must have gone to the same school.

  2. I suspect that “gifted” and “genius” are merely terms of ENVY, and usually directed with considerable criticism at “creative” people by those folks with largely unexamined inferiority complexes. But it’s only a suspicion. 😉

    • Woody, I don’t know about genius part but we are all gifted in various ways. Unfortunately it just might not be at what we are presently doing. (-:

  3. Re: “I know the answer is always to throw money at it but what was the question?”

    Great point George. I dare anyone to give me an example of how throwing money at a problem solved it…. I always thought education would solve most of the worlds problems…. Not money…


    • We’ll be discussing this and other thought provoking questions with the likes of Ron Chapman, Jeff & Jer, Delilah, Brent Farris, Jimmy Darin and Gary Russell just to drop a few of the names that my daughters Candis and Cami tell me are itching to roast me come Oct. 1st in San Diego. Joe, Candis & Cami call the affair a Toast & Roast but I’m putting you in charge of it turning out to be a TOAST & roast

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