1236663_10151848705814935_737992015_nAbout a year or so ago I had breakfast with Dion and WFTL’s Joyce Kaufman at a Diner in South Florida. Dion was recalling one of the luckiest days of his life which occurred while he still was attending High School in the Bronx even though he had a hit record on the charts. One day he came home to discover a bunch of “Soprano” type guys sitting around his kitchen.

The one who appeared to be the boss man said to him, hey Dion your old man here was braggin’ on ya down at the club last night, he claims you have a big record out or something. We can help you with that sorta stuff but first I need to hear the record. About halfway through the listen the spokesperson takes the needle off the record, turns to Dion’s Dad and says … Your Son sounds like he is singing through a dish rag and with that they got up and left.

I wanna be on the same health care plan Obama is on, not the one he’s pushing.

I just had a very scary realization … A lot of the acts my band the Jury opened for such as Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Peter and Gordon, Ral Donner and Bill Black to name a few have already exited the planet. Should I be getting my affairs in order.

Men tend to get in the way of a Woman’s career where as Woman become his support crew.

I think your Woman should be your best friend not a f**king dog!

I wonder if Woman know whether or not they look good in skinny jeans because we sure do.

The Reality of the situation is Women need Men more then Men need Women.

As much as I respect Ronald Reagan I do have to come to grips with the fact that he was the one that emptied the institutions of the mentally ill who still walk amongst us today.

As long as America continues to believe that human rights are more important than morals or decency a lotta people will continue to shoot at us.

RG III just became RG 0 & 3 while the Fish went 3 & 0 who woulda thunk!

You can always tell when when You Tube is running bonus commercials, they’re the ones you are allowed to skip in 5 seconds.

Survivors are never in charge of anything least of all their own destiny.

It always feels strange to me when I’m informed that the birthday of someone I know has passed is coming up in 3 days.

40 years ago Billy Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in a Man vs Woman televised tennis match. To this day I’m still wondering if the reason Billy Jean won was because it was best for the sport.

How did the NFL players forget how to tackle so quickly.

The only way to change your reputation is by drastically altering your character.

The right time to do something you’ve always wanted to do is right now!

Now that Nielson has paid around 1.3 Billion for Arbitron would you predict the ratings are going to get more reliable or not. My money is on a lot worse as they look for ways to service that debt. Time for America to do what Canada did which was to own part of the Rating company.

The more Radio changes the more it stays the same.

The construction cannot start until the dreamer finishes dreaming the dream.

Timing is everything in show biz, no matter how great you are if you go a little bit to long that’s all the audience remembers. Much better to leave them wanting like Elvis always did.

Because humor comes from a dark place success becomes the enemy of funny.

If you are telling folks you’re thinking of doing something you’ll never do it.

The only thing good about growing old is you begin to understand things so life is no longer much of a mystery.

There is a saying a lot of Men understand … If sex ever comes up in the conversation at dinner there will be none for dessert.

Back when my Daughter Candis was turning four I realized I needed to become who she already thought I was. 25 years later when my Daughter Cami was turning four I discovered I still had a lot of work left to do.

Unless you can say what you mean and mean what you say, you have no shot at happiness.

There is nothing as powerful as a hit song, it just kinda sneaks up on you and sometimes changes your life.

The only people I completely trust are the ones who love me. Boy that list could use a tad more people on it I’m thinkin’.

I think there should be some course you can take 0n how to handle falling in love. It’s the best and worse thing that will ever happen to you.

It appears that accumulating wealth has little to do with you being nice or not.

Joe Amaturo’s favorite word is “specificity” but by the time you learn how to pronounce it it’s already too late to live by it.

When asked my beautiful friend Marnie about her love life (hoping she didn’t have one) she claimed she was currently dating three and a half Men. Of course I asked her about the 1/2 Man! She told me he was a nice guy whom she invited up to her place when he drove her home after a very pleasant evening. He claimed he couldn’t because he had an early morning meeting.

Wow Oracle after being down 8-1 came back to win America’s Cup.



19 thoughts on “SPECIFICITY

  1. Not sure of the date but it was in Winnipeg. June had just moved into Johnny’s suite and the Statler Brothers were very upset because with that move she instantly went from a background singer to the leader of the band and was telling them how she wanted them to sing.

  2. George, At least Peter Asher (Peter & Gordon) is still alive & kickin’..so that’s 1 out of 6.

    We Western Canadians (I grew up partially in Edmonton. I think it was the left part), are a hardy bunch, so you’ll be around creating great radio for many, many more years.

  3. Cash was in Winnipeg in April 1967 at the location just back of The Bay, forget the name of that theatre. He was so drugged up he could barely stand, only thing holding him up was the stand up mike, but he still put on a hell of a show. Friend that worked in a dentist office in the Peg said he had been in with a toothache and looking for some meds……! Not sure if that was the same date you opened for him or not? Cheers.

  4. You’re 100% right about the hit songs changing your life. I literally can’t imagine who I would have been were it not for:

    Old Man – Neil Young
    From The Beginning – Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    Summer Breeze – Seals & Crofts

    Oh, and while you’re bemoaning the fall of the ‘Skins, how would you like to have the last quarter century invested in being a Bucs fan and be facing the prospect that maybe, just maybe, Raheem wasn’t that bad of a coach?

    • I agree that he’s a class act and the best thing for the ManUGlazers to do would be to apologize and bring him back! Bucs need SOMETHING happening soon or they’ll make the Jags look like the second coming of the 17-0 Fins. 🙂

      • … besides, what kind of scumbag coach squeals the Rx problems of his own QB? Lowest ploy ever. He’s lower than whale dreck. Ship him back to Rutgers. 🙁

  5. The Name of the venue was “The Aud” … The Auditorium which was used for everything, Basketball, Dances, etc. It now houses the Manitoba Archives I believe. It wasn’t very big, but that was all they had in those days. I sang with Herbie Brittain’s Band on a couple of New Year’s Eves when I was still in High School. Embree

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