Years ago the big TV station in Dallas challenged the KVIL crew to a tug a war across the Trinity River. Ron Chapman got brand new white sweatshirts for this event with giant red call letters on the front and back. Our plan was simple … We lose !  We explained to our now unhappy staff that by losing we get a lot more camera time on the evening news. Sure enough that night at least 10 minutes of the newscast was spent showing those big red call letters as we were being dragged through the mud.

Speaking of KVIL I received my most intense client call ever shortly after leaving Fairbanks Broadcasting to try my hand at consulting out of San Diego. Jim Hilliard had retained my services because he was sure I was going to starve to death. Shortly after moving to San Diego I get a call from Jim where he loudly says to me without even exchanging pleasantries … IT COST ME A MILLION DOLLARS TO GET “I HEART KVIL” BUMPER STICKERS ON MOST OF THE CARS AND TRUCKS IN DALLAS AND NOW I HEAR WE’RE GOING TO SPEND AN EXTRA TEN GRAND TO TAKE THEM ALL OFF! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND ???

According to Jerry Del Colliano I Pod sales are tanking so I guess it’s only pro athletes who are using them now. But I do wonder if they are actually listening to anything or just avoiding questions.

As our economy continues to suck it is drastically changing America and a lot of people are starting to leave the smaller communities and move back into the city. Maybe it’s to get closer to the bars.

Even though I really didn’t quite know what I was doing at the time the biggest ratings success I ever had was in Ottawa Canada. All I did there was just tame the radio station down. The ratings went crazy but then again I was lucky enough to have a big enough cume to play with Randy.

Cami told me the other day that she noticed I had butt dialed her. Huh? (-:

Peyton Manning wants to play so bad he went to Europe last week for stem cell treatments that are not yet approved in the US

Speaking of the Colts Johnny George has decided not to shave until the Colts win. Hey Castleton Square do you have room for one more Santa.

You build your radio audience one listener at a time any attempt at more is just hype.

As perfect as some people appear to be believe me all the folks on the other side of the divorce have found some flaws.

When we elect our government we have to figure a way to get the ones who are just clowns out before four years.

I still haven’t met a woman worthy enough for me to give up my family for theirs but a lot of my friends sure have. Oh oh am I being sexist again? Damn!

I used to think that the Post Office had the worst employees behind the counter but after taking my Daughter Cami to the DMV for her drivers permit they they take no service and the word no to a new level and just kill the Post Office. If either had to make their living from tips they would all starve to death.

Speaking of government workers don’t you wish we could get rid of all of them every four years just like their big bosses.

Neil Simon said he never hired comedians to do his comedies because they were always in too much of a hurry to get to the punch line. He felt all his words deserved respect.

The consuming of too much Wine sometimes leads to a wonderful momentary feeling of freedom where like a fool you say what you’ve always wanted to say.

I love launching new radio stations because you always start with the tastiest 100 songs. The station never ever sounds that musically good ever again.

I was explaining to Scott Courant one of our radio sales guys what the difference between a commercial and a promo was. A commercial I explained is information about one of our clients, the services they offer, and how wonderful they are. A promo is information about us, our services, and how wonderful we are. So I cant run your promo because it’s not about us. He of course was looking at me like he had never heard any of this before. Our CFO Ric Hindes interrupted our conversation by stating he has always known what a promo really was … It’s simply a freebie commercial that sales doesn’t run through the normal channels.

Well Floyd Mayweather sure looked like a wimp and a coward when he threw that sucker punch last week didn’t he “Big O”. How long do you think he can keep duckin’ a real fight with Manny Pacquiao. I don’t think tricks are going to work on him.



  1. Why did you take KVIL Stickers off cars George? And, you’re the best thing that ever professionally happened to Jim Hilliard. Ivan Braiker told me the story before I did the WVBF research to prep me on the calibre of broadcasters I was working with.

    That was the trip I was heading back to Seattle from when in the airport bar I saw a news story; the picture was WVBF, with one of your AM towers right through the middle of your station. You will do anything for ink, admit it George. Anything.

    • When we first started talking about doing the bumper sticker promotion Hilliard said there is nothing worse than looking at a tired old bumper sticker on a car after a year or so. The look of that sticker becomes the image of the station and at that moment KVIL was enjoying a very CLASSY image. Ron said he had a plan to prevent that. When the time came Ron started running promos that said … Rip Those Stickers Old Stickers Off and write your name and phone number on them and bring them this weekend to Texas Stadium where we will have a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader slap a brand new on your bumper and you have a shot at 10 grand. In fact rip all the stickers off your car and give ’em to us for even more chances at 10 grand. ( competitions stickers)
      Loved those TV cameras at most of our promotions Bill but sometimes you had to do drastic things to get them to show(-:

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