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Earl Mann: Excellent article, George.  It is appalling to see the media’s continual attempts to castrate and crucify this man!  Trump has actually done an amazing job, especially considering the slings and arrows the Left has thrown at him.  The economy is booming!  More people have more money in their 401K’s than they ever have before!  The stock market is higher than it has ever been thanks to Trump’s deregulation and his cutting of corporate taxes!  “Huge” amounts of money are now flowing back into the U.S from overseas; creating jobs and improving infrastructure!  Illegal immigrants are no longer flooding into the U.S because they know Trump means business! And, finally, instead of ‘leading from behind’ as Obama did, Trump is telling the world two things: “America first” and “Don’t fuck with us”!   Btw, getting China to begin to seriously pressure North Korea is the result of Trump’s leadership no less. Gone are the “Kumbaya” days of a feckless and impotent globalist – Obama.

Bobby Rich: Truth Or reports: “Conklin makes a number of specific claims about Trump’s good deeds, and they mostly check out. But the idea that Trump didn’t get any attention or press coverage or credit for them is false since we found endless media reports about almost all of them.”

Jo Myers: Interesting info about his reported good deeds. However, I will never be able to get past how Trump mocked a disabled person. Any respect held for him flew out the window that day.

Jennifer: I really appreciated you putting this article into your blog.  I have nothing against Trump.  I was just on a cruise, and several people brought up Trump’s name and then went into a rant about how much they hated him.  It’s a wonderful practice to stay quiet.  You can’t change anyone’s mind.  Even with this blog, you probably won’t change the negativity towards him.  I voted for Donald, and I don’t mind saying it.  I could not vote for HC, and I’m still happy that I voted for the Donald.  Being president is a thankless job with tons of criticism.  Kenny met Donald Trump a couple of times and really liked him as a person. Most of us have not met him, but yet choose to hate him and everything that he does, but that is what makes the world go round.

Geo: I posted my blog entitled “The Unthinkable Trump” just to show that there is more than one side to a story, Surprisingly, by far, it is my most read Blog ever.

Bruce Walker: Talking about black guys in a white bar and white guys in a black bar. I was visiting Ducky ( incredible Winnipeg drummer), in Toronto at the time asked me to drive out of town with him to bar in the burbs. He told me to turn left at the next road and promptly went to sleep and ended up at a dead end looking at driftwood and Lake Ontario. I woke him up and indicated that I did not see a bar so he gave me more specific instructions and we got to a dance hall where one of his buddy’s band was playing. When we entered, there was not a white person in sight, and even though I had no idea what segregation entailed, I felt out of place.
Somehow though we soon we ended up on stage playing with the band, and it was one of the best times I’ve ever had.

Geo: Your right Bruce, it is strange when you are in a situation where you’re the minority. An even stranger feeling happened to me when I was changing planes in Salt Lake City one day. I had a long walk to my next gate and as I walked along it began to feel very strange, and I had no idea why. Finally, I figured it out; there were no Asians, Hispanics or Blacks, everybody looked like me.

Dave Charles: I first met Daryl B at CFOX in Vancouver through Roy Hennessy in the late ’60s.  Soon as we met, we got into a vicious game of Ping Pong, and he kicked my ass. One of the best talents of the Drake radio era ever! ‘B’ had a presence on air that was magnetic.

Geo: I remember Hilliard (Jimmy Darin) telling me once that he only hired Daryl at CKY in the early ’60s because the rest of liked him so much. Jim always thought that he sounded a little stiff and it took me years to figure out that Daryl’s magic was his love of the music. The folks love the people who love what they love.

Kurt Johnson: Merry and Happy to The Father of KVIL! Cheers George.

Geo: The lady is gone Kurt, but the memory of Kay Ville lives on. She gave birth to many Hall Of Famers over the years. 

Peter Z: Re: I love celebrations because there are very few sad people at them. In fact, I loved them so much that as a young lad I remember celebrating the opening of a brand new pack of cigarettes.
…and sales threw in a remote broadcast for the vendor.

Pat O’Day: Thanks so much, George for another great year of fun, enjoyable, knowledgeable, reading. As I am writing this, I can still see you sitting in my Seattle living room as I told you that I wanted you as a consultant and you said, “Pat, why would you hire me, you know more than I do.” What a humble statement and it’s typical of you.

Give my best to Jim Hilliard when you get a chance. Tell him I’m alive and well, busy with my real estate practice and deeply involved with a Seattle Addiction Hospital. Still in great health, living on San Juan Island, Washington.
Merry Christmas Sir! What a winner you are!!!

Geo: Pat, Jim told me about you in 1963 when I was just a radio pup. I can’t imagine what I would ever be able to tell you or Jim something you didn’t already know. As far as the humble part goes, I’m always humble around radio royalty. Thank you so much for all your kind words Pat, they mean a lot to me.

Dick Taylor: Happy Birthday, Geo & Cami. May this holiday be another blessing to you both.

Geo, Thank You for your blog and the thoughts you share that make us all think and see the world from a different perspective.

You have so much wisdom to share and I look forward to another year of learning from you.

God Bless You.

Geo: It’s very gratifying to be read by someone who understands what you’re saying, Dick, it kinda makes it all worthwhile and with your kind words, makes you more of a Richard than a Dick.:-) Thank you and here’s hoping that you have a healthy 2019. 

Jed Duvall: George: One of the many great virtues is that your success is due in part to your appreciation of your own roots and your appreciation of the many talented people who influenced and/or taught you things along your still-unfinished journey. Unlike many in the industry over the years, you only talked with you had something significant to say and then you used only a few direct words to make certain you weren’t misunderstood. Merry Christmas to you and your family, George. May 2019 find them safe, prosperous and happy.

Geo: Obviously the “few words” part disappeared Jed, but I thank you for your kind words and wish you and yours the best for 2019.

Brent Farris: At my only meeting with Dr. Don Rose he told me.. ” Don’t be ME, there already is one of those, be you.”
And that is where most people would have stopped the story, but the rest of it is was what stuck with me.
“Here is the tough part,” he said, “they may not like you…….but if they do, you have a career” ………and then he walked away.

Geo: And then you became Brent Farris, a force to be reckoned with. Proud to work with you Brent, you’re an original.

The Countdown of my ten most read Blogs from 2018 begins Christmas day.

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  1. George, Another year has passed by and I must tell you how much I enjoy reading your blogs… it gives a connection back to a time when we were all young “bucks” full of vim and vigour. Anyone who had the good fortune to live through the wonderful days of “Radio and Records” like we did are very lucky indeed, funny all that time and effort and when we look back it seems that we didn’t work a day in our lives. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours, proud to call you my friend.

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