I noticed that all the trades are writing about WTOP being the Number 1 biller in America. According to the writers and executives at the station the sales folk in their opinion seem to have done it all. From this attitude I can only surmise that all radio stations are only one great sales meeting away from being number one and toppling WTOP. Is the reason this myth continues because most GMs are from sales.

Tom Skinner said that if I don’t say something nice about sales people soon he is not going to make me any of those special Mojitos at our upcoming confab in Palm Springs.

The only sales people who really impress me are the ones that can sell a few spots without the help of ratings. Now that’s a real sales person Tommy !

On this one year anniversary of the BP oil spill, am I still the only one in America who doesn’t understand just what the hell was Britain doing drilling in our waters for in the first place.

Helen Torchia says calories are worse than bed bugs because they get into your whole wardrobe at night and sew your clothes tighter. She is totally positive her whole closet is infested with the little s**ts.

My parents and me are very different. I believe in and support as best I can what ever path my children choose. My parents who dictated what they thought I should become didn’t really support much of what I wanted to do with my life and in fact didn’t think I would ever turn out to be much. Much to my chagrin I have noticed that some of their teachings must have gotten through to me because I now realize that I share some of their prejudices. Exactly like them I find myself totally against all people who have their hand out no matter what their skin color or language preference may be.

How does Cyber Sex work. Do you need a Cyber Girl and if so how can you tell what they look like. Hey we don’t want to get involved with ugly people do we.

I asked a GM once why he had to give all the potential sales folks a written test. Cant you pretty well tell who the winners and losers are right off. Yes he explained but there are not enough winners to go around so we have to get a bunch of mid packers. It’s not that apparent whitch ones of them have a shot at becoming winners so the test narrows the field by mostly finding the losers.

When you lie your brain increases blood flow because it needs to think. The truth is automatic and needs no blood because the brain doesn’t need to think. Man It must be like a river of blood going on in those corporate radio meetings.

A fake smile only uses muscles around the mouth. A real smile uses the muscles around the eyes also forming crow’s feet, not attractive but attractively made.

An untrue statement is not a lie unless the person telling it is aware that their statement is untrue.

Speaking of lies it was discovered at U of Massachusetts that 60% of people lied at least 3 times in a 10 minute conversation. I’m sure radio folk just blow that number out of the water.

Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language on earth which clears up the mystery of why so many people don’t understand what I am saying.

Warren Cosford claims that women consider themselves old at 29. Men don’t even start thinking about maybe getting old until they get around 58.

Donna Schaneen informed me at the office the other day that the name of her kickball team is The Pink Tacos. I had none then nor do I now have any public comments or quotes.

Ric Hindes said to me I have know you for 35 years and have never made your Blog and now I notice Donna is in there for the 3rd time. I dont even want to think about what she’s done to get that kind of action

When I played with my band The Jury we occasionally would be asked for autographs. The young girls would always ask if we had have any of the Beatles names please sign very large. My autograph of course was always the largest. I just realized the other day since the passing of both John and George I must own both names now. Do I need to call Paul and Ringo to find out their intentions or should I just have my attorney Betsy Cameron handle it all. Hey I’m thinkin’ Beatle reunion here and I still have my ’58 Fender Strat. I’m armed!

I’m going to a family meeting tonight with my Daughter and her Mother. One of the things I will be trying to explain to my 15 year old is … Girls who kinda act like boys are not that attractive to boys. Even though I’ve been through this once before in another movie wish me lots of luck in this new one.

When my oldest daughter Candis was a little girl she remembers every Sunday morning coming downstairs and dancing around to my favorite oldies that I was playing on the stereo as her Mother made a big Sunday breakfast. It didn’t seem like that much time had passed until I was soon dancing around to her own music as she sang and played it at The Whisky and The Roxy on Sunset.

Linda Duffy’s birthday is coming up this week and she has reminded me about it several times. I wonder why?

I think women have made great strides in the work place and a lot of them make very very good money. But there is just one more giant step they have to take before they can be completely equal in the work place. They have to learn how to pick up the cheque ( a little Canadian there for ya )

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  1. The reason why WTOP is the top radio station in America is because they have the best programmer / radio news director in any news department anywhere in the world: Jim Farley. I met Jim when I was in Tampa at WFLA, when he was head of NBC Radio’s News Division. Under his leadership, NBC Radio’s on-air news product was the best of the four radio network news operations (ABC, CBS and Mutual). It was one of the few times when a radio network news operation actually contributed to the ratings success in 1984-1987. When NBC was sold to GE and the radio division dismantled, Westwood One bought a great organization, which Norm “All Beef” Pattiz promptly eviscerated. But then, George, you know this because you were an integral part as the catalyst that motivated Ron Chapman to become one of the greatest air talent / radio station programmers of all time. Jim Farley is the Ron Chapman of radio news.

    • Jed winning is very easy when you have the best of everything like I did, and you were a part of it so you can hold your head up high.

    • James T. Farley is the kind of guy that people do not think exists any more. He is a genuinely nice guy who cares about staffers, coverage(s) and on-air product.; his news judgement and leadership skills rank him among the best of the best.

  2. Couldn’t agree more on Jim Farley. I started at WRC as a writer, then reporter, anchor and News Director in 80’s. The network product was top notch and many of the WRC staff works for Jim now at WTOP.

  3. Lorraine Marshall: So my Dear Canadian friend,
    I think your daughter might be in store for some of the best lessons of her life.
    Be a lady! Be beautiful, be real, be alive in all ways. Embracing the beauty within is such a lovely lesson for all young ladies (even us older ones need to keep learning!). That does not mean ‘trying’ to be more or less than all that one is. Beauty comes from ‘being comfortable with who you are’. She will not fully know that until much, much later. I am in France right now. A place where beauty and sensuality are as easy as water and wine! All of us women need to be more at ease with our beauty! You Geo– are right-talk to her, let her know!
    BTW- Linda needs to be spoiled… do it! šŸ™‚
    Oh, and by the way – NON, I do not pick up Cheques… So Canadian of me!
    Bisous from France, Lorraine. (Sex Sales & Lies)

  4. LOVE your blog, George! BTW, time for a reunion with your Austin radio family. I think RR should organize, don’t you think?!

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