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Back when I was first creating the “Class FM” format, I did so in hopes of attracting 30-year-old women to the radio. Knowing full well being a man that I wouldn’t get it perfect but what I got wrong would fill down to 25 and up to 35  nicely so I went bar hopping hoping to find them. (hey somebody had to do the research) Much to my amazement, I found tons of 20 and 40-year-olds but very few 30-year-olds. Turns out they were working out at some fancy gym getting ready to have babies. Oh, and the reason they left the bars? They didn’t want to fall in love with an alcoholic.
You can always buy great sex, but unfortunately, you can’t buy great conversation.

I understand that women always talk about sex except when men show up.

My Blog is intended mostly for men, but the ladies are always welcome, however, I do recommend buckling up.

There comes a time in your life when the only women you want to impress are your daughters. Obviously, I’m not there yet.

Women are a lot easier to deal with when you don’t desire them.

Men don’t realize that once they commit to a woman they’ve committed to her whole family.

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself and become whomever you’ve always wanted to be.
The only way to understand a parent’s love is by becoming one.
The age old question has always been, “Is it the singer or the song?” Although the fact that songwriters always get paid may be a clue.
It’s true that people only listen to the radio they don’t watch it, but if you don’t get them to look at it occasionally you ain’t gonna make dick!
The only break that means anything to the folks listening to the radio is the one you’re about to do.
I’ve always been a student of radio but it ain’t been teaching me much lately.

If you do your radio show exclusively for the people, who don’t know who you are it won’t be long till they do.

Muses and demons alike whisper in the ears of the gifted, but unfortunately, they use the same voice.

In order to be a “has been, first you have to be “somebody.”

The only thing you need to pursue all your dreams is courage.

The reason guns are so popular is because the person holding it always has everyone’s attention.

Does your being an addict recovering or otherwise make you more or less tolerant of other users?

What does the FCC do?

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