Sex Is Always The Answer. (new for aug 24/15)


My friend Tom Hoyt who was recently appointed Director of Communications for the Catholic Churches in Galveston wanted to impress. So he decided to honor a tradition the Franciscans have participated in for hundreds of years … The wearing of slippers while in Church.
On his first day of work, Tom showed up proudly wearing his special wine colored slippers complete with the beautiful RC logo embroidered in gold on front which he’d purchased from the Ritz Carlton when he lived in Palm Springs. 


Maturity occurs the moment you do what you should do rather than what you have an urge to do.

The Civil War was about the freeing of slaves as much as World War II was about the persecution of Jews.

It appears to me that the only guys who are excited about marriage are gay.

Speaking of marriage and the fact that at least half of them fail I wonder what it is gay guys are excited about.

The more beautiful the woman the plainer her attire should be and also the better her body the less of it she should show.

I’ve never heard a black artist pay tribute to a white artist.

What has the confederate flag have to do with the less than 5% of the Americans who owned slaves.

The scariest thing that will ever happen to you is having kids, once you have them though it’s even scarier imagining not having them.

If something is different passing laws won’t change it.

I loved the line in the HBO series the “Ballers” when one sports agent says to the other as the valet brings up his Buick up … Hey man, ya gotta upgrade your ride. The other agent says why Peyton Manning drives this car and the other agent says, only in a commercial.

It’s easy to be a flake but it’s not easy to escape the consequences of being one.

A team wins championships but one player can change a team’s destiny just as one person can change the world. 

How come we think it’s shameful when Mr. Business Man sells out to the highest bidder but not the athletes.

Just worrying a little bit each day adds up to a couple of years in a lifetime and fixed nothing.

Regrets about yesterday and the fear of tomorrow ruin today which is the only thing that counts.

Immediately after brushing your teeth there is no such thing as good wine.

The people who complain the most about taxes are the ones who can afford to pay them.

Speaking of taxes we only need one and that one is a giant sales tax. If you buy something you pay a tax, if you don’t you don’t.

I’m thinking that a totally tricked out aftermarket Shelby GT500 Mustang may be the coolest car on the planet to drive.

Treating people like the way you want them to be actually helps them become that.

Has Apple figured out yet that the best thing about radio is that it’s free?

Here’s a radio question that I think stands the passage of time … Would You Listen To You?

It was as tough to get married as it is to get divorced marriages would last much longer.

Once you understand what it is you are afraid of it’s no longer fearful.

The definition of art is the observation of life and your exaggerated opinion of it.

Now that I figured out that sex is always the answer I forgot what the question was.

Anybody thinking they’d be happier if the government took care of them might wanna check with the American Indians.


It’s Cami’s first day back at school today (Sophomore @ USF Tampa) and one of the few I was not there for. Miss her madly.

I don’t think anybody on welfare should make more money than the lowest paid American worker.

Wow, how embarrassed Subway must be huh!

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10 thoughts on “Sex Is Always The Answer. (new for aug 24/15)

  1. “I’ve never heard a black artist pay tribute to a white artist”.

    Otis Redding’s superior cover of Satisfaction where he uses Keef’s guitar riff for the horn line. Outstanding!

    OH SNAP!

  2. As a fellow admirer of the Beatles’ and their successes, I know you can appreciate the Kennedy Center honors for McCartney. If you’ve never seen it, follow the link:
    If you’ve truly never seen “a black artist pay tribute to a white artist”, you just aren’t paying attention. Stevie Wonder, among many others, pay tribute to not only the Beatles but other white artists all the time if you care to search.
    By the end of this video, you’ll have grown tired of counting black artists in the stage bands and in the audience. You may notice that McCartney is also surrounded by Oprah and the Obamas. It’s true, they seem to be most inspired, though, by Mavis Staples singing Let It Be! Hey, check out Steven Tyler’s rendition of Golden Slumbers/The End – almost as powerful as the Beatles could have done it.

    • What I’m saying Ken is white artists talk about black and white artists all the time but I only hear black artists talking about black artists. Tribute shows or singing tunes are a different thing. Surprisingly I just saw that tribute to McCartney “yesterday”.

      • Well, I don’t hang out in the hood much these days. But again, although it might be rare – seek and ye shall find, George. I watched a black guy on TV the other night admitting to liking Taylor Swift. He was a little shy about it but adamant as well. So no matter how you rephrase the original thought, I can’t agree with it 100%. But isn’t that what you’re looking for – abstract thoughts?

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