970317_10151432979311134_1785329076_nMarch 15, 1972 we launched the first AC Radio Station in North America at CFTR in Toronto. It later evolved into a top 40 station which eventually knocked off CHUM.

Above is the loud Billboard we used to introduce our new soft sound to Toronto. The board featured Earl Mann, Bob McAdorey and the Magic Christian but our advertising agency refused to get involve with it. They claimed the only purpose it served was to be noticed. Huh?

Speaking of CFTR through the wonders of Facebook I recently connected with Earl from the above billboard and Sharon who helped put it together. Sharon was the love of my life but of course barely remembers me and Earl just wants to know if I still use the Voodoo he claims I used on him.

After several decades of chasing Women on the Radio and doing countless research studies about them including my own up close and personal observations, I came to the realization that by now I must know more about Women than most Men. The problem is I hardly know anything.

I grew up in an exciting time ’cause the blueprint for how it all worked hadn’t been drawn up yet. So people just like me actually had a hand in the creation of it.

Why is it so easy to publicly declare your love for your daughters but not so easy to do so for the love of your life.

I never raised either of my Daughters to be wives so I’m not sure how good they will be at it.

Walt Disney taught me that recognition and appreciation gets more done than money ever will.

Why are politicians far right or far left on everything when the rest of us are a little left on this issue and a little right on that.

I only hear the media and the banks they owe money to talking about and making a big deal out of social media. The folks just use it, and they don’t seem that impressed.
Pretty girls make themselves prettier for a reason.

Why is America the toughest country in the world to get in legally but the easiest illegally.

You can get away with anything but sex in America.
I love being the champion of a deserving lady!
Success doesn’t happen conveniently.
The good and bad news is … Nothings permanent.
The way showbiz works is … Big open, drama in the middle and a huge ending. Hey ya can’t fade a song out on stage Man!

How do they count how many calories are in everything and can we trust the counters?

The only time we have a problem with “doing the math” is when it comes time to count our blessings.

It’s not the idea that gets results, it’s the implementation of the idea.

First time in a long time who won American Idol wasn’t instantly part of the evening news. That should scare the producers a tad don’t ya think.

Ermanno Barone claims the things we do for ourselves are gone when we are gone but the things we do for others become our legacy.

Some 40 year old divorced Women spend a lot of their time in bars tramping for trolls and the only Men they find there are simply trolling for tramps.

When you see a few white lines across the expressway slow down, they can calculate your speed from above.

I just hate it when my demons were right all along!

There has always been a debate about whether the the death penalty prevented the crime of killing. When I lived in Boston every crime in the North End where the mob lived had the death penalty attached to it. Net result,  no crime.

An idea guy and a concept guy are two different animals. Everybody has ideas but very few have concepts!
I believe Radio of the future will be Local Radio of the past.
You should forgive your enemies but definitely never forget their names.
There is a lot of Radio money out there for leads but none anymore for image making.
I think fixing the health care problem in America is easy we just all kinda adopt an uninsured person on our family plan.

Other than for money I have never heard a listener repeat a Radio Station’s slogan.

When I was a National PD all my ideas got on the air. When I became a consultant I was lucky if half of them made it to the airways.

The way to shorten up meetings is to only discuss what people know rather than what they think.
When a Woman has children she usually leaves three things behind. Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll.


15 thoughts on “SEX DRUGS & ROCK & ROLL.

    • Yes they do Margaret, and I would love you to be in my book as one of the Wild Wild Women I’ve encountered on my journey through life.(-:

      • OK George,

        But….before I make any promises I would have to know what number I am in your book and in your heart and then after that we would have to play a game of Chess. According to Wikipedia Chess strategy (or positional play) is the aspect of chess playing concerned with evaluation of chess positions and setting of goals and long-term plans for future play. While evaluating a position strategically, a player must take into account such factors as the relative value of the pieces on the board, pawn structure, king safety, position of pieces, and control of key squares and groups of squares (e.g. diagonals, open files, individual squares). Chess strategy is distinguished from chess tactics, which is the aspect of chess playing concerned with the move-by-move setting up of threats and defenses. Some authors distinguish static strategic imbalances (e.g. having more valuable pieces or better pawn structure), which tend to persist for many moves, from dynamic imbalances (such as one player having an advantage in piece development), which are temporary. This distinction affects the immediacy with which a sought-after plan should take effect. Until players reach the skill level of “master”, chess tactics tend to ultimately decide the outcomes of games more often than strategy does. Many chess coaches thus emphasize the study of tactics as the most efficient way to improve one’s results in serious chess play.
        The most basic way to evaluate one’s position is to count the total value of pieces on both sides. The point values used for this purpose are based on experience. Usually pawns are considered to be worth one point, knights and bishops three points each, rooks five points, and queens nine points. The fighting value of the king in the endgame is approximately four points. These basic values are modified by other factors such as the position of the pieces (e.g. advanced pawns are usually more valuable than those on their starting squares), coordination between pieces (e.g. a bishop pair usually coordinates better than a bishop plus a knight), and the type of position (knights are generally better in closed positions with many pawns, while bishops are more powerful in open positions).
        Another important factor in the evaluation of chess positions is the pawn structure or pawn skeleton. Since pawns are the most immobile and least valuable of the chess pieces, the pawn structure is relatively static and largely determines the strategic nature of the position. Weaknesses in the pawn structure, such as isolated, doubled, or backward pawns and holes, once created, are usually permanent. Care must therefore be taken to avoid them unless they are compensated by another valuable asset, such as the possibility to develop an attack.
        OK; Its your move now XOOXOXOOXOXOOXOXO

  1. ref: “I believe Radio of the future will be Local Radio of the past.”

    Dammit! I knew Tradio would never die. Just as well, please let me know when you put it back on – I’ve got a garage full of crapolla that Homer and Jethro would die for – oh wait, they already have. My bad.

    • Shh Moto never say the “T” (tradio) word anywhere Jim can see it or he will demand it go back on the air immediately followed by a lost dog announcement.

  2. Before you got there – I remember establishing The Ride Line – most people wouldn’t pick up hippies hitch-hiking in the late 60s and early 70s (cads that they were…), so I put The Ride Line on the air – “Need a ride? call the request line now and we’ll hook you up.”

    People who were listening and were headed out somewhere (usually driving smoke-filled VW buses) would let us know they had room and we’d hook them up with the hitchers.

    We didn’t need no stinking attorney to harsh that mellow so – I didn’t ask. Give that one a run up the legal pole today…

    Was that risking Mr. F’s money unnecessarily? ; )

    Lord, has it gotten to the point where I’m using emoticons? : (

  3. Before I left Canada Moto, Prime Minister Trudeau was urging the kids who were leaving High School to take a break from education and hitch hike across Canada before enrolling in College. His claim was they would learn more on that trip than they would ever learn in school. What the hell happened?

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