Send In The Troubled Ladies. (new for December 14/15)


One of the biggest mistakes I ever made in radio was by not doing something.
When we first launched CFTR in Toronto one of our board ops was Rick Moranis who used to write funny lines for the air talent plus turn our staff meetings into total disarray with his off the wall humor.
Our midday guy Sandy Hoyt though had Rick’s number and merely had to walk into the room which was enough to make Rick fall to the floor howling with fits of laughter.
My big mistake back then was not being smart enough to put them on together for mornings where they would have made radio history.
Silence can be misunderstood but never misquoted.
I think I may be attracted to troubled women mainly because in the beginning they’re the best at not appearing troubled.
I laugh when when I hear that women are just looking for a sensitive man because there are none as sensitive as me and I scare most of them.
The saddest part about living in America is that it appears that only the middle class believe in right and wrong. The rich and poor seem to only believe in the new scam.
Changing jobs spouses and friends won’t change much if it’s you who needs the changing.
Mysterious women are always very exciting but unfortunately the mystery eventually become tiresome.
Women generally have about a 10 year window to find the man of their dreams.
In order for you to win someone must lose, helping them do that is what you must come up with.
Just because I don’t support all the liberal causes doesn’t make me a conservative as not supporting a bunch of conservative causes doesn’t make me a liberal. I Like most people am little bit left or a little bit right depending on the cause.
I wonder how many people now wish there was a little more racial profiling going on back when folks were boarding those planes on 911.  
I think what most Americans want is a benevolent dictator so we can stop voting for these lying fools.
Does it make you a little bit nervous that Vegas knows which NFL teams are gonna win and by how much even when the coaches don’t.
Speaking of football and numbers, Canada finally has a bigger number than the US after playing their 103rd Grey Cup. (Canadian Super Bowl) recently.
I’ve heard some 60 second promos on the radio that were a way too long and could have been done in 15 seconds but I’ve also heard some that should have gone on for at least another minute.
A nurse once explained to me that we basically heal ourselves. She claimed that when looking for a Doctor one was searching for an assistant so she advised finding a good one whom you also liked.
Have you ever noticed that when an artist no matter where they are from in the world use an American accent when singing in English.
Speaking of singing there is a huge difference between how you’re supposed to sing an English Hymn and Gospel Music
It’s much easier to point out what’s wrong with something than point out how to fix it.
Have you ever seen any movies where Big Business and/or the Government were the heroes.
The world you live in may in fact be only a figment of your imagination.
Greatest is usually accomplished by a person who is running out of time.
Dying is the only thing that makes life worth living.
I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where you weren’t allowed to lie.
One man walking the talk is more than equal to 50 who are just talking the talk.
If you want it ya gotta ask for it because seldom do nice surprises show up.
In order to have a future one must think about the future.
Just’cause I didn’t talk about it doesn’t mean I don’t know about it.
Everything exists, we just haven’t discovered it yet.

What’s the purpose of a f**k you account if you never say f**k you.

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