3 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (Seasons Greetings)

  1. Hey George, Merry Christmas from the frozen north. I always look forward to your annual Christmas greeting blog. Enjoyed reading of your bucket list trip this fall. Only wish the covid restrictions had allowed you to make a stopover in the Peg. Would have nice to gather with some of the local survivors of the Nationals. Pretty certain we could have gathered Dave Low, Jimmy, Bruce Rand, Hughie (maybe Lou Reeves) and myself for a couple of “pops” and a few tales from the days of yore and gore. It will be a different kind of Christmas with no family gatherings as we are under code Red restrictions until January 8th, but, we have all survived worst in the past and we will get through this and kick ass when we come out the other side. Again, Merry Christmas from your old teammate, #46, Syd Hepworth.

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