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It is said that you’re not a real runner unless you can run a 10k in under 40 minutes, your just a jogger. So with my 50th birthday fast approaching, I hired Thom Hunt who was a world-class runner to coach me.
With Thom’s training and a lot of hard work I ran a 38:20 in San Diego just before turning fifty, and a 38:40 in Santa Rosa on my 50’th birthday. Feeling all pumped up I decided, it was time to take on the 1/2 marathon and the one I chose to run was the Fathers Day half marathon back in my hometown of Winnipeg. Not only would it be fun to see family and friends, but I’d also get to run it with my nephew, Jamie Boychuk. Jamie recently moved to Jacksonville where he is one of the big kahunas at GSX railway, but back then he was just a kid running track, not a railroad. (pictured on top with me at his beautiful home in Jacksonville, and just below at the 1/2 marathon in Winnipeg some 25 or so years earlier) 
Meanwhile, back at the race, I noticed that Olympian Jeff Galloway was lining up with all the elite runners. Wow, I’ve read all of his books on running and now I was actually going to run in a race with him, how cool was that? When the gun went off to start the race, I quickly lost sight of both Jeff and Jamie. Knowing how badly Jamie wanted to beat me, I hoped that Thom was right when he said that the young always go out too fast. Sure enough at about the 2-mile marker, I went by him, but of course, I thought that he’d probably tucked in right behind me just waiting for the perfect moment to make his move. However, there was no way that I was gonna check, so instead, I just picked up my pace.
I ran the whole race out of my comfort zone and as we entered the track at the Universty near the race’s end,(pictured above) not only was I exhausted but I was positive that Jamie was about to blow by me. Finally, I crossed the finish line and as I was catching my breath, I looked around there was no Jamie. However a little while later, I did see Jeff also cross the finish line.

When I called trainer Thom later on and told him that not only had I beat my nephew, I came in third and also finished ahead of Jeff Galloway who was probably dogging it. Thom replied, “Well that’s his story, yours is you beat him.”


A line in the old song “Summertime,” explains how it all still works.“Your Daddy’s rich and your Ma’s good lookin’, so hush little baby don’t you cry.”

I understand that back in my homeland, Trudeau is trying to make recreational marijuana legal by October to celebrate my birthday. Hell, what’s the rush Dude, I don’t even partake.

I was just reading that if you want to rent a two bedroom house in California, you need to make at least $30.92 an hour. In Florida, it takes $20.68 an hour, but if you’ll consider living in Alabama, you can slide by on $13.72 an hour. Go Tide!

I was educated playing pool on my way home from school.

The only way to be right is not to be afraid of being wrong.

Back when more folks were afraid of the police, I believe fewer people died.

My new dream is to become as attractive as all the African, Russian, and Filipino women who hit me up on facebook say I am.

I hear that Kim Jong Un wants the McDonald’s built right next to the Trump Tower in North Korea.

We’re all prejudice about something. The fucking liberals, fucking conservatives, fucking socialists, fucking rich people, fucking welfare people, fucking mouthy athletes and musicians, fucking politicians, fucking salespeople, fucking jocks, fucking bosses, fucking staff, fucking women, fucking men, fucking cops, fucking post office, fucking bums, fucking DMV, and if you’re from Canada, the fucking French.

Just guessing here but I rather doubt that it was a standing president who decided that there should be a term limit for presidents, but not for Congress?

White men may not know how to jump, but they sure know how to play soccer.

Have you ever heard of a market where the sales department led a radio station into battle?

I wonder what Chuck Berry spent all that money on that he didn’t spend on musicians?

Being boring on the radio actually has a longer shelf life than being obnoxious does.

The real purpose of Billboards is to piss of the other radio stations and make sure sales force doesn’t have to hear from potential clients, “Never heard of ya.”

How come they always leave the car door wide open; women always fall while running away, and the folks trying to escape from thugs always go up in all the movies?

Who was it and when was it decided that it would be alright to take a personal call while customers were waiting?


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