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I’ll always remember when I visited the Hilliards in Aspen over the July 4th weekend. Jim and Barb had a beautiful home at about the nine thousand foot level which made the view spectacular, but the breathing a little more than difficult. (see photos above)
Anyway, every year on July 4th in Aspen they have a parade which winds its way down the main drag which features the kids and grandkids of the locals along with the Rolex Rollers of course. The Rollers are a bunch of tough looking old street dudes who in real life are multi-millionaire wall street types. Every year around the 4th, they skip shaving for a few days, don their do-rags, along with some leather and then ride their shiny new Harleys at the front of the parade. This year was supposed to be really special though because rumor had it that Dennis Hopper from the movie “Easy Rider” was scheduled to lead them out.
As we made our way down to the parade route, I noticed that they had a sort a sort of staging area where they stored all those mean machines until parade time. I, of course, took full advantage of the situation and slowly wandered around checking them out and was in awe of the cool paint jobs everyone of them had. They looked very expensive and I’m thinkin’ that they were because I’m bettin’ that they were all custom made.As I stood there looking around at all the bikes and wishing that I owned one of them, Peter fu*king Fonda rode up on a what looked like his chopper from Easy Rider, I f*cking lost it!


Very seldom do the new owners bring anything good to the table.

There’s a big difference between a liberal and a socialist but a Socialist Liberal is a whole other thing. Whew!

Very few men grow up dreaming about having children?

As my old pal, Albert said, “Logic will get you from A to B, but it will take your imagination to get you the rest of the way.

Shouldn’t we be talking about why all these people are fleeing their countries and then doing something about that?

The more freedom you get, the less secure you’re gonna be because the bad guys just got more freedom too.

There is nothing finer than discovering that the shy girl you fell in love with turns into a carnival ride at sundown.

Sometimes a smile can be more than just an effect and can actually make something happen.

Unfortunately, if you ever do get to do it your way, you’ll probably be doing it alone.

America is event-oriented which explains the sudden interest in soccer. Hey, there’s nothing more worldly than the World Cup.

So Lebron turned his back on Clevland one more time huh?

Sterling Faux claims that if I were in the hockey world, I’d definitely be known as a player’s coach.

When I was a baby board op, the GM’s obsessed about us being able to hit the news right after the time tone at the top of the hour. Unfortunately, there was no way to time that all out so we created some instrumental beds of varying lengths called kickers. Those kickers saved our ass.

If you don’t say a few memorable things on the radio every day, pretty soon you won’t be saying anything at all.

The talented radio people seem to like me ok, but dee-jays sure don’t.

Isn’t strange that every time there are cutbacks in radio, the executives still manage to hang on. How do they do it?

Speaking of radio executives, how come when a new company takes them over it doesn’t recognize their brilliance?

You can’t do classic rock on the radio without real classic rock jocks.

What I still can’t understand is why jazz drummer Gene Krupa who got busted for weed, got labeled as a doper. Hell, back in those days most of the great jazz musicians were well-known Heroin users who couldn’t get drafted because they were addicts. Only Gene got the “druggie” label though?

Are those guys who grew up like Wayne and Garth did in their folk’s basement still trying to tell us how we should vote?

I bet Bruce Springsteen has never heard the words, “Thank you for your service.”

Speaking of people fleeing their country, shouldn’t we be calling out their leaders for it?

Why does everybody want America to change, we change all the time, it’s the rest of the world that needs to change.

If we could just talk all the mothers in the world into not letting their sons go to war, it would end all wars. What the hell could the governments do about it, we still live in a world of women and children first.

Women don’t realize how powerful they are already. They have no idea that they’re just chasing fools gold as they strive towards equality. In fact, the more equal they become, the more the government will ignore them because they will have lost their power.

I don’t understand the thinking behind why some folks continue to fight for their candidate even though a different one was elected.

Why do I have the feeling that if I used Maxine Waters words to describe her, I’d be labeled a racist?

I was just reading that civil rights leaders were meeting to figure out how to block the nomination of any justice to the supreme court if they were not independent and fair-minded. Isn’t a little late for that, shouldn’t that have been taken care of before they became judges?

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