Rock On “N” (new geo Blog for May 01/17)

My grandson Nathaniel Marko is not only an excellent student and a great baseball player, he also plays a mean violin for the Pasadena Junior Symphony.
“N” was a featured soloist at a recital in Pasadena recently which put him in the s
potlight for the very first time and at 12 also the youngest player to perform that evening. Color me a proud Buppa.

That big smile on Santa’s face is proof positive that it’s much better to give than receive.
Seeing as the liberals created PC, I think the academy award-winning movie “Moonlight” should be required viewing for them. 
I think the Democrats need to spend a little more time on who their new leader’s going be and less time on what to wear while dissing the Republicans.
“The times they are a changing.” At the end of my evening the other night I arrived just in time to say goodnight to my daughter Cami who was just heading out to begin hers.
The only thing you never want to have to ask yourself is what if?

Your fans are the only ones who will spread the word about you and your station.

I’m ultra sensitive, but unfortunately, I don’t think it’s the kind of sensitivity that the ladies are looking for.

Getting someone’s attention is the first rule of show biz but I’m sure it must also be on the list of all businesses.

How does it go again, If you love something set it free but if it never returns feel free to hunt it down and kill it?

The first time you ever hear about PMS is usually right after telling your girlfriend that you love her for the very 1st time.

I wanna be around when Trump kicks the press off Airforce One and why the hell do we pay for them to fly around with him anyway?

Repetition fixes a lot of problems but never a lie.

Isn’t it great that we can finally give our president some s#it without being worried about being called a racist?

It’s scary watching my 21-year-old daughter use the radio. I don’t know how any one radio station could ever play the variety of music that she likes let alone hold her attention for more than 5 minutes.

Surrounding yourself with people smarter than you makes you the most intelligent person in the room.

The rich and famous love sharing the downside but not so much the upside.

Sales folks have always claimed that if they sold anything, they did it all but if they didn’t, it was the ratings that killed the deal. 

Shakespeare said “the play’s the thing” not the client.

The world use to look to America for the new radio formats but now it just tries to sell us theirs.

The way they figured out how to get those food carts to go down the aisle on an airplane a whole lot quicker was by charging for everything on them.

There is no way to get around failure you have to blast through it.

I know of no beautiful women who are striving for equality.

Being unhappy perhaps can best be described as that place which is located right between what you have and what you have not.

Your limits are bound only by your imagination.

To a lot of folks opportunity just looks like more hard work.

It’s much easier to make a living by doing something you love.

Being normal buys you a ticket to nowhere.

I’m much better than all my enemies but not quite as good as my friends.

No matter how softly spoken, the talented who crave praise can always hear it.

Listening to advice requires a lot more wisdom than giving it does.

What prevents you from learning anything is being a “know-it-all.”

The greatest honor a man can ever give a woman is by asking her to marry him.

Sometimes a turned down marriage proposal can be looked back at later maybe as a wonderful unanswered prayer. 

Of course, Trump cut the tax for business he’s a businessman.

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