Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women. (Rhyming My Life Away) Chapter LVII 2/24/20 Under Construction

It all began in Winnipeg
but we moved around a lot
Melbourne and Sydney
where the first of
many stops.

Two years in Australia
then it was off to Vancouver
Now back to the prairies
and a town called Swan River.

That’s where my sister died
only four years of age
Measles took Sandra
which filled me with rage.

I have few memories
for years after that
Although I do recall
my Mom was growing fat.

Returned to Winnipeg
for the birth of my brother
Where we lived at my grandpa’s house
till my folks bought another.

Met a guy named Barry
and we played a little ball
Loved his sister’s strange music
plus she was quite a doll

We bought a new house
in a suburb called Transcona
Went to TCI there
and began to date  Lana.

 Wearing shades in the classroom
while writing tunes
Appears to have gone over
like big lead balloons.

Played a little football
for the Transcona Nationals
But me turning pro
seemed slightly irrational.

Had to do something
Because my grades were low
Hey maybe becoming a Rock Star
is the way to go

Mr “D” gave me an “A.”
but it just wasn’t enough
Time to leave TCI
so I packed up my stuff.

Bought me a “Strat.”
and put it in tune
Started singing with the “Devines.”
the next afternoon.

Talked my friend Rolly
into playing Bass
Then added Pete Fade and Gordy
and we picked up the pace.

Became The Rebel Raiders
a real rockin’ band
Which morphed to the Phantoms
and a lot more fans.

Played a lot of gigs
but we partied too much
The Phantoms were soon over
Because we were out of touch.

The times were a-changing
it was plain to see
So I got Bruce Ray and Terry
to join Rolly and me.

Became The Jury
with a whole new sound
Cut a few hit records
and toured a lot more towns.

With our #1 record
still on the charts,
My baby girl Candis
grabbed hold of my heart.

Time to grow up
and be a man
But I still kinda miss

being a kid in a band.

I was destined
to be a radio guy
And a lot of what I do
I learned at old CKY.

Had a boss named Jimmy
who just let me run
And to this day
I’m still having fun.

When the Americans left
I felt hung out to dry
Had to get out of there
or my career would soon die

Packed up the family
and headed for Saskatoon
With a promise that
we’d be home real soon.

Realized upon arrival
I needed my own team,
If this move was destined
to kick start my dreams.

My first radio hire
was a hippie named Gar
He helped me a lot
as we gathered our stars.

Sebastian and Woody
where part of the gang
When we added Alfie and Doc
we came on with a bang!

Headed to Sudbury
for a four-month stand
But Ottawa  came calling
and changed all my plans.

Learned to get ratings
which we got in abundance
Up until then
I just played my hunches.

Arrived in Ottawa
a family of three
Consisting of Lana, Candis
and me.

But a Man needs a son
so we added one more
Then when we hit the “bigs.”
we were a family of four.

Ted Rogers came to Ottawa
to lure me away
I had little interest
till he doubled my pay.

CFTR in Toronto
was the start of it all
They made me the manager
but America called

We’d created a format
which became the new radio way
It turned out so good
I still use it today.

Roger Sharon and Keith
all helped it along
But alas too soon
twas the end of that song.

Headed for the US
and a brand new life,
But the move wasn’t popular
with Lana, my Wife.

Crossing the border
was a terrifying thing
But there’s no turning back
so this can’t be a fling.

What a great life
Indy turned out to be
Now all that’s left now
is a documentary.

10-70 and the Buzzard
were great back then
Wish Jim, Moto and me
could do it again.

Good seeing Cris
inducted into the Hall of Fame
Loved being back in Indy
and seeing Linda again.

Hung out with Chapman
at K-V-I-L
We made a little magic in Dallas
as we gave ’em all hell.

Kay-Ville at one time
was the best in the nation
Unfortunately now she’s just
another radio station.

Had a whole lotta fun
at F 1-0-5
When Austin in Boston
made the town come alive.

Show us a sign
if ya wanna win free money
RKO went talk …
Hey, they were no dummies.

Launched WRMF
in sunny Palm Beach
It had a monster signal
with a hell of a reach.

Morley’s crew
showed little fear
#1 in South Florida
in less than a year.

Had a lot of successes
and was living well
But approaching 40
started ringing my bell.

California Dreaming
was now the name of my game
I wanted to live there and chase
fortune and fame.

Celebrated my 40th
in the Polo Lounge
A lot of my faraway friends
all came round.

Even my wife
decided to show,
But her moving to Cali
was still a no go.

Loved living large
in beautiful San Diego
Hey what’s not to like
When you’re doing great radio.

Had a ops guy
by the name of Reid Reker
McCoy had  pre-hipped me
that he was a keeper.

We spent a lotta time
looking for muses
In dark dingy bars
filled with losers.

He was my guy
and he wrote things down
Otherwise, we’d have nothing to show
from our nights on the town.

Loved Coronado
which we did with “CLASS.”
Soon there were 40
and they all came with cash.

Time to buy stations
and be “The Man”
Which was a hell of a long way
from being a kid in a band.

Partnered with my Brother
and financial guy Bill Yde
We raised lots of money
but it sure wasn’t free.

Bought K103 in Portland
where we had some fun
We tore the town up
and it’s still #1

Travel more travel
don’t know how I feel
As I sit high above Wall Street
doing a huge deal

Took a break with Jamie
aboard the Orient Express
When we got back
it was all in a mess.

No company no marriage
just me on my own
But I’m kinda happy
even though I’m alone.

Did another tour
of Boston Mass
Ran on the Charles
and became quite fast.

Had some good times
with Bobby and Tim
And it felt good to be back
working with Jim.

Started dating Lesley
who worked at the station
But fate jumped in
while I was on vacation.

I was in Palm Beach
when I met the girl
Who’d soon put an end
to my New England world.

Kari lived in Florida
so that’s where I’ll be
Jim had some stations there
which was lucky for me

Things heated up
and got a little crazy
And before we knew it
she was having my baby.

Never got married
it wasn’t meant to be
But my years with Cami
sure made it worth it to me.

She’s a beautiful young lady
whom I see all the time
We travel we laugh
and I’m so glad she’s mine.

She went to College
in Tampa at USF
Where she studied psychology
and signing to the deaf.

The next woman of interest
was young and wise
Unfortunately, I was mesmerized
by her lying eyes.

The Hunny Bunny
was much too young
But all I remember
was the breathtaking fun.

Now it’s come full circle
as I return
Back to the place
where I’d begun to learn

An overdue reunion
at old CKY
And probably our last chance
to say our goodbyes

Saw Deno Corrie
who’d MC’d my bands
Warren and Embree
were also on hand

Unfortunately, we’d waited
much too long
Most of the 1st team
were already gone.

Caught up with Hennessy
and we talked about “B.”
Saw two of my bandmates
from our band called The Jury

Reminisced with Bruce and Terry
about recording our hits
Not sure what happened
after I quit.

Good to see Burton Cummings
and Ray St. Germain
They sang a few of their tunes
but Burt was in pain.

His mother wouldn’t make it
through the night
But he was there by her side
when she gave up the fight.

My reunion continued
in an enjoyable way
With a surprising lunch
the very next day.

Quail put it together
with Mr. “D”
The only teacher
who gave a damn about me.

Inducted Chapman
into the Hall Of Fame
Did it on National TV
which is not my game.

Now I’m blogging
and writing three books
Hoping God will let me finish
before giving me the hook.

It’s been a bizarre trip
that’s flown by too fast
I’m hoping these rhymes
will help make it last.

Not done yet
got more chapters to go
Like stuff about my Grandson
whom I’m getting to know.

Not sure where I’ll be
years from now
Will it be a woman or a place
that’ll get my last vow.

I’ve got an urge to teach
which may lead me somewhere
But where that is
I really don’t care.

(to be continued)



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