As I write this this I am getting ready to take my Daughter Cami and her friend AJ to California for Summer Vacation. We will be reuniting with all the Johns side of her family including her Sister Candis, Nephew Nathaniel, Uncle Reg, Auntie Savvy and of course Cousin Christina. We’re all staying at my Brother’s place in Carlsbad for a few days before our group heads off on our long trek up north through LA to Thousand Oaks, Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, Big Sur, Monterey, Carmel, Redwood City, San Francisco, Sausalito and then finally up to the Wine Country for a few days. We may even pop up to Francis Ford Coppola’s Winery so I can introduce Cami to Casey. Now where the hell did I put that big ring again.

Brent Farris claims the dude who made the 5 month calculating error in predicting the end of the World needs to become the Poster Child for the Teachers Union. Under his picture the caption should read, NEED MATH SKILLS …  SEE A TEACHER!

No matter the out come of the trial I know one thing for sure Casey Anthony has no shot at Mother of the year. But then again she has more than a decent shot at “Mutha” of the year.

There are a ton of rules in place for each year’s running of The Indy 500. Most of them concern safety but a lot of them are there only because of tradition which in my World is a good thing.

Speaking of things going on in the News, my long time friend Bobby Cole writes a very contemporary wrap up to it all each month called “D’ Buzz” Check it out here.

Wow I hear The Atlanta Thrashers may soon be called The Winnipeg Jets. If that rumor is true, count on me to head home this Winter to catch a few games with my buddy Jim (Easter) Quail. I may even be able to talk Bob Christie into joining us.

Physically I am a lot older than I am mentally. It turns out a lot of people must agree with me because I quite often hear the words, WHY DON’T YOU JUST GROW UP !

Radio Sales People who bill more than the ratings claim they should, really impress me. The rest … Well I’ll get into that later I don’t want to upset Tom Skinner or Barry O’Brien any more than they already are.

Have you ever noticed the Restaurant staff seems to be a whole lot busier on the nights it’s not that busy.

If your staying in a $3000.00 a night hotel suite don’t you get to call down to the concierge if you so desire and say … Tonight I want you to send me up another woman, but this time I want her dressed in cleaning maid’s outfit. If I was Strauss-Kahn that’s the defense I would go with.

Roy Laughlin asked my Brother why he got out of programming and moved into big promotions field. Reg answered with … When your brother is George Johns and you’re a programmer, where’s that all going to go for you. I hear ya Bro. because in 1981 I too had to leave Jim Hilliard’s big shadow to do my own thing.

A couple of weeks ago Carla Alexander sent out an inquiry asking what she should call her new Real Estate Radio Show that she was going to be doing on WSVU soon. I responded with a real estate show sounded pretty boring to me so I suggested she needed a snappy show name to spruce it up a little. With that in mind I offered up “Your Place Or Mine.” She kinda blew it off because she didn’t think the title fit the image nor represented correctly what her show was all about. Now I’ve just read on Facebook that she has launched her new show, it’s called “Your Place Or Mine”

Speaking of Real Estate, Lesley Palmiter once again proved my theory that only good looking women end up in Real Estate. I think the same holds true for passengers on boats.

I figure except for who they give all the free money to Republicans and Democrats are basically the same.

Speaking of Republicans and Democrats would you let any of them baby sit your kids.

Ray Lewis claims that if there is no NFL Football this fall crime in America will go up because the folks will have nothing else to do.

I’m humming along to Walk Away Renee by the Left Banke which is playing on the sound system at Duffy’s Sports Bar. As much as I liked the tune back in 1966 I never realized until this moment how great it really was. The same is true of most of the Beatles stuff which  seems to get better with age and it’s also especially true of Queen and I’m sure a bunch more. Most top 10 records all sounded pretty equal in quality when they were current. But only the passage of time truly can sort out true genius.

Radio is a lot more personal to the folks than any other media. So hey maybe you better watch your language.

Bob Lefsetz says in the last few decades artistic quality has become irrelevant.

“Journalism is what somebody doesn’t want you to print, the rest is publicity.” A J Leibling

Ermanno Barone writes … George never mind the 2 Billion the Government sent to the middle east. What about the 3 Billion they send Israel every year whether they need it or not. Ermanno my only question is how much is Germany sending.

Bette Midler said old age is not for sissies and if you ever want something done get a couple of old broads to do it.

I remember going to the Del Mar Fair with Jamie Gold years ago. While wandering around she suggested getting our palms read just for giggles. I cant remember what her palm read but mine said I was going to have another child. Jamie said don’t look at me I have no interest in having any kids. Ten years later Camera Anne Johns Summerfield was born and Jamie definitely was not involved.

Every time I read in the trades about someone getting a new job in radio they always talk about how wonderful it is going to be to work with and for the already genius team in place. You would think that with all the geniuses the new hires are gushing about, radio would sound and be doing a lot better.

I guess you need a lot more education than I have in order to figure out what the hell we are still doing in Iraq.


  1. “I guess you need a lot more education than I have in order to figure out what the hell we are still doing in Iraq.”

    Good “guess,” but I think a wrong one, George.
    And I don’t know if a couple more years in the classroom will improve your guessing ability or not. Especially with all these union thug teachers.

    What “we are still doing in Iraq” AND Afghanistan – is still feeding the war machine.
    It’s always hungry. So many coffins to fill.

    Mama don’t let yer babies grow up to be G.I.’s.

    Peace, Woody

    • You would think Woody that War games would suffice but I guess they get bored when nobody dies. Takes the fun out of it for ’em.

  2. — “I hear ya Bro. because in 1981 I too had to ‘leave Jim Hilliard’s big shadow’ to do my own thing.” – George, it is my considered experience that no one, who has ever been under his shadow, has ever managed to really leave it. He’s everywhere! He’s everywhere!!!

  3. First time I’ve read the blog…but the good part is it reads just like a conversation with you and I enjoyed most of those through the years.

    • Thanks John … I think(-: I know I haven’t got anymore specific over the years and the good news is I don’t ever plan on doing so.

    • Chekov: [to a street cop] Excuse me, sir! Can you direct us to the naval base in Alameda? It’s where they keep the nuclear wessels.[He pauses, looks at Uhura, and tries again]Chekov: *Nuclear wessels*

  4. I think Reg has always cast a shadow of his own that is pretty large…
    Not referring to his physic…!
    Thanks for the good stuff George…

  5. George, here is the scoop
    Germany…..diddlysquat…they don’t need any aid
    American education…..cut
    Health care….cut
    Student loans…..cut
    food stamps…cut
    Aid to Israel….$3,000,000,000.00 a year and rising.
    Master George…did you know that in the scheme of things every billion dollars invested create twenty thousand jobs?We could put sixty thousand unemployed Americans to work every year if we stopped subsidizing the welfare bums in Israel and re-channel that money to deserving unemployed Americans instead.

    • Ermanno I think America should start rebuilding our own cities first. Then and only then, if there is anything left over we should put it to a vote. We the people should decide if and when we should send money anywhere.

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