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  1. George,

    Have always admired your radio stations.

    I worked with Gary Todd 1967-68 after he left KIMN. We were a part of KYMN – Portland before the station got sold out from under us in the 11th hour…then again at KOL in Seattle.

    Did WRKO 72-73, WSAI 73-76….AND WIFE (for about 20 minutes) before returning to Seattle to launch KYYX for Pat O’Day.

    Have a website under development. The prototype is online at ….however that extension is not scanned by the search engines…so in the next 60 days I’ll be moving it over to dot com.

    We all know the state of the radio industry sucks canal water. I noted Doug Ericson’s link on your website…and see he’s of the same mindset.

    I’ll be 70 in July. However, I believe the programmers who came through the radio wars of the 60’s & 70’s….are the ones who can at the very least “advise” the next round of entrepreneurs “how to do great radio.”

    Are you up for the “right challenge” should it present itself?

    Warmest regards,
    Robin Mitchell

    • Of course Robin but I grew up in a world where compromise was a bad world. Unfortunately I just read that during a commencement address at a college recently President Obama claimed that in today’s world if you don’t compromise you may feel good but you won’t be successful.

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