Rarely Does Chris Rock Not Rock. (new for March 07/16)


While being under the weather for a few days I got to binge on a whole bunch of Chris Rock’s HBO specials. Chris always knocks me out because his stuff seems to be about everyday life and isn’t that political.
In fact the only time Chris brings up politics is when he wants to poke fun at all the politicians who take themselves too seriously. What I really like is his insights about relationships which sneak up on you because you’re so disarmed from laughing.
The first special I watched must have been from the Monica Lewinsky era because Chris was blaming Hillary for the whole scandal. He claimed that the first lady’s first job was to be the first one on her knees whenever the President needed some release from the stress of being a world leader. He claimed that had Hillary been taking care of business, America would be much better place today.
The next one must have been taped during the George W era because Chris was talking about how the formula for success was already set in stone. He claimed that if you’re in college and getting straight A’s you’re gonna run very large corporations, hell if you’re only getting B’s he went on to say you’re still gonna get to run stuff like 7 Elevens and Mickey Dees. Unfortunately though those of you that only get C’s will be working for those mother f##kers and you dumb f**ks who get D’s will only get to take out their trash. Hey I get all that but what I don’t get he yells … Is how the f**k does a guy whose college grades claim he should be working for all the other mother f##kers get to run the whole f**king Country. As usual he had me on the floor laughing my ass off.
I was really looking forward to watching the next one because it was all put together from his appearances on stages all over the world. Somehow they took portions and seamlessly blended them together, he would start a rant wearing a certain suit and finish it wearing another and doing it from a different country which gave the special a very unusual look.
The special started out by him talking about just how difficult it was for a man to live with women. Hell he said, even Mandela who spent 27 locked up in prison found that easier to do that than live with a woman because 6 months after he got out he got divorced. Once again I was on the floor because as I said, what I really like about Chris is the fact that he is usually all over the place and even claimed that he is Conservative about some issues and liberal about others which I can totally relate to. He explained it a whole lot better than I ever could by saying that he is conservative when it comes to crime but liberal when it comes to prostitution. Now he brings up Obama and I think to myself … Man this should be fun and I wonder what the hell he has on him but Chris didn’t poke at him about anything and all of a sudden the whole special turned into a vote for Obama political rally and the only attempt he made at humor was to make fun of all the crackers who were gonna be f**ked after Obama gets elected. Can you spell B-O-R-I-N-G and color me GONE.



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