Randy Is Back With A Big Bang.






Gordon Zlot, owner of KZST, KJZY, and KTRY in Northern California manages to eek out a fairly decent living even though I’m told he employs far too many people according to today’s Radio standards. During my recent vacation to the Wine Country, Gordon was kind enough to fly us to Mendocino in his Jet. Cami’s friend AJ even got to fly Co – Pilot which I’m sure he will remember for the rest of his life. I had The Sir Douglas Quintet running through my mind as I looked down at the breathtaking scenery we were flying over. When Reid Reker saw the photos he said … Hell I’m in my 50s and have never been on a Private Jet, Cami is only 15. Whats up with that.

Randy Michaels sure came back into Radio this week with a big bang and he brings John Gehron with him. They appear to be a very dangerous team and I don’t think will have to bother wearing black to be scary. Now I hear Walt Sabo is part of the mix, wow it’s almost the Beatles. Randy’s plan must be to do the reverse radio thing. You know … Work your way down in market size.

Embree McDermid and I have been e mailing each other back and forth about how it’s time we had a CKY reunion. So many Winnipeg people who went on to great radio careers had their early beginnings there. The list unfortunately of the deceased is growing too rapidly for my comfort so if we are going to do this thing we better get on with it now.

Roy Laughlin’s wife Ellen is getting her own Star on The Walk Of Fame in Hollywood. How neat will that be for their son to look down and say … That’s my Mom!

Most highly paid Air Talent do many subtle things that only listeners are able to hear it appears. Low paid Jox must not be able to hear them otherwise they would do them too don’t you think. Or hey maybe they just don’t want the big money and all the fun problems that come with that.

When you are a programming guy the toughest job you may have is ignoring your radio buddies. They may know what’s hot right now but most have absolutely no idea where it’s all going. Unfortunately for you though they have enough power to talk you out of doing anything very special on the Radio.

Dave McBride, our News Director at WFTL just won an Edward R. Murrow news award. Good for you Dave. One of the reasons I love this is because I always like the news intro to go … Now with all the news that is fit to print here is award winning News Dude Dave McBride. Next best I think would be to be able to intro him as Sir David.

As I look around at our liberal society it appears to me that the only folks left in America without any special rights are white males with no money.

I just read that Radio ranks as the #2 gadget of all time right behind the Smart Phone which eventually will have a radio in it too.

I really don’t think a smart phone is a phone at all. It’s just an amazing device that happens to have a phone in it.

Wow, Motown is dead! The Times They Sure Are A Changin’

Clarence Clemons is dead also. Kinda makes you want to take Tug’s kid’s advice and Live Like You’re Dying.

One of my favorite Country Acts Brooks and Dunn retired. Now Ronnie Dunn is out with a brand new album and it sorta sounds like Jagger without The Stones.

The average person all over the world only cares about one thing … His job! What I cant figure out is why the Governments are all working on something else.

Some folks in America thought the Canadians who were rioting in Vancouver after The Canucks loss in The Stanley cup were moving a little slow for real rioters. After as many riots as we’ve had in America I guess we kinda have it down and know how it should go.

When I turned 21 my Father shook my hand and said congratulations the family name is now in your hands to do with what you may … It is no longer my burden!

How did Heinz get us to believe the tougher it is to get out of the bottle the better the ketchup is.

I think one of the weirdest things I got to see while out in California was all the little old ladies with tattoos.

Do we actually have to pay for the fuel we use in Iraq.

I’m thinkin’ maybe if business was done for the customer rather than the business there wouldn’t be a recession.

Most people in radio today only know how to do what they are already doing not what it is they should be doing.

One of the main reasons I’m told that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor was because America cut off their oil supply. I’m almost afraid to ask where Germany got it’s fuel from.

What I dont understand about war about war is why the people on both sides who were rich before the war even became a whole lot richer once it was over.

Walt Disney operated his company from the bottom up unlike today’s companies who like US Steel operate from the top down. What do you mean US Steel is no longer in business.

Daughters are very expensive but not near as expensive as their Mothers.

Cami, AJ and I finished up our California vacation and are flying Virgin America back home. (love the WiFi @ 35000 ft.) We spent Fathers day at Francis Ford Coppola’s magnificent Vineyard. Cami and AJ lay out in the sun while I sat at the bar and let the lovely Casey Callahan ply me with booze. She told me I better hurry up and bring her a big ring because she couldn’t wait on me much longer. She did confess though that she had been doing a little practicing just to stay in shape while she was waiting. Uh Huh!

While in Sonoma County during our vacation, Brent Farris took us to Safari West for dinner. It was great looking out at Giraffes and such as we were eating. While enjoying the BBQ Brent turned to Cami and asked if she had figured out who I really was yet. She said … Yeah he’s my Dad.

Before we went on vacation I picked Cami up at school everyday her last week and couldn’t help but notice how provocatively most of the girls who go to were dressed. I wonder how the hell the High School guys handle all that. Hey maybe they have just grown are immune to it and don’t really notice it anymore. Just like in places like Africa and Hawaii back when most of the women were half naked.

Steve Gallagher claims “Radio Perks” went away when they became taxable income. But I figure the accountants scooped them up. Those boys all know their way around that taxable income stuff I’m sure.

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  1. Geo -the Michaels – Gehron – Sabo trio would BE The Beatles if ‘Johns’ joined the the party and becomes a perfect quartet.

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